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    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    I lived in Germany for near on 10 years, a long time ago, and I never once had any animosity towards myself or the "English" I say English, I am generally speaking here, and given I was posted there, they dont usually care for squaddies, shagging their women etc etc.... They dont do the football/war hatred our twats seem to do, they just get on and enjoy the fun/game of it all. Sadly, half the cnuts who go out and make the trouble wouldnt be seen for dust if a war actually happened again. Sad its the Ingerland cnuts who are so proud yet so fickle in the same breath. " I feckin love (insert any black (can i say that) player here) when they play well, then abuse them for being black when they miss a peno. I personally hate sterling because he is a cnut, nothing to do with his colour, btw. Regarding the anthem, ours is shite, its not about the country like the rest of the worlds are, I think thats half the problem.

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    The whole coming home thing is my biggest bug bare. That song is all about the World cup, not half the main footballing world ie the euro competition. 50 years of hurt my arse, England have never won the euro ever, so no years of hurt, its all bollocks. And sterling is still a 1 decent play out of every 10 he gets involved with, I stand by that, and hes a diving cnut.

    Divock Origi

    Just looks a cnut
  4. Do we still have Keita on our books? and if so, WHY?

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'm sure it wont have anything to do with being beneath anyone. Wasnt it them that sang that? memory going i'm afraid.

    Naby Keita

    Sadly all that shows is that he cant tackle and relies on lucky deflections to win a ball.

    Naby Keita

    Lucas? he started slow and suddenly got a hell of a lot better.
  8. Whats the saying? if it aint broke dont fix it? its fucking broke Jurgen, fix it ffs, sub time has long gone.
  9. its only burnley we dont have to try, fucking lazy cunts.
  10. He always looks like he doesnt know what to do, hospital passes left right and centre just to get rid of the responsibility,
  11. Refs are like traffic wardens, all bullied at school, all have very small - bordering on child like genitalia, all have a god complex, and above all else, hate the fact LFC are now back on their perch, as they all still have a fear/love of whiskey nose. The rudolph still has sway over them.
  12. MOGLET

    Man Utd Fans

    Or if they need money for a fix/rent/blowey/ etc etc