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  1. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    On the FFP point then, they would have to make a profit of 20m next year or they would fail based on 105m of losses over 3 years? is that why this 30m from USM is being dropped in now to make sure they don't fail FFP?
  2. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    So Moshiri has pumped half a billion into Everton ( including his purchase of 77% of shares). Rumoured to be willing to put another 100m in towards the stadium(total personal investment 600 m). if they do manage to secure the rumoured 350m in loans to finance the stadium surely the banks would hold the 1st charge in the event of a sale meaning Everton would have to be sold for 950m for moshiri to break even? Isn't this guy an accountant ?
  3. devilsadvocate

    Our best 11

    When everyone is fit you can safely say that 8 of our starting team picks itself. For the other 3 positions who would be your picks? 1x CB- Matip or Gomez 2x midfielders- Keita,Ox, Milner, Henderson, Gini or Lallana. I'd go with Gomez at centre half and If Keita/Ox can get fully fit they I'd go with them. Probably means that one of the other 4 doesn't get in the squad (Lallana for me)with a bench of Adrian, Matip,Origi, Shaq,Milner, Henderson, Gini
  4. devilsadvocate

    FSG are not shit

    Dragging their heels like fuck on the Annie road. They purchased the club 9 yrs ago with a commitment to sort out the stadium issues. 7 yrs ago they made the correct decsion to stay and redevelop Anfield with 2 phases of redevelopment announced. Phase 1 was completed 3 years ago but since the 77 quid ticket kick back,FSG seemed to have cooled on the idea on finishing the job they promised in 2010. Now it's all vague comments about feasibility. It will cost 60 million quid which is a drop in the ocean with the money fsg have/will make out of LFC when they eventually sell up. I was of the opinion that this would start after new training ground was finished but am starting to wonder if FSG have any appetite to fulfil their promise made in 2010 and another comment from Tom Werner regarding no decision made on the matter worries me. They made the decision to redevelop Anfield rd 7 yrs ago (along with main stand) rather than build a new stadium so to be still erring is becoming an pisstake imo.
  5. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    In fact to make 175 million profit LCC would have to charge Everton an additional 4.25% in interest on top of the rate the council are being charged. That still doesn’t answer why the figures Anderson/prentice state that it would be a consistent 7 million every yr in interest earned over 25yrs. On a repayment loan they would earn all the interest in the early yrs and it would reduce yr on yr as the debt gets repaid.
  6. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I understand that the payment never changes on a repayment loan but the figure of 7 million quoted is purely the interest, the capital repayments would be added to that. On a 280 mil loan at a rate of 2.5% over 25 yrs the total payment would be approx 15 million per year and this would never change( assuming fixed rate of interest). What would change is the amount of interest payable each yr. Initially of the 15 million about 7 million of this would be interest, rest paying back the debt. As the debt reduces more of the 15 million is repaying the debt and less is paying the interest. Therefore I don’t see how the figure of 175 million profit for the council is correct? Any online mortgage calculator tells you that the 175 million interest would only be payable on an interest only loan. If it’s repayment the interest payable is less than 100 million. Surely Everton would only agree to pay interest on what they owe! At the end of the term the debt will be lower so the interest payable will be aswell. The echo article states that LCC will make 7 million in interest every yr for 25 yrs. Which makes up the 175 million profit quoted.
  7. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The figures quoted suggest the council are making 2.5% per annum. However Everton will only pay interest on what they owe so initially they will pay 7 million in interest(whilst they owe 280 mil) but as the debt is repaid the interest payable will reduce unless it’s an interest only loan. Eg in yr 20 they would owe say 70 million, therefore 2.5% of 70 mil is 1.75 mil interest. Therefore the 7 million x 25 yrs profit for the council doesn’t ring true unless it’s interest only borrowing.
  8. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just seen Prentice’s article in the Echo trying to spin how great the Bramley Moore/Lcc deal will be for the city. 280 million loan that will earn the council 7 million per yr in interest. They say it will net the council 175 million over 25 yrs which they can use towards vital services. Apparantly there is no risk at all honest. What he/Anderson have failed to mention is that for the loan to accrue 175 million in interest (7 million x 25 yrs, which they are basing on a rate of 2.5%) the loan would have to be on a interest only basis ie the debt never reduces. If so how are Everton gonna pay back the 280 million borrowed. If it was a capital & interest loan then as interest is only payable on the amount owed, which reduces as payments are made, then the interest earned over 25 yrs would be about 96 million.
  9. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The Ev’s fume towards us boils down to one simple fact..... We beat them in football matches the majority of the time. Their record against us in recent history is terrible. Since the turn of the century (18yrs) we have met 40 times: Total played 40, won 21, drew 15, lost 4 Anfield played 20, won 10 , drew 10, lost 0 Goodison played 19, won 10, drew 5, lost 4 Wembley played 1, won 1 Basically any Evertonian under the age of 30 knows nothing but constant defeat and heartache against us. Probably why this group tend to be the bitterest and most poisonous with the murderers, always the victims shouts. Ironically none of them were even born when it happened. On top of the head to heads, In the same period we have won 7 major trophies: Champions league UEFA cup FA cup x 2 League cup x 3 We could have won another 7 trophies: Runners up in league 3 times, Lost Champions league, Europa league, FA cup & league cup finals. Point being even in barren spells we not been far from success. In that same period Everton got close to silverware once by reaching the FA cup final. Evertonians under 40 had to endure the 90’s. This was our worst decade since the 50’s but they were even worse and nearly got relegated twice. In the last 30 seasons they have finished higher in the league than us once and that year we still eclipsed them by winning the champions league. So unless you’re an Evertonian claiming your pension, then you’d never have known a sustained period of time when they were bigger or better than us apart from an odd season here and there. I totally understand their bitterness and hatred towards us and if shoe was on the other foot I’d probably feel the same. It’s similar to siblings were one becomes successful and the others a failure. Imagine a lifetime of hearing your parents harping on about how wonderful your brother is but you not so much! That would deffo create bitterness and resentment. What I can’t understand is that they have a weird, bordering on unhealthy obsession with us. Wanna know anything about Liverpool ask an Evertonian and they’ll know about it. They watch our every match so they can gloat at any slip up, whilst I could count on one hand the times ave watched them this season( this includes the 2 derbies). You get the impression from some of them that they’d prefer to see Liverpool lose than Everton win. Don’t get me wrong there are some decent blues who you can talk footie with but with the majority it’s not worth the bother. Everton missed their one chance they had which could possibly have put them on the same level as us. This was by not having the 30m to secure the kings dock. If they would have been at the kings dock then chances are Mansour would have chosen to plunge his oil billions into them rather than city. City were a more attractive proposition with a ready built stadium, so then all the money could be spent on players. Unless Mr Moshiri ( why do they all call him Mr?) suddenly decides to start ploughing his own money into the Ev(probably needs over a billion inc the stadium) then the natural order of things may not change for the foreseeable future.
  10. devilsadvocate

