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Diaz: Liverpool is the perfect team for me 

Luis Diaz says that Liverpool are the perfect club to help take his game to the next level.


The Colombian spent his first day on Merseyside taking in his new surroundings, meeting the manager and new teammates.


Footballers often talk about defining periods in their careers and this could certainly be classified as one for Diaz.


It is not everyday that a club the size of Liverpool register an interest in you, and they are certainly not a club that chases your ‘run-of-the-mill’ type of player.


The powers-that-be felt that Diaz could add some real quality to the squad and while he had greatly enjoyed his time at Porto and contributed to their success, it was time to make the step up to a whole new challenge.


Speaking to the Official site, Diaz says he has been made to feel at home straight away.


“I am very happy and pleased to be here at this great team and this great club. I’ve not been here for very long but in the short time I’ve had with my new teammates, I’ve shared a few words with some great players and real references at this club. I’m very proud to be meeting up with them, and to now have the chance to play alongside them as a teammate and share a dressing room with them is a great source of pride for me. I’m really happy and content to be here.


Diaz says the news of his move in his homeland has been like a “bombshell” with many locals feeling it to a major moment for football in Columbia and naturally his loved ones are thrilled with the move.


While the talented 25 year-old has been linked to quite a few top teams, he knew deep down that Liverpool was the perfect fit.




“Because it’s a club that I’ve followed for a good while now, and I’ve always watched them play. It’s no secret that the Premier League is one of the best leagues around and I’ve followed the football here and watched it since I was a boy. And as for Liverpool, I don’t think I need to say much about them that hasn’t been said. It’s a great club, a real reference in the game, which has won many cups and league titles, and so Liverpool has always been my choice.


Jurgen Klopp gave his new signing a trademark (and hopefully first of many) big bear hugs when he arrived at the training complex.




And Diaz said working with one of the finest managers in World Football greatly excites him and he has already identified some qualities that he likes just on the footballing side of things either.


“It excites me a lot knowing that I am going to have a manager of that standing and stature.


“You could see that for yourself both times we came up against Liverpool with Porto, you could tell he was a good person and that not only on the football side of things, but he takes care of the personal side of things as well. 


“At first it is going to be a settling-in period and a chance to grow alongside my teammates and the manager and his coaching staff. As you say, he is going to help me a lot, so I am really happy to be here sharing that experience with him. Here is hoping that helps me a lot in my career as a professional player.


Diaz says that he has naturally been focussed on his season at Porto, he has watched a handful of Liverpool games which were mostly in Europe.


When the time comes to walk out on Anfield for a famous European night, he will embrace the moment.




“I will be really happy when that moment comes around, to be on the field and being able to play in the Champions League at such a big club against other big clubs. It is going to be a really proud moment for me.”


Klopp did not rule out a brief cameo against Cardiff in the FA Cup tomorrow, and Diaz had a message for fans about what to to expect from him once he gets his game up to speed at his new club.


“I think I can bring a lot to the team in terms of my pace and my skill and technique on the ball and ability to dribble. I think they are a couple of my strengths. Also, I can score goals. 


“In addition to that, I just want to send a message to the fans to say hello and if you keep supporting us, like you always have done, I know you’re a great set of fans and I am going to give absolutely everything I’ve got, 100 per cent, to help my team as much as I can and hopefully make you really happy.


The feeling is mutual Luis. Welcome to Liverpool.




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11 minutes ago, VladimirIlyich said:

His name means 'Son of Diego.' Would be nice if he was half as good as his Argentine namesake.

If I was his dad and I wasn't called Diego, I'd be straight on the blower to the Jeremy Kyle show 

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just watched the little video the club put out of his first day.


first impressions are he's in absolute awe of the club, maybe we take it for granted when we hear anybody connected to the club how big we are (and most top premiership teams in fairness), But maybe we are.


perhaps im reading too much into it, but in the video, there's a clip of him walking into the boot room in the new training ground, it looks to me like he's looking around and thinking, "fuck me, this is huge"


Then you see when he enters Klopps office, he even says to Klopp, "this place is lovely" while he's looking around.


And the icing on the cake is how he looks like a small child when he meets his hero after his hug from Virgil. He says to klopp. "he's so big, he's really big, yet he's really fast" 


its ok Luis, you dont have to worry about coming up against the big man anymore 

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