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    Italia 90

    The kits in 1990 were ace too. That Germany one
  2. AbbaZabba

    Italia 90

    Was chatting to a few old miserable arses in work today about footy generally being shit these days etc and we harked on about the good old days. My contribution was that football for me pretty much started dying for me from from the autumn of 1990 onwards, not just because we haven't won the league since but because, for me, Italia 90 was the pinnacle. I was 9 going on 10 at the time and naturally your first 'World Cup proper' is always a memorable one. I had the full sticker album and ran home from school to watch the games. Footy then for me was like watching my arl fella or my hard uncles playing. The likes of voller, Klinsmann, gullit, etc. They seemed to be the type of fellas who could score worldies during the day but still be able to have 7 or 8 pints of a night in the boozer and would to knock you out if you got tricky. Back then boots were black, muzzies were muzzles and the music and telly graphics during the World Cup were unbeatable. There's some boss YouTube videos of the tournament. Make me cry almost. Football is a bit different when you're idolising spoilt millionaire teens who can't speak properly with boss teeth and shit hair. Anyone else love a bit of Italia 90?
  3. That Traore fella looked quite decent last night. Great pace. Not sure if the end product is all there yet but I could see him in one of our red shirts.
  4. AbbaZabba

    Loris Karius

    Sorry, this was for the match thread!
  5. AbbaZabba

    Loris Karius

    The result ruined my weekend but hey it's not the end of the world. The Burnley match was a shock too but we bounced back and turn things around for the good and have done really well since then. There's nothing wrong with a kick up the arse and a reality check now and again (and in all honesty we were 80% great in the game) and I think in terms of this young teams' development it will help us rather than hurt and there is a lesson to be learned that games are 95 minutes long and you can't switch off, hell its worked our favour too before. But it must start with a good performance and convincing win against West Ham. We have the capabilities of dry bumming them good and proper if the attitude and spirit is there. Chelsea aren't going to stay on that run forever and we still need to be in the mix to pounce when it does (hopefully end). We go again etc
  6. AbbaZabba

    Kelly Brook has ace nipples

    I would crawl bollocko through a mile of broken glass just to make a stock out of one of her used tampons
  7. AbbaZabba

    What would you do with Stevie if he returns?

    I remember thinking during the Burnley game, 'we're missing stevie here' as we were clearly lacking someone to just put their foot on the ball and take charge. But that was Burnley. Obviously things have changed, and sadly I don't think anything good can come of him being anywhere near the dressing room in this period. Maybe in the summer, yes, in a coaching role.
  8. AbbaZabba

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    When you open a pack of ciggies and the plastic wrap stuff sticks like static to your fingers and you can't get rid of it
  9. AbbaZabba

    Donald Trump

    Looks like Benitez looking into the back of a spoon (Shit did I mention f@#ball)
  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned on here yet but Goliath is a belter series. Dark, funny and tensely erotic. Billy Bob Thornton should by rights be a ball bag but he's been ace in everything I've seen him in. Some decent Women in it too.
  11. The palace semi (the pardew one) was the day I think when the wheels really started coming off. The defence that day crumbled like a well cooked shortbread biccy. I remember watching it on the box with my mum and dad, it's vivid, my arl fella was properly, like, gut wrenching gutted and I remember him saying "that's it, we're fucked" and the realisation was sinking in that we were no longer the force we were and we weren't top dogs any more. I was about 9 or 10 and had been brought up spoilt on success. I didn't know what a real losing feeling was. I couldn't fathom why my dad was giving our own players shit, with some venom, it was unheard of. Of course, we were still then a good team, but it was clear we were on the slide. Hansen was spent, and burrows, hysen, Gillespie, Staunton were always a bit brittle, and nowhere near the standard of those that preceded them. And then the likes of jimmy carter and David speedie started drifting in. We became what man united are today and lost our identity. It's mad, and probably to do with my age, but even now as fucking boss as we are at the moment, our current team still look like boys compared to the 87/88 team. Don't know if it's the muzzies but the players back then looked like proper men's men, like they could handle themselves in a scrap. I reckon the current crop would get snotted off the park from the Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge, macmahon team.
  12. AbbaZabba

    Fleetwood Mac

    I concur with peter green being a god and better than Clapton but equally you would be hard pushed to find a band with as much musical talent in that era (or any in fact) as with those he had around him. I don't think Kirwin and spencer ever get the full recognition they deserved. There's plenty of live/bootleg stuff out and about from them times and they were shitkickingly immense. Only beefhearts' band can run 'em close. The 'other' mac were boss too. Rumours is as good as its hype. Tango in the night was superb too if not let down a tad by the 80's-ness of its production.
  13. Yes slippers. There's a distinct lack of carpets in our house. And a slightly incontinent dog.
  14. I don't think our defence is anywhere near as bad as the press we get but even so I reckon it makes us the team we are and the unpredictability adds to our identity. As much as I liked the great season we had under Brendan when we were blowing teams away in the first 20 minutes the rest of the game was usually boring and forgetful. Now you can't take your eyes off them for 95 minutes. This season is going to be a roller coaster and I wouldn't change it.
  15. At 36 I feel I should have plenty of spunk left in me alas the only true pleasures I get in life these days are the satisfaction of curling off a really good shit and the joy of putting on a brand spanking new pair of slippers