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    Best apps for driving?

    I also use Waze also for navigation and it does display the speed limit / speed cameras and notifies you if you’re going over. Can be a bit annoying at times when asking you to interact with the app (asking you to confirm if there is traffic, roadworks, police nearby…etc that other drivers have reported) but it’s free and easy enough to use.
  2. Juniper

    Thiago Alcantara

    He’s your mum?
  3. Juniper

    Nike deal

    The thing is it’s about the kids buying them, or their parents. I currently live in an area where you see a lot of Tottenham fans (which is fun these days) and I’ve only seen young people out and about wearing that gash multi-coloured away kit. Not seen a single home shirt of theirs, yet.
  4. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    Slightly confused by that. With a scene from the original matrix film appearing on one of the screens behind Neo are they saying that the original film, was a film inside that world? The word a lot of inside folk are using to describe this film is “Meta” so I have a feeling it will divide a lot of the original series fans. Looks pretty decent though.
  5. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Unfortunately seeing the news this evening that Amy, known on here as Gazelle, has passed away. Obviously she hasn’t been on here a while but thought I’d pass on the news to those who remember her, as she was one of our own and a long-term poster. Full of life and a really nice girl, I was fortunate to meet her in person outside of the forum and I know others did too. Really sad to see the news. Gone way too soon.
  6. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Of course mate, you can donate to the pool I set up via PayPal and I can pass it on for you, or you can donate direct to the fund her family set up, if you prefer. My PayPal collection link https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8CnVrigxws Her families chosen charity link https://localgiving.org/fundraising/AmyPurcell/
  7. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Hi All, Our flowers and card arrived to the crematorium before the service this morning, I’ve just watched her service as I couldn’t attend in person earlier. I’ve since transferred the rest of your kind donations to the families chosen charity fund. https://localgiving.org/fundraising/AmyPurcell/ Thank you to everyone for your generosity. RIP Amy, YNWA
  8. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    One credible industry person who I follow on twitter who's always spot on with pre release news and insight has said the below. I'll still be there to watch it soon after release as I bloody love the books.
  9. Juniper


    Was watching this yesterday, really enjoying so far. Another 4 episodes yet so no idea where they are going with it. Looking forward to episode 3, not arsed about how accurate it is about submarines though.
  10. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Thank you, good stuff. I ordered through ‘The Lily Pot’ in the end for the flowers. Spoke to the crematorium and they weren’t able to tell me much specifics about how they could be delivered to them beforehand, so went with the company who guaranteed me a pre 10am delivery there.
  11. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Wow, small world and nice one if you’re able to attend. Very kind of you. If you are able to make it could let me know the flowers arrive ok (if you see them that is) that’ll be appreciated, just for peace of mind as only one place could deliver before 10am in order to be there in time. Getting sent a photo of them when they and the note are done but just for peace of mind really, as I couldn’t attend in person. Sorry to hear of your loss.
  12. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Also, been speaking to her best mate to sort out these arrangements and to pass on our condolences and this is what she said about her time on here, sorry I meant to pass this on earlier to you all. “She loved it and I remember she met some of you!! She loved the group and all of you so much !!”
  13. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Hi All, I’ve placed the flower order with the florist who’ll be hand delivering them to the crematorium before the service at 10am on Monday. if anyone wishes to contribute to the fund I’ll leave it open for a few days more, so I can make a donation to the families chosen charity ‘Chiltern Music Therapy’ which was a cause close to Amy due to her Grandad. https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8CnVrigxws The service on Monday will be streamed for anyone wishing to watch and will remain to watch back for a few days, for anyone not able to make the time. Details again below ————————— 10am Monday 6th September  Bierton Crematorium Cane End Lane Bierton Nr Aylesbury HP22 5BH For those unable to attend the service will be a web cast below: https://www.wesleymedia.co.uk/webcast-view Login/ order ID 107399 Password zjrkwgdx ————————— If anyone needs anything further just say or PM me.
  14. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    Just seen Top Gun 2 has been pushed back from November to May 2022. Thats nearly two years since it should have come out, in June 2020, three years since its original planned release. Hope this isn’t the first of a bunch of winter films moving to 2022 as there are a ton of blockbusters from now until the end of the year, after such a long wait for them. Fucking Covid.
  15. Juniper

