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  1. Rrg

    Molby or Alonso?

    Seems the best thread to post but this is not a xabi vs jan decision for me. Partly due to to the development of the game there’s no way you can make a comparison in my view. I loved Xabi but big Jan was the first LFC footballer I remember who could treat the ball as his plaything, either foot no matter. We all know know he was no athlete but first loves die hard - some of his touch and passing were breathtaking and I was lucky to see it
  2. Rrg

    Graeme Souness the Player

    In summary, one of our best in his era as a player. Not the best manager. And now a pundit with some gravitas but some dinosaur tendencies. But we still honour our best players - life choices notwithstanding
  3. Rrg

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    Aside from voiding league bollocks and personal morals, I don’t think Rio Ferdinand is a bad pundit at the ‘man in the street’ level. There’s certainly worse
  4. Rrg

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Look, can’t we just appreciate the fact that we‘re boiling the piss of all these knobs is just poetic
  5. Rrg

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I feel a bit dirty but when I heard him speak after the match just now I wasn’t unimpressed with how Ferguson conducted himself
  6. Rrg

    Alan Partridge

    Agree, funny as
  7. Cause that’s the story arc. Old Victor did a good book - even if the narrative relies a little too much on coincidence. Top drawer book, musical good too - I’m not a snob but it’s a different beast. This bbc series is well underrated - but David O is no Russel Crowe
  8. Rrg

    Liam Neeson

    On the plus side, he would have crafted a very amusing musical ditty (nailed on paedo)
  9. Rrg

    The Sex Pistols

    Not for me, Clive - zeitgeist over talent