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  1. Red Nick

    Six Nations / Lions

    That was a massive game of rugby in atrocious conditions England now have proved they can outplay the oppoisiton in Running rugby and now toughing it out. A team defo going places and might even be tournament favourites come 2015
  2. Red Nick

    Six Nations / Lions

    England or France for me, that game will be the decider. This is easily the best England team since 2003 and they will get better every game. They were a bit rusty today but they will improve and want to score tries. Lioins selection should be very interesting as well, reckon at least 50% of the starting 11 will be English
  3. Red Nick

    If you dont love Luis Suarez Read This

    If you read the full article its a really good read
  4. Red Nick

    January Transfers 2013

    Makes a refreshing change that Lfc did the best business of the whole window
  5. LUIS SUAREZ EXCLUSIVE: I will stay with Liverpool even if we don't qualify for Champions League | Mail Online The Delfina video at the bottom is very special
  6. Red Nick

    Rodgers In

    by the end of JAN we will see the real BR team and views should be very interesting
  7. Red Nick

    If Rodgers was sacked tomorrow?

    Not suprised such a ridiculous thread was started by Code, more surprised by the number of posters who actually replied to it. A better Poll would be who would you replace him with and when you start to think logically about that you might just start to support the current manager
  8. Red Nick

    Rodgers Out

    Sad sad thread, Whatever the debates are about the two managers our record over the last 38 PL games ie a full season is is W11 D10 L17 (seventeen) F51 A51 Points 43 (fourty three) Close to relegation BR 25 points KD 18 points Them is the facts So calling for a manager to be sacked who has out performed a previous club legend in his first 19 games compared to the kings last 19 games by over 28% is ridiculous in the extreme
  9. Red Nick

    Alex McLeish Time

    It does and started by me when Hodgson was our manager, my only excuse, even if its a very good one. Just came back to appologise and they what you all know on this occaision I was wrong.
  10. Red Nick

    Would you change it around?

    If winning those games had allowed us to make the top 4 then obviously yes. Hindsight is a wonderul thing Very much an agenda driven thread though
  11. Dissing a Chelsea legend is a great way to win the fans and the players who loved RDM over
  12. Rafa took the job after all the nice things he said about Chelsea and therefore was always going to be on a hiding to nothing from both sets of fans. His biggest problem is winning over a dressing room who loved RDM and who know that if they play badly enough he will be gone in the summer or even sooner
  13. To be fair its Suarez who did the damage when the took Terry out, if you look at the ponts per game with and without Terry this season you will see the issue at hand for Rafa or any manager and the sacking of RDM was probably the most baffling I can remember
  14. Liverpool City Council ePetition - Removal of Sir Irvine Patnick’s Knighthood Appologies if it has already been posted but if you havent signed it please sign it