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  1. Captain

    Site plans during the lockdown

    Sorry to hear that, Dave. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I still can't believe the Atletico match was allowed.
  2. Fuck me this is nerve wracking!
  3. They will qualify through the league, unfortunately. Both Arsenal and Tottenham are shit this season. And if that wasn’t enough, UEFA have disqualified Man C from the CL next season. A perfect storm for Ole.
  4. The player that really worries me is Adrian. He’s been proper shit lately and seems to completely have lost his mojo. He better find it again or this won’t end well.
  5. Captain

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I agree, it’s done and dusted already.
  6. Captain

    Other Football - 2019/20

    It almost feels dirty wanting a Man City goal here, but I prefer a draw.
  7. We really need to improve our passing, it’s been way too sloppy. Mane’s to Mo for the goal was also terrible but luckily Mo still managed to put it away.
  8. They probably changed their minds, don’t you think?
  9. If he comes on to score the winner we now know who to thank for it!
  10. Captain

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    WTF is the point of giving Mo ten mins when we’re two goals down? Too late.
  11. Captain

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    I’m afraid that’s too late Klopp, we’re done here.
  12. Captain

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    This isn’t working out, shake it up Jürgen.
  13. Captain

    The shitness of modern football

    This fucking about with replays when there isn't any time to.
  14. Captain

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Shite keeper shootout at Goodison.
  15. Captain

    Dejan Lovren

    I’m under the impression he’s out of contract in the summer and will be released. The bell tolls for Dejan.