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  1. Captain

    S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

    We really need to step it up in the 2nd half because we've been poor so far. Thank fuck for the quality of Mané!
  2. Kane world class? Err, no. No chance.
  3. Captain

    Where will we finish 2019/20?

    I find it difficult to see how we will get past Man City, despite our fantastic efforts last season. We effectively have the same squad, Man City have strengthened. Hopefully Keita can fulfill his potential and bring something extra to our midfield this season. And fingers crossed our front three can stay as fit as they have done, it's key to our chance at the title.
  4. Captain

    Where will we finish 2019/20?

    Poll closes in 15 minutes, get your votes in!
  5. Time for the annual prediction of where we will finish in the league, get your votes in.
  6. Captain

    FSG are not shit

    Never heard of them. Mercedes-Genz, counterfeited like no other car.
  7. When Origi made it 2-0. Relieved a lot of tension and nerves that goal!
  8. Captain

    Best Free Signing ?

    Markus Babbel was a superb signing. It was real shame that fucking syndrome ended his career.
  9. Captain

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Tells you something about him and the likes of Josemi and Moreno.
  10. I wasn’t impressed when we signed Robertson. I am now.
  11. Finally! Even in all the euforia right now, most of all I'm happy for Klopp. So important, so deserved.
  12. We've gone to shit. Come on lads!
  13. So far, so good. Spurs have had fuck all.
  14. Best team we can put out, that. Over to you, boys.