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  1. snez1

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Alberto and Aspas written off after 3 games. Marvellous. Bank that one somebody.
  2. snez1

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I'm sure the back four and two of Lucas, Gerrard and Henderson could cope with Crystal Palace's three counter attacks against us at Anfield. As I said, against dross you can play 4 attacking players and smash them off the park. United do it regularly with Cleverley and Carrick in centre mid, they're dead mobile them. Chelsea did it last season with Mikel and Lampard. Against better sides you stick another more disciplined player in, as I said. Quite simple and nice to have the option, isn't it? Or would you prefer to have Suarez, Coutnho and Sturridge supported by Downing every week as we did in games last season simply because he's a bit more disciplined? Which ever way you want to spin stuff the squad is better than it was. As i said, we now have options.
  3. snez1

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Moses over Downing any day of the week. Borini didn't do anything last year so I'd prefer Aspas regardless of his shocker against United. Suso did ok but no goals or much end product. I'd expect Alberto to be an upgrade. Certainly no less productive. Assaidi played about 6 seconds of league football and seen as Ibe wasn't in the squad till the very end of last season you could argue he's taking his spot in there. Shelvey doesn't need replacing. He was shite. He didn't score a league goal. He was a liability. Since January we've scored a lot of goals and been on an excellent run of form (2 defeats is it since United away?). I'd have loved one more top class addition as I said, we probably need one more player who can make the difference but to say the window has been 'a let down' is just bullshit. Weve got cover/competition in for Enrique. We've replaced Reina with a good keeper. We've now got Agger, Sakho, Toure, Skrtel and Ilori to choose from at centre half (and you somehow spun that into a negative). We've got an upgrade on Downing for fuck all in Moses. We'd have all loved one more top quality player but overall the business has been very good on paper. There is no reason why, against dross at home, we can't play Sturridge, Suarez, Coutinho and Moses. Against the better sides we leave one of them out depending on circumstances. We have options. Last year we had Stewart Downing. Stop being so fucking negative about everything Rodgers. The squad is far better than it was at the beginning of last season and better than it was at the end of the season when we were actually pretty damn good. Maybe in January we'll get Quaresma or Voronin and you will be satisfied.
  4. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. We've got too many defenders (none of whom are better than Skrtel) and don't have goals in the team. So said Code.
  5. snez1

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Suarez, Sturridge, Moses, Coutinho, Aspas, Sterling, Alberto, Ibe. Struggling up top aren't we. Should have kept Downing, Assaidi, Shelvey and Suso as Code said. They scored shit loads last season. Don't know how anyone can say our business has been bad. If we'd snagged Willian or Mkhitaryan it'd have been pretty much perfect. Shame we couldn't get a top class attacker in but Moses is an improvement on what we had last term and January isn't far away. If were up near the top I'd hope we could lure someone of real quality to add to what we have attacking wise.
  6. snez1

    Simon Mignolet

    Yeah Reina would have just been in position to catch that Benteke near post blast. Like he was with Ramires' goal in the cup final...........
  7. snez1

