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  1. Can’t compare SPL to EPL, imo provided Bundesliga is finished then our league will be competed aswell.
  2. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Moshiri has pumped half a billion into Everton including his 77% acquisition and 350m in director loans. A recent report valued the club at 257m. Moshiri is supposed to be an accountant but to my layman eyes this seems to be a terrible investment. It’s the equivalent of ploughing 500k into a house worth half that cost, you’re never gonna get your money back. This is before any investment he makes into the new stadium or debt is loaded onto the club. They’d have to be sold for a billion quid for him to break even.
  3. That's a decent idea let to let the bottom 6 play their home games at home but I bet you all of a sudden they be like that's great what about this/that/the other. Also am guessing the reasons they don't want teams playing at home is to stop fan gatherings which if say West Ham beat villa on the final day to survive then you're gonna get fans gathering.
  4. I think it's now pretty clear it's not gonna be voided. it will be played out bcd or it will be curtailed as finalised via ppg. Seen as the clubs are clearly shitting themselves regarding the finances (Burnley/ palace/Southampton chairman's comments) then unless the government take it out of their hands it's certain to be played out. The plans re bcd/ neutral venues seems to have the support of the bulk of the league and given the choice of this or curtailment(ppg) which will cost them a lot more than if it's played out I think they'll get the 14 required votes. If they make it clear relegations will happen regardless of curtailment then you'd guess 17 clubs will vote to resume. The 3 that won't will be clearly West Ham/Watford and Brighton who will try and use this situation to wriggle off the relegation hook and hope for curtailment or relegation being removed. If they're outvoted with the 14 club majority met then they have to go with it or refuse to play. If they refuse to play then they'll be deduct points and go down anyway. They could try to sabotage it by claiming players testing positive but am guessing the testing will be done independently and it would be highly suspicious if those particular clubs all of a sudden start getting a large number of players becoming infected. At this point I'm the most confident that it will be finished than I have been for a long time.
  5. Any players too scared to play should be offered the opportunity to sit out until a vaccine is available and be enrolled into the furlough scheme at £2,500 per month. Let's see how many of them take up that offer. my guess is all concerns will suddenly evaporate.
  6. Out of interest did the French clubs vote for the outcome there or have the league just decided?
  7. Surely clubs would be within their rights to not pay any players who decide they don't want to play!
  8. Why single out football though? Should B&Q be reopening whilst there's not enough PPE? It's not football responsibility to provide PPE its the governments.
  9. This is becoming tiresome now. If it's not safe to finish this season behind closed doors in June/July why is it going to be safe to start a new season in Aug/Sept? if it's not safe now then it's not gonna be safe until a vaccine is discovered surely?
  10. Serie A training to resume on 18/5, looking to restart early June.
  11. Yeah it will be a total anti climax but the only important thing is we win it and break this fuckin hoodoo. Hopefully Klopp will use it as a incentive for us to go out and win it again next season to put it right and allow us the mother of all celebrations for number 20.
  12. Exactly! People need to stop pissing their pants over this Dutch decision. If Scotland decide to curtail they've already confirmed Celtic will be champions. Our case to be crowned champions is more clear cut than Celtic's so why are so many convinced that the premier league will fuck us over? Also it's not gonna be voided. Voided means expunged/never happened and UEFA have confirmed this isn't allowed If leagues want European slots for their teams. It will either be finished or curtailed (NOT VOIDED), if it's curtailed each league will decide the final standings based on sporting merit and if they wish to crown a champion or not and relegate/promote. I believe the decision is not just the premier leagues to make and a concencus has to be met by the both the EPL/EFL. IMO the league will be finished regardless particularly if Germany get started without any hiccups but if it's not we will be crowned champions.