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  1. devilsadvocate

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Our game v Southampton confirmed for 17th May & their game v wolves is on 11th. This means we play before them in our next 3 league games. Newcastle v Liverpool Sat 30/4 12:30 Leeds v City sat 30/4 17:30 Liverpool v Spurs Sat 7/5 19:45 City v Newcastle Sun 8/5 16:30 villa v liverpool Tue 10/5 20:00 wolves v city wed 11/5 20:15 Feel we’ll need to be ahead of them at end of that round of games (36) or we won’t catch them especially if West Ham get to the Europa league final as that would be their penultimate game (West Ham v city sun 15/5, 3 days before the final). We would then have Southampton away on the 17th 3 days after the fa cup final where they could be 4 pts ahead before we kick off our penultimate game.
  2. devilsadvocate

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Looking at the respective fixtures only places I could seem them dropping points would be : Leeds A ( night game at Elland Rd and Leeds need the points to guarantee safety) West Ham A ( provided they don’t make the Europa final, it would be their final home game) Wolves A ( would be their final home game if scheduled for w/c 16/5) Our fixtures are more difficult on paper Newcastle A 12:30 ko following a champions league semi final Spurs H fancy us to win this Villa A & Southampton A either side of an fa cup final. if it goes to the last day City win it as they did in 2014/2019.
  3. devilsadvocate

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I’m of same mindset expect them to win every game and if they don’t then hopefully we’ll capitalise. If we don’t it’s still been a great season with hopefully 1 or 2 more cups to add to the tally. Not putting myself though it like I did in 2019 hoping and praying they drop points and being depressed every time they won, it was torture. One thing I’d say is assuming their Wolves game gets scheduled for week commencing 16/5 when we should play Southampton away then our next 3 fixtures ( possibly 4 if our game that week is before theirs) would be before theirs which could give us a slight advantage.
  4. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Figures being quoted of 500m to complete the stadium which Is presumably on top of the 100m Moshiri put up for the enabling works. Mosh has committed another 145m towards it on this yrs accounts, so looks like he’ll look to finance the other 350m unless he foots the total bill himself which would take his total investment up to nearly 1.2b. That meme of I have 1.3b might not have been a joke after all. Never been any mention of the cost to flatten goodison and rebuild it as this fantastic housing/community hub as promised either.
  5. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Esk article on the latest accounts confirm that Mr Moshiri will now be up to a total of 727m invested in Everton including his initial purchase of shares/debt/equity/funding of enabling works for the new stadium. Comments that there’s no finance in place for the stadium so far and estimates a minimum of 450m will be required. Was previously suggested this would be found through private financing (not in place), contribution from LCR ( no longer happening), naming rights from USM (unlikely). Esk suggests Mosh may have to fund it himself which would take his investment to not far off 1.2B. They also have 120m in debts owed to banks & he forecasts they’ll have a similar loss in the 2022 accounts of circa 135m. Oh yeah and they might get relegated. Mad man Moshiri!
  6. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Huge game tomorrow, lose and I reckon they’ll go. The first goal will be key if they get it Goodison will get behind them but if they go behind it will be toxic and their certain to lose.
  7. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If the UK government seize his properties why would he would want to invest another penny in this country. Esk estimates stadium will cost 550m in total. Mosh putting in 100m and they got 45m from LCR(30m loan), so 400m to find. 50-100m was coming from USM and the rest was it be financed but the USM contribution is no more.
  8. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That esk article predicts their loss will be 114m for 2021 and 135m for this yr. That will mean a total loss of circa 390m over the last 3 yrs. Also reckons they need to borrow 400m to fund the stadium and it’s not yet in place.
  9. devilsadvocate

    New European super league?

    Extra 4-6 games per season will spell the end of the league cup.
  10. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Moshiri is already into them for 685m quid does he look to sell now ( current worth circa 300 m) and write off the loss or twist and finish the stadium but with that debt would need to sell for 1.1b to break even. Even with the stadium built how much would they be worth?
  11. devilsadvocate

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Latest set off accounts due before end of this month, normally always published December time alongside an AGM. Delayed accounts/AGM cancelled makes you think they will have record breaking losses at a time when they’re looking to secure 350m+ in finance to complete the new stadium. Premier league rules states no more than 105m in losses over 3 season period. 17/18 13m loss 18/19 111m loss 19/20 139m loss they would have breached at this point but due to covid allowances they got off the hook. 20/21 tbc but likely to be a huge loss and breach the p&s rules hence why they never signed any players in the summer and had to sell Digne to fund the Jan transfers. Now lost circa 20m per year in sponsorship which was highly inflated & need to take on a massive debt that will cost 20-30m per yr to service. Not looking good for them!
  12. devilsadvocate

    Burnley (A) - Sun 13th Feb 2022 (2:00pm)

    Be interesting to see who doesn’t make the squad assuming the four absentees return. Origi & Gomez would miss out I’d guess but you’d imagine if Henderson/Mane return which 2 players drop out of the match day squad, possibly Millner/Ox!
  13. devilsadvocate

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Assuming carvahlo comes then a new centre mid + salah/klopp contracts renewed to 2026 would be perfect.
  14. devilsadvocate

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Mad that we can’t find a buyer for Nat!
  15. devilsadvocate

    When are we likely to get definitive stadium news?

    Tbh I wouldn’t thank you for a Kop like that! The beauty of the Kop is that it’s dark and imposing. With its low roof It’s that dark you struggle to see where it ends. The fans on the Kop make it what it is. Ideally we’ll one day get safe standing which could maybe increase the capacity on there if they allowed a ratio 1:1.25 for example. Whether the infrastructure of the current stand could accommodate another 3k fans is another matter. Safe standing @ 1:1.25 in the Kop and lower Annie could get us up to 65k which would be the maximum possible I think without huge rebuilds of the Kop/Kenny.