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  1. So the normal TLW draft starts at 10:30pm tonight with the dynasty draft following, yeah? I had a draft on NFL.com last night and it worked fine for everyone; I did tell them to make sure they added a few players to their queue for each pick just to be safe, though.
  2. 1 Steamers 2 Carvalho 3 4 Welsh State Celtics 5 6 7 Clems Clams 8 South Park 9 Lebowski Urban Achievers 10 Phil simms kings 11 12 Buffalodris 13 Old Swan Pandas 14 New Age Outlaws
  3. Sound, leave 'em both until Tuesday. I'm going for a run so the decision is final.
  4. Nice one! So are we still trying the dynasty one tonight or saving that until after the TLW one? I'll go for a run now if we're leaving both until Tuesday.
  5. Can we do 10pm Tuesday, then? I'll set my pre-draft rankings and should be home by the third or fourth round. EDIT: If you can all do 10:30 instead then that would be ace, ta.
  6. Yeah, it was deffo the start of the fourth because I made the second pick in the fourth round with no issue and then got kicked out. I've got another draft tomorrow at 9, then footy on Tuesday 9-10.
  7. 11? Or is that too soon. I'll go along with whatever the majority want to do.
  8. All my leagues are on NFL.com and we have all the league history on there, be arsed moving it to another site. Surely we can remember who we picked and where - the first four rounds were sound.
  9. You both seem to have misspelled the Ravens as Superbowl winners there, lads.
  10. That's a lot of real estate for a below average QB on a big contract who has a week to try and learn an entire new playbook. Eagles must be buzzing to get some draft capital back after giving up loads to move up and get Wentz. Are we drafting the dynasty league before the TLW one then, yeah? I've set my keepers.
  11. Yeah, Sunday anytime is sound with me.
  12. I presumed he was, but have just messaged him to confirm. He lives in Australia now so nightmare getting in touch.
  13. Nah, if anything we need to get numbers down rather than up. Couple of key injuries in a 14 team league and you're fucked. EDIT: I would also prefer that we move the drafts from Saturday night. Can do pretty much anytime between now and the start of the season other than Tuesday night between 8-10:30.
  14. So we're drafting both leagues this Saturday night?