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  1. CrownPaints

    Norwich City 0 Liverpool 3 (Aug 14 2021)

    Kevin Mbappe on a free when all 12 of our midfielders are out.
  2. CrownPaints

    Alisson Becker

    His keeping may or may not have dipped but his goal scoring has improved leaps and bounds.
  3. CrownPaints


    Micah Richards is the Kris Akabusi of football.
  4. CrownPaints


    I have a lot of the old games playing in the background when I am working and listening to Gerald Sinstadt, Tony Gubba, Barry Davies, David Coleman, Brian Moore. Voices that defined the 70’s and 80’s for me with football as well as the BBC radio commentators. Usually intelligent and insightful comments. Listened to Monday Night club tonight and was mostly 2 hours of “bants” and Micah “I’ll do any media me” Richards and Chris “I’m a grumpy old bastard” Sutton cackling at each other.
  5. CrownPaints

    West Brom 1 Liverpool 2 (May 16 2021)

    Let’s hope that goal is the defibrulator giving the corpse of this season one last jolt to get us over the line and into fourth. Still not overconfident on the game with Burnley but fair play to the boys who kept going despite the clear lack of confidence in front of goal (Mo excepted). I don’t think I’ve simultaneously cheered and laughed at a goal so much since Divock nodded in against the Blues!
  6. CrownPaints

    Nike deal

    Yep, me too and was wearing the one I bought from DHGate the night of the United game. I have the original away kit from the same year, it was one of the first kits I bought.
  7. Can’t disagree with Wright, reminds me of the early 90’s where we had an aging squad and the replacements that came in weren’t up to the same level. Our front three have been on the decline (Mo excepted) for three years and our midfield is about to undergo changes and our defenders are injury-prone. The only longer term players I see are Ali, Trent, Robbo and Jota. There’s perhaps a role for Curtis in there as he matures as well. If we don’t finish top 4 then it will only be the pulling power of Klopp and the shrewd investment from Michael Edwards that will have us remaining competitive.
  8. Are Bournemouth looking for any signings?
  9. The only one who's missing Keita is the physio.
  10. CrownPaints

    Featured: That was the week that was (May 2-7 2021)

    Because he's a twat who's in love with his own voice rather than give a shit about the club that made him a multi-millionaire. He's a hypocritical shit-stirring, Sky-loving, media-whoring cock-womble.
  11. CrownPaints


    I've stumbled onto SFR coverage in France which makes more sense to me than Sky even though I don't understand French. It means I have the background chatter without having to actually listen to what's being said.
  12. CrownPaints

    Southampton (H) - Sat 8th May 2021, 8:15pm

    Who are we going to sell him to, the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade?
  13. CrownPaints

    Nike deal

    Looks like the player version, didn't that have stick-on logos on the current shirts?