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  1. ChrisM

    Lake District hotel please.

    New Dungeon Ghyll, Langdale.
  2. ChrisM

    Press coverage and how the mancs are twats

    So is Gnasher MajesticSuarez? He definitely shares the same obsession with the mancs as he did.
  3. In related news the silly cunt has just rewarded Nani with a brand spanking new five (FIVE) (5) year contract. Five years!
  4. ChrisM

    Upcoming Films

    Gravity is looking amazing, it got rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival and currently scores 96 on metacritic. Out 8th November, full trailer just released: [YOUTUBE]OiTiKOy59o4[/YOUTUBE]
  5. ChrisM

    Other football

  6. ChrisM

    Other football

  7. ChrisM

    Favourite Book

    Honourable mentions to 1984 and I Am Legend but it has to be
  8. ChrisM

    The Official 2013 Ashes Thread

    Clarke would've batted, so would Strauss. I guess it's one of those tosses that's more about making sure you're not batting last as opposed to wanting first use of the wicket. If we can get thought the morning relatively unscathed we should be alright.
  9. ChrisM

    How on earth did this happen...

    Isn't that Mansfield Pursestrings Owner?
  10. ChrisM

    Boss music in games

    The entire soundtrack to Red Dead Redemption is easily the best soundtrack to a game that I can think of. Fucking awesome.
  11. ChrisM

    The Napoli thread.

    That was a joke Shtiggy.
  12. ChrisM

    The Official 2013 Ashes Thread

    Ahhhhhh, Graeme Sawnn. !!!
  13. ChrisM

    The Official 2013 Ashes Thread

    Finn's a lovely lad with all the physical attributes, but non of the mental ones. And as Lifey says, Cook clearly doesn't trust him. I'd keep the attack the same for OT, Root can fill in as the second spinner more than adequately.