    Willian Borges da Silva

    Just followed Lucas and continho on twitter. Done deal.
  8. snez1

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    Thought his press conference yesterday was spot on. Spoke brilliantly. Even wrote this about it.... One Man & His Blog: Rodgers evokes the Spirit of Shankly Well, we know what Brendan Rodgers has been reading recently, don’t we. Red or Dead by David Peace is the hagiography of Bill Shankly and it is flying off the shelves as we speak. It charts the life and times of the great man from his arrival at Liverpool Football Club to the end of his days. It is a book centred around his fierce determination, passion, honesty and devotion to his life as Liverpool manager. It is a labour of love that celebrates his socialistic views, his desire for everyone at Liverpool (and indeed, the wider world) to work for each other. Every fan, tea lady and cleaner was every bit as important in Shanks’ mind as the superstars that he moulded into the great Liverpool teams of the 60s and 70s. Moments of triumph and despair were to be shared and commitment to the cause was not celebrated, but a pre requisite. How times change. One can only guess how Shankly would have dealt with modern football and it’s spoilt, millionaire players. He’d probably have Luis Suarez doing laps of Melwood for the next three years for turning his back on the club and it’s people this week. Of course, in modern football that is not an option and lamentably we have no Shanklys left. Society and football have changed almost beyond recognition but when Brendan Rodgers faced the media to discuss that interview from Luis Suarez, the current incumbent of the Liverpool managerial position sent out messages that fans of any era would have approved of. The origins of those messages were easy to determine. Rodgers can’t talk like Shankly, few can, but he gave it his best shot and relied on the principles of the great man to get him through a tricky moment. The easy option would have been for Rodgers to give ‘no comment’ on his want away forward. Instead, he laid things out clearly. With honesty. With passion. “Obviously the remarks I've read are bitterly disappointing - but my job is bigger than that. My job is to fight and protect the club. I will take strong, decisive action, absolutely. There has been total disrespect of the club - this is a lack of respect for a club that has given him everything. Absolutely everything.” Rodgers is no Shankly. No manager today is. But his words evoked the great man. His words were music to the ears of Liverpool’s supporters. How Arsenal fans would have loved Arsene Wenger to say the same sort of things last year instead of selling Robin van Persie to Manchester United. The messages from Rodgers were not ambiguous. Yes, Suarez was bang out of order. Yes, he would be punished. Yes he has betrayed the club. The only surprising thing was that Rodgers didn’t repeat himself again and again during his answers to mirror Peace’s writing style in Red or Dead. Rodgers appealed to the emotion of fans and spoke of Suarez’s betrayal of them. It was almost textbook Shankly if, understandably, lacking in some of the gravitas that the Scot carried. “I really, really feel sorry for the supporters, people that have sung his name. We have travelled the world over the course of this pre-season. 85,000 fans were singing Luis' name in Jakarta. It was the same in Australia, in Thailand and at Steven Gerrard's testimonial.” Shankly’s holy trinity of manager, players and supporters were used in Rodgers’ condemnation of the Uruguayan also. When quizzed on whether Suarez could wear the red shirt again, the manager showed how deeply Suarez had cut the club. “There's a few bridges to cross before that can happen (play for Liverpool again). It's about the respect, that's the only thing we look for. This is one of the most iconic football clubs in the world, you can't disrespect it. That's something I will ensure (an apology) before anything happens in the future.” Of course, this could all be grandstanding but Liverpool’s resistance to sell to Arsenal seems sincere. How would Rodgers look if Suarez was sold for £40m after claiming that his value is far in excess of that all summer long? How would John W. Henry look after that famous tweet if Suarez made his way to the Emirates? Liverpool have backed themselves into a corner but it was the correct thing to do both from a moral viewpoint and as business decision. Selling Suarez to a rival at a low price shouldn’t even be an option. The recent developments in the case suggest that Suarez has no legal grounds to demand a transfer at £40m. He is a rebel without a clause. Liverpool remain in the difficult position of having their best player being unhappy and determined to move but with no offer on the table that matches his value. It’s easy to see that there are many miles left in this saga but Liverpool and in particular Brendan Rodgers have dealt perfectly with it thus far. One hopes that FSG have the courage of their convictions and prevent Suarez from moving to the club that Liverpool need to overtake. Rodgers’ press conference was a timely reminder that, even after all this time, the spirit of the man who built Liverpool and his ethos still reside somewhere within the corridors of Anfield.
  9. snez1

    David Peace's Shankly book

    Not far off with that. It really is a lot of repetition.
  10. snez1

    David Peace's Shankly book

    It can be a bit disorientating. Lots of it just seems pointless to me. Just signed St John, reckon he'll do okay...now for Ron...
  11. snez1

    Tonights game

    Apas reminds me of Suarez when he arrived. Always involved, tricky, low centre of gravity...misses 5 chances for every goal. He's a nutter too.....no need to replace Luis after all!
  12. snez1

    David Peace's Shankly book

    A few chapters in. Decent so far but the repetition is a bit much. Literally paragraphs of the same sentence repeated at times. Will soldier on....
  13. snez1

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    If we got our eggs in a row with this clause then we have nothing to worry about. If he goes for £40m it will have been a monumental fuck up.
  14. snez1

    Diego Costa

    From what i recall (and i must stress i only saw Atleti for 9 minutes a handful of times), he is decent at holding it up and brining players into play. He's not a very quick or flashy striker. Would definitely add something different to our mix of forwards but from what I've seen £20m is a bit steep. Hope I'm wrong though, would love him to be great.
  15. snez1

    Diego Costa

    When i saw him (probably 5 or 6 times last season) he started central, off Flacao (though they switched at times too). He did drift wide a little but i never saw him start out there. If Suarez stays i don't see where he really fits unless Coutinho goes wide again.