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    Did anyone hear about the carrot that died? there was a big turnip at his funeral
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    Villa (A) Premier League - 4/10/20 - 19:15

    We were well and truly cunted in the quim there. theyve exposed our weakness there, I.e, don’t fanny about with it at the back so we can press them, just hoof it high over the midfield and run at us.
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    TLW Guitarists

    Epi Sheraton’s don’t age so well as the anodised gold hardware discolours on the pickups compared to the bridge parts etc. They’re a bit too fiddly and flimsy. id get a new epi 339 as they have coil split on the pick ups so you can get more sounds out of them and they’re extremely well built for the money. les Paul’s are hit and miss as far as Gibson’s go. Some of the vintage ones are great, I’ve played 100k valued 1959 models at guitar shows and they are masterpieces and can see why they’re sought after, but yeah decent ones are unaffordable, and poor ones are almost equally unaffordable. I’d say the QC has improved on the ones made in the last 18 months actually. Avoid anything from 2010 to 2018. Or anything with the self tuning thing on, even though it’s actually quite useful. some early to late 80s models can be picked up reasonably cheap. That era wasnt renowned for being a classic era in terms of les Paul’s but theyre robust and do the job well, a fair few will have been well maintained and upgraded so bargains can be had. epiphone Les Pauls are decent enough if you invest in some good pick ups, and upgrade the tuners. The stock ones aren’t brilliant. They’re creeping up in price at the moment and for same money you can get a decent fender tele or strat. Or even a PRS SE. There’s even better value in Tokai if you can find one. They’re as good as the real thing. me personally I don’t really like LP’s as they’re too heavy, especially if you’re playing standing up for a while. SGs are better balanced and actually sound a bit better and more playable in my opinion. theres a great site called thefretboard.co.uk which has a great classified section for second hand stuff. Much safer than eBay and a great community. Prices on there are bang on and the sellers are well vetted so it’s trustworthy. Might be worth a scout on there before making any purchases as there is definitely value in the preloved market at the moment.
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    Jamie RedSnapper John Dory Barnes Stig Inge Prawnebye Stan Coleymore Raheem Lobsterling Sardine Saunders bonus: John Scales its sole destroying this
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    Thiago Alcantara

    He could be a great option. For all our intricate midfield passing sometimes you just need someone to leather it I can see why Klopp would pur suede the owners to make a bid
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    Worst you've ever felt after a defeat?

    Aye that’s the one. I couldn’t actually remember who scored and who was playing but it’s come back to me now. We had that quite nice black kit, dudek in yellow. Dudek dropped it and Southgate knocked it in. We all thought it was going to get disallowed as we thought it’d be kicked out jerzys hands at the time.
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    Worst you've ever felt after a defeat?

    All the obvious games have been mentioned but one that also sticks out for me was a 1-0 loss Away against Middlesbrough in the early noughties, the season we signed Diouf and Diao (in fact they were on the way to be coming legends at the point of the day). at that stage me and my cousins were going to every game home and away, absolutely loving it. We’d been to Maine road and Elland road in the games before and we were winning well and I think top at that stage heading into a prosperous winter. on the day we rocked up to the riverside after a great 2 hour singalong on the coach, full of beans, ready to cement our place back in the league elite. We watched on the concourse before kick off united lose the early game which made it even better. what followed was a cold, windy frustrating afternoon, shit performance and a shit 1-0 defeat. the coach journey home was one of largely silence and the odd slightly nasty bickering. In fact I had seen a few uncomfortable and unsavoury incidents that day from some idiot reds that made me question whether going on the away days would be worth it going forward. I guess I just wasn’t ready for handling a defeat, this was meant to be a guaranteed win, and it felt like the end of the world. the game wasn’t particularly significant on its own, but after that I think we went on a massive run without a win which put the nail in coffin of the houllier/Thompson era. This was the start of it.
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    Rag arse not tag arse my phone predictive test and beers don’t help
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    He’s such a class act. What a player we got there, and totally from out of the blue. We’ve missed that type of player since Didi left. Being in the middle of the park you see much more of the game and you pick up a bit of wisdom about game management. He’s a smart cookie for sure, knowing when a short simple pass, or a defence splitter, or a cheap foul, or a shot, is the right decision to either speed up and keep the tempo flowing or slow the game and buy a bit of time and have a breather. him and Virgil seem to run the game at the easy pace they dictate and allow the others to run tag arse doing the damage. it was a big statement that he got dropped against villa to avoid the suspension for the city game and hope to god he stays fit and available for the rest of the season.
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    Joe Gomez

    One thing about Gomez that stands out is that he is rapidly quick. but on the other hand the fact we see him doing a fair bit of sprinting per game (as opposed to virj) is possibly that he is having to run because he is usually in the wrong place. i feel there is a great player there but he needs to master his reading of the game, sense of positioning and gain his experience on the pitch and not from the stands. Id actually trust him in a big game too where he has no choice but to be ‘switched on’ and feel the pressure from minute one. I think the lower, lesser games are counter productive as the switching off is more likely to happen when the ball is largely at the other end of the pitch. risky but I’d play him ahead of lovren on sun
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    What sauce do you have with steak?

