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  1. Teasmaid

    Holly Willoughby

    Man ends his marriage to sleep with other men = Courageous Man ends his marriage to sleep with other women = bastard Double standards much?
  2. Teasmaid

    TLW Deathpool 2019

    I’m more surprised to hear that he’d been married for 24 years. I’d suspected that it wasn’t only Mary who loved dick.
  3. Teasmaid

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    People do want socialist policies, they just don’t realise that those policies are socialist. They’ve been falsely brainwashed that socialism is all gulags and three-day-weeks. Our policies were supported by a huge majority of the electorate in polls were they weren’t advertised as Labour policies. That is the most frustrating thing of all for me. To say we need to become more centrist is ludicrous. We just need to be seen as more centrist (i.e. for people to realise that our policies aren’t far-left, hardcore ideas, but perfectly mainstream policies that are working well in many other countries).
  4. Teasmaid

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    So just say Starmer wins the leadership contest, what will make him appeal to a majority Brexit-supporting electorate? Even politically disengaged voters will have him pegged as an enemy Remainer. But even in the hypothetical situation where we win a GE with Starmer as leader - which policies would you choose to keep, and which would you prefer to see more ‘centrist’? Would you all be happy to continue to sell off bits of the NHS while running down the rest? Would you prefer to keep taxes on businesses as low as possible while subsidising them paying their staff slave wages through tax credits? It seems like some Labour supporters want to win at any price, without thinking for a second about what we actually stand for. If there has to be a party in government inflicting misery on the poor and making the rich even richer, I’d rather leave it to the Tories than do it ourselves. Not a single person who abstained on the welfare bill is fit to called a Labour leader.
  5. Teasmaid

    Alternative Christmas Dinner

    Completely juxtaposed to this thread, I got a turkey crown and then bottled it last minute that there wouldn’t be enough, so I went out and bought a whole turkey yesterday. They’re currently both in the oven. I bloody hate turkey as well.
  6. Teasmaid


    People bleat on about how much the pay, but they never consider what they’re getting for it. Mr or Mrs Average pays just under £3.5K in income tax each, and moan that they’re being robbed. A child’s state education costs between 5-7K a year per child, depending on age. Their combined tax just about covers schooling for one of their children, and nothing else. The vast majority of us are a net drain on the government, and that’s how it should be, in my opinion. If the government invests in us and our children they’ll get it back in years to come. But it winds me right up when you get some blathering Tory paying a tenner a week on their £14K salary, banging on about how they pay their way and why should they be penalised so lazy bastards can sit on their arses? Fuck off Carole, you’re not single-handedly propping up the entire benefits budget.
  7. Teasmaid

    General Election 2019

    I don’t disagree, but as long as they’re in the party, they’ll keep trying to bring us down. We need to make a clean cut now. If they’ve got a problem with democratic socialist policies, they’re the ones in the wrong party. We shouldn’t change the essence of what we stand for to accommodate those who don’t believe in what we stand for. They should go now, and let us start to put the pieces back together.
  8. Teasmaid

    General Election 2019

    I’ve said for years that there was literally no Brexit stance that Labour could have taken that would have secured a victory for us. If we’d gone full Leave, we’d have picked up some eventual Tory votes but lost our Remain supporters. Similarly if we’d gone full Remain we’d have been equally fucked. There are too many Leavers, unfortunately. I agreed completely with Corbyn’s stance, and was expecting a small Tory majority. Even with the benefit of hindsight, I can’t see a Brexit stance that would have worked. What we got was the best we could have expected in the circumstances (‘The circumstances’ being Brexit, a Labour Party full of non-socialist MPs intent on sowing division, and a corrupt, filthy media). The only thing I would have changed is that I wish we’d played dirtier. We were too nice, too fair. We should have purged the trouble-making centrists and Corbyn should have stood up for himself and answered the criticisms thrown at him head on, instead of being all Gandhi and turning the other cheek. I think that’s been his downfall. People see it as a weakness. I believe it’s a strength.
  9. Teasmaid

    The Twitter

    As if I’d signpost the forum degenerates to my poor unsuspecting elderly mother. To be fair, I’d probably be more concerned about you lot, than her! If you’re a lefty on Twitter there’s a good chance you’re already following her.
  10. Teasmaid

    General Election 2019

    He was before were together, but took a huge cut to come to run a small company which was where we met. Are you stalking me, by the way? Can you tell me what time my optician’s appointment is today because I’ve forgotten, cheers. I do donate to Labour. I literally set up a homeless charity in my town a few years ago, and ran it till 12 months ago. Technically it’s a C.I.C, not a charity, but it’s by the by. We fed the local homeless population every night. And before you make a snide comment, no I wasn’t paid, I did it entirely in a voluntary capacity. I also spent thousands of pounds on food/equipment, but I’m sure you know that already.
  11. Teasmaid

    General Election 2019

    You think women can’t pay half the mortgage? You are definitely a misogynist.
  12. Teasmaid

    General Election 2019

    Very amusing. Just for the record, my ‘rich bloke’ wasn’t rich when we got together. For the first two years of our relationship I paid to keep him. We started a business and grew it together. But you carry on being a misogynist as well as a selfish cunt.
  13. Teasmaid

    General Election 2019

    We’re currently trying to flog our business and Labour’s proposed abolition of entrepreneurs’ relief means we’ll pay 50% tax on the sale price instead of the current 10%. That’s an obscene amount of money, but I would still give my right arm to have Jeremy Corbyn as PM. There is literally nothing that money could buy that I would want more than a Labour victory.
  14. Teasmaid

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Either that or a Wilf Lunn lookalike contest.
  15. Teasmaid

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Was in a hotel last week and there was a wedding on. I thought I’d stumbled onto the set of a period drama. Half the blokes were dressed in the most ridiculous clobber. I’m not just talking about a Peaky Blinders Cockbonnet; this was full on tweed suits tucked into socks, pocket watches, the full monty. What a shower of beauts.