    Getting to Basel...

    Registered in ballot but don't hold much hope. 4800 tickets, people with 8 credits guaranteed which must be 2k odd. That leaves 2k odd for people in the ballot. Must be about 1 in 10 chance!
  11. devilsadvocate


    My quote in relation to the complainant throwing in the 'race card ' was a metaphor. If there had been no disabled support involved here then this guys complaint wouldn't have gone anywhere. Her husband who in my opinion is a moaning cunt ( who the fuck goes crying to the club/police just cos someone told them to fuck off? Maybe your that type of person Tuebrook and thats why you sympathise with the guy?) has used the fact his wife is disabled to add weight to his complaint. Let's say supporter A blocks supporter B's view and supporter B protests but is told to fuck off by supporter A. Supporter B then goes to the club and makes a complaint, what do you think would happen? In my opinion fuck all would happen. I wasn't privy to the incident and don't know any of the parties involved but have formed my own opinion based on the report in the echo. Tuebrook have you never had a disagreement with somebody and told them to fuck off? If you have and had this person then reported it to the police and claimed your actions caused them distress(and there was witnesses to the heinous crime) and pressed charges then you would be charged with same offence this guy was. You could then be found guilty of said offence n receive a criminal record. I don't believe this lad should have been banned from the game, receive a criminal record and have to wear a tag because for me the punishment doesn't fit the crime. Let's also be clear that nowhere on the report does it state this lad was abusive to the disabled supporter, if he was then clearly he would have then crossed the line.
  12. devilsadvocate


    If this was the majority of wheelchair bound fans saying they had a problem with their views being obstructed with the banners then fair enough, I'd then agree a alternative solution should be looked into. What we have here is 1 person who kicked up a major fuss over fuck all(it wasn't even the lady in the wheelchair complaining). Who's to say this guy isn't a serial complainer who likes to moan over everything, there are plenty of people like that out there. As far as I am aware no other wheelchair bound supporters have complained before. Maybe they are reasonable enough to cope with an obstructed view for a short period to be part of the spectacle, The same as the 1000's of non wheelchair bound fans who's views are obstructed being under the surfer flag or behind banners n scarfs.
  13. devilsadvocate


    Do me a favour and show me where I said that wheelchair bound fans shouldn't be in the kop? What I said was if you choose to go in the kop, regardless if you are wheelchair bound or able bodied then don't moan if some body does what they have been doing for the last 10/20/30/40/50 yrs. I.E wave a flag that may obstruct your view for a min or put a scarf up. What's next no more scarf held up during you'll never walk alone, in case someone view is obstructed for few mins.
  14. devilsadvocate


    Nowhere in the article does it state the lad was abusive to the lady in the wheelchair. Nowadays people just love to moan and complain and in my opinion the guy siezed this opportunity to have a good moan with both hands. So what you can't see, neither can the 100's under the surfer flag at any one time or all the others behind banners but it's no big deal because the game hasn't started. If you want a perfect unobstructed view at all times then watch it on the telly. If you choose to go in the kop you should be willing to take part and if you choose not to fair enough but don't moan like fuck when others want to. This is a major part of why the kop is doomed now, because too many people don't want to take part and get behind the team. This situation has been blown out of all proportion, the way I see it the guy had a moan n the young lad told him to fuck off. The guys pissed off at being told to do one, so has put in a major complaint to the club who because it indirectly involved a disabled supporter has then got the police involved. The guy has thrown the 'race card' in to add weight to his complaint and the club n police have treated it like a hate crime. Just for telling someone to fuck off this lad is now banned from the game, got a criminal record n has to wear a tag. The article states that at 1st home game they shook hands, so that should have been the end of it but cos the guy has probably made a formal complaint by then it was to late. I know who I'd rather have in the kop, someone who wants to sing, wave flags n get behind the reds or someone who just wants to sit in silence n watch game n moan at others trying to keep our traditions alive. In his complaint the man states that the lad says 'we've been trying to get rid of these wheelchairs for ages'. I reckon this is a lie that he's added to add more weight to his complaint. Even if the lad thought that I can't see anyone actually coming out and saying it. The club are two faced bastards, on one hand they want to drive the lads who fly flags n try n sing/stand out of the club, yet I seen yesterday a fuckin pair of pyjamas they sell with ' make me dream on the front' I wonder where they got that from!