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    Man Utd Fans

    Fuck em all, manc twats to a man. Most were not there to demo against the glaziers, hence the twat who threw the camera stand, how the fuck is that a demo at the glaziers? Typical manc wankers getting pissed and following the crowd. Might have been a demo, but turned into a typical drunken brit footy fan ( fuck em lets wreck the place load of bollocks)

    Where will we finish?

    Anyone who thinks this team of wage takers gives a shite where we end up, thinks we are going to try and make something of the worst title defence in a century, is a twat. This team gave up once they won the title last year and the injuries started to build this season. Once we knew we had won, the effort started to die off last season. Hence we didnt make the 100% unbeatables record. This season as soon as we started to get injuries in huge positions, and stand ins came in, the rest just gave up. We have the players who make the effort ie the (Milners, Robertsons, and when they can be arsed, Mane, and some times Salah. I actually feel sorry for the fringe players who want to make an effort. (origi aside) who looks like he is about to run but doesnt actually run. The rest do not give a shite. So, as to where we will end up is any ones guess, for me, its around 7th and nowhere fucking near where we should be. Fuck em all bar those mentioned for more.

    Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1 (Apr 24 2021)

    Instead of trying to make something out of the games for match reports, just put... "We were shite again" and leave it there.

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    Thats the irony isnt it, they call it the "Champions " league, but the reality is, its the champions and 3 others who if they beat the champions, they can become the champions league winner. Totally agree, it should be the league champions only, not the also rans. They should also make the domestic cups worth more as well, that way teams have something to go for rather than just a "mickymouse" waste of time.
  5. just seen an thas post so deleted
  6. He might be after the spurs job
  7. oops, thought I was in the tonights game thread, apologies, I thought there was a thread for the new league thing.

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Any truth to the Mane/Dembele rumour?

    Midfield creativity

    Keita is probably one of the worst signings we have ever made, Thiago is a card away from being sent off virtually every game, Bobby sadly has lost his mojo and tries to rely on Brazilian flicks when just playing the game would work better, Mane just seems to have gone back into his lazy mode of not giving a shite, Salah is turning into Sterling, one goal/decent bit of play for a dozen plus attempts, and is well shy of a tackle, how many times does he lose a ball through not wanting to get involved. we are relying on Trent and Robbo to do all the work, while the rest just seem to bimble about. Injuries aside, we are 5 to 6 players short of a top team at the moment. We need to spend, but more importantly, we need to sell, and sell big, ie get rid of the dross collecting wages for no effort. I personally cant fault Milner, he is one of the few who puts a shift in and works his arse off no matter what.
  10. As long as keita is well away from the team sheet I dont care.
  11. MOGLET

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Calling everyone on a site a wanker for saying Keita is shite, then saying its all Klopps fault and Keita still needs more time.
  12. Im so happy to point out to all those much earlier, who said, "you lot of keita haters will get a shock tonight" We didnt, hes shit and should fuck right off from this club.
  13. MOGLET

    Naby Keita

    In answer to the thread title.... Utter shit.
  14. Its a German Ref so hopefully biased towards us for a change.