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  1. CrownPaints

    Southampton (A) - Premier League 04/2021 - 20:00

    I’d we keep playing like this he’ll have time to get tested and have his flu jab.
  2. CrownPaints

    Nike deal

    It's a lovely shirt and I have one from back then but I still remember a game against Southampton I think in the snow when we were shite and tie the shirt to that performance.
  3. CrownPaints

    Ajax (H) 1/12/2020 - Champions League - 20:00

    Kelly? Or "Not-Adrian"?
  4. CrownPaints

    Ajax (H) 1/12/2020 - Champions League - 20:00

    Their keeper has been our most creative forward so far.
  5. CrownPaints

    Nike deal

    Tracksuit turned up today, just two weeks this time. Had a couple of loose threads that I've burned off but have sent feedback to the seller. Got a home shirt on delivery and the wife has ordered a 1996 away and one of the training sets for me for Christmas.
  6. CrownPaints

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 8 2020)

    I think it’s the same point you make for Mo’s penalty. In grassroots footy that handball isn’t given but the Premier League is now obsessed with slowing down footage and looking at everything to the nth degree. I had exactly the same reaction to you when I saw the replay - oh shit, they’re going to give that. Still, it could be worse if that hairy fuck-bucket Richard Keys had his way. He said they should just change it to any handball was a penalty. The looks on the faces of De Jong and Gray when he said players would be honest and not just boot it at an opponents hand!
  7. CrownPaints

    Man City - Premier League - 8/11/20 - 16:30

    I'm the second greatest and I have to tell you that I didn't see that one coming.
  8. After the elections in the US, if Joe Biden doesn't come out and say Salah didn't dive and it was a nailed on penalty then he's already gone down in my estimation.
  9. Seems like we all did our patriotic duty as Vola is now dead. But now there's something called Oreo TV. Will this hell ever end...?
  10. CrownPaints

    Liverpool 2 West Ham United 1 (Oct 31 2020)

    Top top arse in a bucket analysis there Dave.
  11. CrownPaints

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 23-26 2020)

    Foden is the new Samir Nasri in that you have a completely rational desire to punch him in the face every time you see him.
  12. For anyone with a Firestick or an android phone, please make sure to steer clear of searching your preferred search engine for "Vola Sports apk" as this despicable app allows you to stream football from England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Internationals. It has F1, tennis, cricket and boxing. Also some so-called sports from the USA? Every event has a choice of streams and no advertising aside from one when you open the app. A terrible state of affairs.
  13. CrownPaints

    Nike deal

    Turned up today after nearly five weeks. I ordered medium and fits me fine. The third shirt has Western Union printed on the sleeve but otherwise both look good to me. This was my first foray into DHGATE, will likely order the home top and maybe the rain jacket that was all over social media yesterday.
  14. CrownPaints

    Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 2 (Oct 4 2020)

    We've already banked more points than Fulham & West Brom will this season. The battle for 17th is on!