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  1. DT

    Boxing 2014

    I agree, I had Smith winning more rounds (didn't count them myself along the way) But that's not what Smith's camp is complaining about. They're saying he won the fight.
  2. DT

    Boxing 2014

    I was ringside and I had Abraham winning because in my opinion he was landing the more accurate shots and also in combinations most of the way through the fight. It certainly wasn't vintage Abraham, or perhaps it was, but I think people are letting Smith down if they're telling him with a straight face that he definitely won the fight. It's easier to play the 'Germany' card than to admit that their man fell short. If someone had come to Liverpool and done the same and had taken the belt home there'd be huge uproar. And let's be honest, arguing the difference between 116-112 and 117-111 is like arguing over losing a cup final in an unmentionable sport 3-0 or 4-0. This is exactly why they have three judges. In my opinion.
  3. DT

    Boxing 2014

    Anyone on here going to Kiel this week to see Paul Smith v Abraham? And can anyone see Smith getting any kind of result?
  4. DT


    He scored two goals in the playoff against Ukraine, didn't he?
  5. DT

    The Napoli thread.

    Isn't that the exact same then and not a contrast?
  6. DT

    Boxing 2014

    Secured tickets to the Mayweather v Maidana fight in Las Vegas in May last night. Totally buzzing. Flights and hotel (MGM Grand) already booked. Can't wait.
  7. DT

    Other football

    He'll be going nowhere. They've already written this season off and they know they're shit, so tonight makes absolutely no difference. Rest of the season is about letting all their players prove that they're not good enough so they can get rid as soon as possible.
  8. DT

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    He is a beast of a central defender. Big, strong, quick and with leadership qualities. He was psg captain at 17. I'm buzzing over this, didn't think he was within our reach.
  9. Did you watch it with your own eyes? How long did Agger play, roughly?
  10. DT

    Diego Costa

    He's powerful, puts himself about, has good movement, scores goals, and he has an unbelievable knack of getting away with all kinds of sly behaviour. He's going to be even bigger hate figure than Suarez if we get him. I want him badly.
  11. DT

    EFC Racist Morons

    We had fans in Thailand with a Munich 58 banner this week. Our support out there was by all accounts awesome but there's a minority of idiots everywhere.
  12. How much would Souness have been on back then? If he was moving to double his money it'd be more understandable than say leaving to get from £120k a week to £150k.
  13. DT

    Pacific Rim

    Gutted I didn't get a chance to work as an extra or something on this. I'd have loved to have been able to put 'Pacific Rim job' on my CV.