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  1. Red Mist

    Yet more reason for the UK to leave the EU

    One of the many reasons.
  2. The Press Association: Vow to fight EU migrant benefit bid The EU is attempting to bully us into accepting benefit claimants from all across the EU. Any unemployed bum could come from Europe and sign up to the JSA right away if the EU gets its way. As if we don't have enough unemployed of our own to feed and house, the Europeans will be on it soon enough. Many of them already are in actual fact, but the EU's demands would make the situation even worse. I really fail to see what benefits being in the EU bring to the UK. Norway and Switzerland are doing just fine without it. We'd survive too. Time to tell the EU to fuck off, what a joke that the UK should be dictated to by these idiots in Brussels.
  3. Red Mist

    New Labour Leader???

    Labour have ensured they will not be in power for a long time with the election of their new leader. For a people who are already taxed so highly Ed's policy of raising taxes even more is hardly going to win much public support. The people of the country would prefer the Tory policy of cutting waste as opposed to raising tax. Labour are too stupid to realise this because they still believe they were right to spend money they never had, and would rather punish the taxpayer by raising taxes to pay for the economic mess they created. No reasonable person could possibly support such a crude policy to improve the economy. Which is why Labour won't be returning to power for a while, thank god.
  4. Red Mist

    Buying a new pc

    What do you plan on doing with the desktop? If it's for gaming or using power applications you can't buy or build a decent machine with just £300. If it's for general web surfing and word processing or the like your best bet is to go the likes of Dell who can build a solid machine of that type. Personally I would build the fucker myself but these days that's more expensive than buying an assembled machine.
  5. Red Mist

    Wonderful gesture!

    Is he going to bone you as a gesture of goodwill on your part? Seems only fair.
  6. Red Mist

    Who's the statue of?

    Nope, it's not because she's an out-of-towner, it's because she's a thick bint who doesn't know shit about football. Like most birds.
  7. Red Mist

    Dirk's goal yesterday

    Perfectly valid goal. Torres was clever enough to spot a syupid mistake from the Sunderland defender and took advantage of it. Bruce is a whingey cunt, it's all he ever does after a game, bitch about referees. Fuck him and his fat head.
  8. Red Mist

    TalkSport - MOTD

    I didn't know David Villa played for City. Shearer kept seeing him out there in a City shirt for some reason. He's gone mental.
  9. Red Mist

    Natalie Gulbis

    I'd fuck her. No lame golfing euphemism for me.
  10. Red Mist

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    As I and many other sensible folk have long advocated, the Tories are going to finally abolish many pointless and expensive Quango's. This will save the country billions, although it will result in further unemployment. BBC News - Some 177 quangos 'to be scrapped' by the government
  11. Red Mist


    Christ, this can't be happening....
  12. Red Mist


    We're the only team playing extra time tonight. Embarrassing.
  13. Red Mist

    Commonwealth Games

    The Indians had 7 years to prepare for this and still they managed to fuck it up. And why didn't the people in charge of these games think to check on the progress over the past few years? Looks like they only bothered checking up a few weeks before the games are due to begin.
  14. Red Mist

    O'sullivan being a sulky fuck again.

    He made a good point about no prize money for the 147. Having a special prize is a given in snooker but Hearn's new event has fuck all, despite him promising more money. Bet Ronnie now feels like an idiot for previously backing Hearn to the hilt.
  15. Red Mist


    We've tried our best this season to be the worst Liverpool team in history but STILL the BS are worse than us. Forever in our shadow, even when we're shit.