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    Torres vs Villa

    Can't see us getting either (Villa/Torres) due to their price tag, so Bent will be the next option I reckon. Proven in the prem, decent pace, decent finisher and hard worker. Out of the original 2 though, I would prefer Villa:thumbup:
  2. Sweeney287

    Reina's the best ever

    Lots of credit to the players around him as well as Sander and Jambo had much worse in front of them. Still a quality keeper tho
  3. Sweeney287

    Caption time...

    We've all seen Aerobics Oz Style, behold...Aerobics, Scouse style
  4. Sweeney287


    Done a little burnt with either marmite or peanut butter
  5. Sweeney287

    Our Players Should Cough Up For Nurses

    I think nurses do a great job, however..... Putting people on guilt trips, no matter how much they earn or what job they do, isn't going to get them to donate their money. They pay their taxes like the rest of us, and personally, would hate to see 40% of my salary going to the fucking taxman. Most would agree that nurses/teacher should be better paid, and if the government sorted their shit out maybe, it will change, but I doubt it. There are a decent percentage of our players who donate a hell of a lot of their own money to charities, good causes, so trying to pick the right one is an impossible task and one that will never meet with general approval.
  6. Sweeney287

    Dipping your pen in the company ink?

    Met my missus at work and both still work in the same place 5 years later. Have more than once dabbled in office romances as it can save a hell of a lot of donkey work on a night out trying to chat someone up. Never gave a fuck about office gossips. Bollocks to em.
  7. Sweeney287

    Fittest bird you know

    You need to go to a hosting site http://www.photobucket.com and sign up. Upload your pictures to there and use and link which starts and post it in the thread.
  8. Sweeney287

    My Defo's for next season

    As in the starting 11? Can't really argue much about the keeper and the back 4. The other areas are were the majority on here agree we need to strengthen.
  9. Sweeney287

    The West Ham fire sale

    Would like to see Tevez here, but I reckon the only "big" name leaving will be Curbishley.
  10. Sweeney287

    How shit is it wanting Chelsea to win.

    I think the recent run of games has shown that if he gets his confidence up to levels like it was when he played for Citeh, the he can be a quality player. Would have him over Pennant any day.
  11. Sweeney287

    How shit is it wanting Chelsea to win.

    Cracking finishes by SWP
  12. Sweeney287

    new deal for Finnan

    Can only echo the sentiments already said and think that he's be by far and away (Carra excluded) our best player this season. Pleased that another Prem club isn't gonna try to snap him up.
  13. Sweeney287

    Citeh Thread

    We are either playing for 3rd or 4th, but we should still be going to places like the COMS and winning, and winning comfortably. However, I would quite happily, at this current stage of the season, swap CL glroy, for 3 points against Citeh:thumbup:
  14. Sweeney287

    Guitar Hero 2

    Jesus. Will never be able to do that! There are some cracking videos on there. 8 year old.. :eek:
  15. Sweeney287

    Guitar Hero 2

    I've just finished medium and had a quick crack on Hard. Won't be doing that again too quickly that is for sure. Get back to trying to get 5 stars on medium before I go back there. Flippin top game tho even if my missus comes upstairs and start laughing at me whilst I playing!
  16. Sweeney287

    Peter Crouch - £7m

    Lol. Thought the same to be honest when Rafa brought him in, but am very glad we have him.
  17. Sweeney287

    Dates for the Semi

    According to the BBC we are away second http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/l/liverpool/fixtures/default.stm
  18. Sweeney287

    PSV Tomorrow

    Momo's passing looked better today as well.
  19. Sweeney287

    PSV Tomorrow

    Get in Crouchie. "Only after PSV had gone down to 10 men"
  20. Sweeney287

    PSV Tomorrow

    Red card???!!!
  21. Sweeney287

    Best names for a porn film and star

    Black cock down
  22. Sweeney287

    PSV Tomorrow

    Nice to see Robbie on tho
  23. Sweeney287

    Raul ?

    Well past his prime and I always thought he was highly over-rated. Yes, he's the CL highest ever scorer, but most of those goals came when Madrid were good. My granny could've scored playing as a striker in that team. Still, as other have said, if he's on a free and saves Rafa spending money, fingers crossed he proves me wrong. Can see him being another 'Nando tho.
  24. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    We'll do them at Anfield but at theirs it may be different. However, we won't sit back anywhere near as much as Valencia done over these 2 games and let the Chavs dictate the game.
  25. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.