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    TLW Second Club

    Semen Padang FC (Indonesia) just for having a weird name.

    If we were to sign one more player....

    I think we are safe up front, but wouldnt put it against Mo to say I want to go right at the death of the window, (Mane gone) (Mo to follow) no pun intended, and it wouldnt be the first time we have lost our top striker at the windows death. (Torres) We are pretty weak in the middle if truth be told, and we need something in there now. When I say weak, I mean if we have an injury or two we suddenly run out of options, or we play sub par/not as good players in the middle. So midfield it is for me, the front are sound with or without Mo, and the defence is pretty solid in all positions, with cover.

    Your obscure season highlight

    From what ive read, popcorn.

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Sorry I cant agree with that part. Hendo sadly is not as good as he was, still can do a job, but not for any length of time any more. We need to be looking at something in the midfield for sure, but as it stands, its Fab, Thiago, and not a lot else long term.

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Agree, but feck me thats a bad loss given the minimal difference in price. £20M difference I could cope with......

    Player Welfare / Burnout

    Personally I would do away with international games full stop. Speaking of the UK only here, Ingerland are shite, the other three have never really made much impact on the world stage anyway, so why bother? (No offence meant, but its true) International games just get in the way, and or get very valuable players injured, thus stopping them playing for their mother team, ie the ones who have them day in day out most of the year, and spent a shed load to get them. Fuck it all off and stick to domestic leagues.

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    What still baffles the feck out of me is, we paid £52M plus for Keita and only £49M for Diaz, WTF

    Are we on the verge of a re-build?

    As long as Keita isnt part of the rebuild I will be happy.

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    When I see Keita on the team sheet, I ask one question. Why?
  10. To be fair, Milner puts more of a shift in than many 10 years younger than himself. Ox has been played so little due to the big players who have come in, and has just lost his mojo. Good luck to him wherever he goes, he deserves more than sitting on a bench.
  11. MOGLET


    I am 6'1" and 11 and half stone. Who are you? Rodney Trotter? or the peperami sausage?
  12. Think its the sensible thing to do, southampton have been shipping goals, so why not give the second string a run out. Plenty on the bench to pull anything back if needs be.
  13. agree naby isnt good enough, but you have to give a young lad like Jones a chance to mature at least, surely?
  14. You rate a 27 yr old waste of money over a 21 yr old still learning his craft? sorry dont agree. Jones is still a kid in the scheme of things.