    Peppercorn but only to dip your chips in. When I was cheffing I used to make a nice sauce with Demi glacé and bone marrow and parsley. though if you choose the right steak (I.e. ribeye or sirloin) and the fat is rendered properly you’ll ruin it with sauce. fillet (the last steak cut I’d choose) then you do need a sauce, or half a knob of butter, to give it any chance of flavour
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    Italia 90

    Was chatting to a few old miserable arses in work today about footy generally being shit these days etc and we harked on about the good old days. My contribution was that football for me pretty much started dying for me from from the autumn of 1990 onwards, not just because we haven't won the league since but because, for me, Italia 90 was the pinnacle. I was 9 going on 10 at the time and naturally your first 'World Cup proper' is always a memorable one. I had the full sticker album and ran home from school to watch the games. Footy then for me was like watching my arl fella or my hard uncles playing. The likes of voller, Klinsmann, gullit, etc. They seemed to be the type of fellas who could score worldies during the day but still be able to have 7 or 8 pints of a night in the boozer and would to knock you out if you got tricky. Back then boots were black, muzzies were muzzles and the music and telly graphics during the World Cup were unbeatable. There's some boss YouTube videos of the tournament. Make me cry almost. Football is a bit different when you're idolising spoilt millionaire teens who can't speak properly with boss teeth and shit hair. Anyone else love a bit of Italia 90?
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    Italia 90

    The kits in 1990 were ace too. That Germany one
  14. That Traore fella looked quite decent last night. Great pace. Not sure if the end product is all there yet but I could see him in one of our red shirts.
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    Loris Karius

    Sorry, this was for the match thread!
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    Loris Karius

    The result ruined my weekend but hey it's not the end of the world. The Burnley match was a shock too but we bounced back and turn things around for the good and have done really well since then. There's nothing wrong with a kick up the arse and a reality check now and again (and in all honesty we were 80% great in the game) and I think in terms of this young teams' development it will help us rather than hurt and there is a lesson to be learned that games are 95 minutes long and you can't switch off, hell its worked our favour too before. But it must start with a good performance and convincing win against West Ham. We have the capabilities of dry bumming them good and proper if the attitude and spirit is there. Chelsea aren't going to stay on that run forever and we still need to be in the mix to pounce when it does (hopefully end). We go again etc
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    Kelly Brook has ace nipples

    I would crawl bollocko through a mile of broken glass just to make a stock out of one of her used tampons
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    What would you do with Stevie if he returns?

    I remember thinking during the Burnley game, 'we're missing stevie here' as we were clearly lacking someone to just put their foot on the ball and take charge. But that was Burnley. Obviously things have changed, and sadly I don't think anything good can come of him being anywhere near the dressing room in this period. Maybe in the summer, yes, in a coaching role.
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    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    When you open a pack of ciggies and the plastic wrap stuff sticks like static to your fingers and you can't get rid of it
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    Donald Trump

    Looks like Benitez looking into the back of a spoon (Shit did I mention f@#ball)
  21. Not sure if it's been mentioned on here yet but Goliath is a belter series. Dark, funny and tensely erotic. Billy Bob Thornton should by rights be a ball bag but he's been ace in everything I've seen him in. Some decent Women in it too.
  22. The palace semi (the pardew one) was the day I think when the wheels really started coming off. The defence that day crumbled like a well cooked shortbread biccy. I remember watching it on the box with my mum and dad, it's vivid, my arl fella was properly, like, gut wrenching gutted and I remember him saying "that's it, we're fucked" and the realisation was sinking in that we were no longer the force we were and we weren't top dogs any more. I was about 9 or 10 and had been brought up spoilt on success. I didn't know what a real losing feeling was. I couldn't fathom why my dad was giving our own players shit, with some venom, it was unheard of. Of course, we were still then a good team, but it was clear we were on the slide. Hansen was spent, and burrows, hysen, Gillespie, Staunton were always a bit brittle, and nowhere near the standard of those that preceded them. And then the likes of jimmy carter and David speedie started drifting in. We became what man united are today and lost our identity. It's mad, and probably to do with my age, but even now as fucking boss as we are at the moment, our current team still look like boys compared to the 87/88 team. Don't know if it's the muzzies but the players back then looked like proper men's men, like they could handle themselves in a scrap. I reckon the current crop would get snotted off the park from the Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge, macmahon team.
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    Fleetwood Mac

    I concur with peter green being a god and better than Clapton but equally you would be hard pushed to find a band with as much musical talent in that era (or any in fact) as with those he had around him. I don't think Kirwin and spencer ever get the full recognition they deserved. There's plenty of live/bootleg stuff out and about from them times and they were shitkickingly immense. Only beefhearts' band can run 'em close. The 'other' mac were boss too. Rumours is as good as its hype. Tango in the night was superb too if not let down a tad by the 80's-ness of its production.
  24. Yes slippers. There's a distinct lack of carpets in our house. And a slightly incontinent dog.