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  1. Kieta fookin kieta, what is it that gets him a game? I seriously dont see it myself.
  2. 4-1 to us, and a red/2nd yellow for Milner on grealish.
  3. Personal terms ? "Will I get to play? " Yes, ok sign me up, its that or take a wage at LFC and do nothing for them.. Feckin chancer.
  4. If he is a cowboy, he's the epitome of a true grit work your ass off one, now we are about to see the other version of a cowboy come on now.
  5. You cant show nipples in case you upset some vegan cnut.
  6. Maybe we could do a double deal and sell him and Kieta as a multi buy, buy one get an equally as shite a player free.
  7. is it us or them who have 10 men? we seem to have stopped trying to attack with any guts since the injury. We need to go for the total kill on these dirty cnuts.
  8. All those year out of the top flight, and leeds are still dirty cnuts.

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    So to clarify, (ive not been near a computer today) We didnt buy anyone, and we still have origi and keita?
  10. MOGLET

    Crappiest place you've been to in the UK

    Ah UK apologies, half cut watching the game didnt read the question properly.