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  1. Clem H Fandango

    Greatest 90's Movie - QF Group 3

    totally agree with you on Se7en.
  2. Clem H Fandango

    Greatest 90s Movie Ever - Group I

    Trainspottiing is a must if you like movie soundtracks.
  3. Clem H Fandango


    A 3 month pregnant woman Is involved in a road accident and falls into a deep coma. 6 months later she awakes and asks the doctor about her baby. Doctor: Don't worry. You had twins, a boy and a girl and your brother named them for you. Woman: Oh no, not my brother! He's an idiot! What did he name them? Doctor: The girl he has named as Denise Woman: Wow , That's not too bad at all . What about the boy? Doctor: Denephew
  4. Clem H Fandango


    A king suspected that his queen was being unfaithful So he secretly taped a tiny razor blade to her vagina. Three days later, he ordered his knights to drop their pants. They all had bandaged penises, except for one. The king said to him, "I always knew you were my most loyal knight!" He replied, "It wath nothing, your magethy"
  5. Clem H Fandango


    I just got a job in a factory making plastic Draculas There are only two of us on the production line, so I have to make every second count.
  6. Clem H Fandango

    Maya Jama is in fine fettle

    im clearly out of touch, i thought maya jama was some kind of easter island dance craze.
  7. Clem H Fandango

    Greatest 70's Movie Ever - The Final

    im guessing theres a theme here? do you not like star wars?
  8. Clem H Fandango

    British village names

    no-one mentioned clit hero yet? upper chute tiddlywink snap
  9. Clem H Fandango

    Greatest 70's Movie Ever - The Final

    i wonder what film will win best 80's category....
  10. Clem H Fandango

    Animal group names

    bed of clams *sniggers*
  11. Clem H Fandango

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    my missus and her daughter were whispering to each other at dinner when i asked "what are you whispering for?" The daughters reply was that it was y'know, women's stuff. I then said "I identify as a woman today and therefore you should tell me what was whispered". They were not amused.
  12. Clem H Fandango

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Nothing ginger enters my mouth. Ever.
  13. Clem H Fandango

    Odd things you do that you wonder if anyone else does

    I used to ask him if he did yoga. I had to admire his dedication, must've taken years of stretching to perform such a trick. lets face it, there was no way a lass was ever going to suck him off..ever.
  14. Clem H Fandango

    Odd things you do that you wonder if anyone else does

    remember some idiot i worked with years ago that told some office lass that he could self-felate. needless to say, she told everyone in the building.
  15. Clem H Fandango


    A Polish man walks into specsavers for an eye test. The optician shows him the test card, and on it says: "C Z W J X N Y S A C Z" The optician then asks him "Can you read that?" The Polish man says "Read it? I know the cunt!"
  16. Clem H Fandango


    Two old communists relaxing at a nudist resort; “Tell me, comrade, have you read Marx?” “Yes, I think its these wicker chairs”
  17. Clem H Fandango

    Whats your favourite war film ever?

    come and see. great film and hard to stomach.
  18. Clem H Fandango

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    toenails. how have we evolved to still need these wretched things?
  19. Clem H Fandango


    I've got a french stepdad. he's my faux pa.
  20. Clem H Fandango

    Great t-shirts

    got this beauty. from the fight for your right to party video.