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    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I disagree with the principal of the super league. disagree more with the notion that the current model of things is correct also. why are clubs reliant on financial institution backed rich owners to come in and make teams competitive? And what do we think these people are in it for? Professional football needs a major reform from the very top to the very bottom. remove ownership for financial gain, remove the morally disgusting wages the players are on. have a designated salary band for players and club employees like say the police force or nhs. Get it regulated. Remove agents. Make a transfer fee reflective to the length of a players contract with a buy out clause. And allow a maximum number of transfers per club each season. make club ‘owners’ and custodians electable officials with a fixed term, have a fixed percentage of fan ownership. And regulate the budgets on each area, I.e player wages and transfers, development of stadium and infrastructure, community projects. Have an official ombudsman and publish the accounts for the public record. have a workable salary cap and transfer budget, and in the interests of fairness and competitiveness, penalise the most successful teams based on league position to allow the others to catch up etc. Like a reverse grid in motor racing. have all match ticket prices regulated so that they are fair and even. Make kit prices the same for all and affordable. if players want to top up their wages by other means ie image rights, Instagram, merch etc let their ‘agents’ run it but keep it aside from the club running. Make that the incentive for the superstars. the big clubs who generate the income by their capacity and popularity should redistribute that wealth back into the community and back into the grass roots level and down the football chain. these ideas aren’t really all that wacky but it’ll never happen because sadly money talks.
  2. AbbaZabba

    The Ailment thread

    upper arm pain I have either tendonitis or a rotator cuff tear that is giving me all end of problems. the pain isnt always there, in fact I could probably bowl a good morning session of off spin at county cricket level and not feel a thing but if I put a tight fitting coat on, or close a door behind me, or if I reach into the back seat of the car from drivers side I get a long lasting sharp painful twinge that brings me to tears. Like I’ve been given my BCG jab by a Tyson fury after an afternoon on the Stella. ive had it for about 4 months and it’s getting worse. Doctors aren’t that arsed as annoyingly when they’re contorting me into numerous positions that humans aren’t really designed for it doesn’t actually hurt when it needs to
  3. AbbaZabba

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Only positive is that we have been struggling for consistency this season and have now actually found some
  4. AbbaZabba

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Honest Thief - 6.5/10 Liam Neeson plays a frankly dangerous and callous bank robber who somehow has the audacity to think he can get away with foul crimes whilst at the same time ruining the careers and even causing the death of the law enforcement offices who are merely attempting to bring the cocky twat to justice. And this is exactly why the criminal justice system in the US is failing. Unhinged - 7.5/10 a crestfallen Russell Crowe risks his very being to fight a viable cause for all mankind by calling out the unspeakably appalling and frankly dangerous standards of women drivers, not only that but he rightly tries to settle the score for all the poor menfolk who have been left mentally broken and penniless when the snakes (with tits) they once adored and married decided to divorce them and kick them to the kerb. The bitches. His good deeds are accentuated further when he gives a particular woman’s gormless waster brother and weedy needy son a real lesson in how to ‘man up’.
  5. AbbaZabba

    Best 3 track runs

    Metallica Ride The Lightning: Ride The Lightning For Whom The Bell Tolls Fade To Black Radiohead Hail to the Thief: 2+2+5 Sit Down Stand Up Sail to the Moon Bruce Springsteen born in the USA: Born In the USA Cover Me Darlington County Fleetwood Max Tango In The Night: Big Love Seven Wonders Everywhere
  6. AbbaZabba

    Gerard Houllier

    I’m another who did the Cardiff to Dortmund to Charlton trip. Aged 20. With my arl fella. Mostly drunk for a week. Hanging out with Erik meijer and Gary macs arl fella in a sunny square in Dortmund. It was the best week of my life. Absolutely magic. the Roma match on the kop too. And the Cardiff final against the mancs. The man is responsible for some very very happy times. RIP Ged
  7. AbbaZabba

    Other football - 2020/21

    the football results in Ghanaian
  8. AbbaZabba

    VAR Thoughts?

    I think VAR would be a great concept if instead of super slow mo replays and lines drawn on screens etc that the decisions were only reviewed in real time speed (the speed that the refs and linos have in the pitch) and judged entirely like that. The benefit being that the extra camera angles available would be able to give a view that the refs and linos don’t have on the pitch either by distance or obstructions and also an ‘extra look’ to make sure. id still honestly rather have no VAR but a bit of extra help and a safety net for say a ref giving a decision influenced by a noisy crowd or say not giving a pen due to a players reputation could, I believe, be easily resolved by the above suggestion.
  9. AbbaZabba


    Did anyone hear about the carrot that died? there was a big turnip at his funeral
  10. AbbaZabba

    Villa (A) Premier League - 4/10/20 - 19:15

    We were well and truly cunted in the quim there. theyve exposed our weakness there, I.e, don’t fanny about with it at the back so we can press them, just hoof it high over the midfield and run at us.
  11. AbbaZabba

    TLW Guitarists

    Epi Sheraton’s don’t age so well as the anodised gold hardware discolours on the pickups compared to the bridge parts etc. They’re a bit too fiddly and flimsy. id get a new epi 339 as they have coil split on the pick ups so you can get more sounds out of them and they’re extremely well built for the money. les Paul’s are hit and miss as far as Gibson’s go. Some of the vintage ones are great, I’ve played 100k valued 1959 models at guitar shows and they are masterpieces and can see why they’re sought after, but yeah decent ones are unaffordable, and poor ones are almost equally unaffordable. I’d say the QC has improved on the ones made in the last 18 months actually. Avoid anything from 2010 to 2018. Or anything with the self tuning thing on, even though it’s actually quite useful. some early to late 80s models can be picked up reasonably cheap. That era wasnt renowned for being a classic era in terms of les Paul’s but theyre robust and do the job well, a fair few will have been well maintained and upgraded so bargains can be had. epiphone Les Pauls are decent enough if you invest in some good pick ups, and upgrade the tuners. The stock ones aren’t brilliant. They’re creeping up in price at the moment and for same money you can get a decent fender tele or strat. Or even a PRS SE. There’s even better value in Tokai if you can find one. They’re as good as the real thing. me personally I don’t really like LP’s as they’re too heavy, especially if you’re playing standing up for a while. SGs are better balanced and actually sound a bit better and more playable in my opinion. theres a great site called thefretboard.co.uk which has a great classified section for second hand stuff. Much safer than eBay and a great community. Prices on there are bang on and the sellers are well vetted so it’s trustworthy. Might be worth a scout on there before making any purchases as there is definitely value in the preloved market at the moment.
  12. AbbaZabba


    Jamie RedSnapper John Dory Barnes Stig Inge Prawnebye Stan Coleymore Raheem Lobsterling Sardine Saunders bonus: John Scales its sole destroying this
  13. AbbaZabba

    Thiago Alcantara

    He could be a great option. For all our intricate midfield passing sometimes you just need someone to leather it I can see why Klopp would pur suede the owners to make a bid
  14. AbbaZabba

    Worst you've ever felt after a defeat?

    Aye that’s the one. I couldn’t actually remember who scored and who was playing but it’s come back to me now. We had that quite nice black kit, dudek in yellow. Dudek dropped it and Southgate knocked it in. We all thought it was going to get disallowed as we thought it’d be kicked out jerzys hands at the time.