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Anyone defending them about how ‘responsible’ they are as owners? Well last season (defending our title) went fucking well didn’t it!! How many trophies did we win? Did we get to any finals? Did we generally compete? Fingers crossed Klopp works his magic and all our team stays injury free AND we can cope without Salah and Mane, with our forwards covering them also fit and playing. FSG love a risk if it means they don’t need to fork out any money. That 2012 article could almost be from this year. Seven players sold, just one player in. Really ‘responsible’ stuff from people who apparently wish to be competitive. It’s borderline negligence. Bunch of liars taking the piss.
  16. Juniper

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Anyone remember this from 2012 when we didn’t sign anyone. https://live4liverpool.com/2012/09/lfc-news/john-henrys-letter-to-fans-well-spend-to-compete-with-the-best/ They’ve always been tight arses, that won’t ever change, just their excuses will despite us having even stronger commercial deals now and revenue coming in all over the shop. “But…but…but….Covid/Super League not happening….etc” Latest excuse…etc… rinse and repeat. We’ll be fucked when Klopp gets fed up with it all and decides he’s had enough, it’s that simple.
  17. Juniper

    Like a new signing

    When you’ve eaten a steak or burger, burp a few hours later and it smells of it. Almost as good as having it all over again.
  18. Juniper

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    They’ll be another excuse from the owners about the winter market being too expensive. Had this a few times already. Stingy twats
  19. Juniper

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I agree with the end bit Soon after we won the league my feelings of pure jubilation turned to concern that it would be an excuse not to spend money and build on constantly challenging. With what happened last season and all the issues we had you’d have think we’d see a reaction, so that we’re not leaving challenging to chance we stay injury free in key areas. We haven’t, again and we’re set to loose Salah and Mane up front for the ACON and all. Another season of what ifs by the looks of it. Stingy owners.
  20. Juniper

    Skiving school

    Skived off regularly towards the end. I did also just go and play the drums in the drum room within the music department when I didn’t fancy going to a lesson, or would announce I had a drum lesson mid way though one when I got bored. Usually Geography or Maths. No one ever batted an eyelid and I never got into trouble for it. The music teacher never said a word either. He used to wave me in with a hello and a “Off to play the drums again, Jon?”, before I proceeded to ruin his lesson from the sound of the drums coming through the paper thin walls into his classroom. Strange how I got away with it but great times.
  21. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    It does look like he needs a lawyer at the start of the film. Will have to wait and see what happens.
  22. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    Spider-Man is now the most watched trailer within 24 hours ever, so Warner Brothers will definitely be wary of that. They'll want a lot of attention on Matrix 4 so I’m sure it’ll be out very soon.
  23. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    It would make sense that they are waiting on the buzz of the Spider-Man trailer to die down a bit, so there’s less competition and as much media coverage for it (YouTube bloggers also..etc) as possible. Especially given that the Matrix is released the day before SM3 at cinemas. Those two films are going head to head. Suspect it’ll be out very, very soon.
  24. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    The funeral has been confirmed for the 6th September. I’ve set up the following funeral collection on PayPal. https://paypal.me/pools/c/8CnVrigxws I’m currently discussing the families wishes for flowers and the charity of choice is to be confirmed soon. If you wish to contribute, whatever the amount, please free to do so. Funeral Details —————————- Amy Purcell Funeral 10am Monday 6th September Bierton Crematorium Cane End Lane Bierton Nr Aylesbury HP22 5BH For those unable to attend the service will be a web cast below: https://www.wesleymedia.co.uk/webcast-view Login/ order ID 107399 Password zjrkwgdx —————————-