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  1. Gav

    FC Porto 1 Liverpool 5 (Sep 28 2021)

    100% "my ball ,leave it" in Portugese from Jota for that Mane goal
  2. Its really time Dave started doing a weekly " My Boy" article just to make stuff easier in a year or two...as for Sarr , he's Manes boy
  3. Gav

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 3 (Jan 28 2021)

    Hendo & Phillips against Antonio & Soucek ..biggest test of the season.If we show the same urgency we'll win ...anything less and we are fucked
  4. Gav

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 16-20 2021)

    It did lean heavily on 2 of the greatest ever 80's rock albums...before he cut his hair and turned to the pop side
  5. Gav

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 16-20 2021)

    Ohhhh Hush , JBJ's covers are really pure Bad Medicine ...the last one was a right Shot to the Heart...he's livin on a prayer if he thinks he can do Beatles choons justice Maybe Someday in the Next 100 Years he'll do a decent cover ...These Days he looks like a geriatric Ronan Keating and his crappy covers are a Thorn in MY Side
  6. Fuck You Brewdog ...absolute Tory Brexiter pricks So , this 4 free beers was £20 Fucking Sterling to deliver to NI , within the fucking UK !! and not available to us Irish gobshites that have memberships ...now the pricks are doing a "deal" via their Dublin Outposts Instagram , 3 440ml beers with free glass , which actually comes via their UK store and NOT local Dublin ...so the cunts want me to wait 3 weeks for delivery and pay stupid Brexit taxes instead ...losing the will to live with Brexit at this stage , my UK beer ordering is zilch ...thanks be to fuck NI breweries gave it the two fingers @Remmie Am a tad tipsy after a blast of stout all day ,and its a pain in the ring piece adding photo after photo on here but I have a weeks worth of unbelievable Irish Stouts for you later
  7. Did Mo speak to the Scorchio press?? I was under the impression that he spoke to some crowd in Africa that syndicated or sold the story to AS
  8. Gav

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-30 2020)

    Bamfords been quite decent this season ,seems to be determined to have a Blaze of Glory this season ...just like that Ayoze Jovi loser he seems to have a Fairytale in New York game every 2 or 3 though
  9. Gav

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 5-7 2020)

    Its called doing a Stevie Nicol
  10. Gav

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 5-7 2020)

    I notice your little Bon Jovi segment didn't include his latest steaming pile of Zlatan bollixing up Fairytail of New York .... a cover so bad that the phrase "Pile of Zlatan" should be permanently replaced by "pile of Jon Bon" on the forum
  11. Gav

    Liverpool 4 Wolves 0 (Dec 6 2020)

    "One for Big Bird who attacked an absolutely gorgeous Salah delivery and headed in at the Kop end. He loved that, going mad in front of the fans. Love me some Joel Matip, there should be a camera on him at all times as you never know what mad face he’s going to pull or what odd gesture he’ll make. What a guy" You need to show some love for the "No Context Joel Matip" guy on Twitter...its brilliant
  12. Tesco in Northern Ireland has been stocking Vocation Brewing for the last few months so that's been my source ...Love Hate was a particular favorite of mine. The Mother In Law follows my Beer Blog and kinda wants to be involved in her own little way so she's been buying a few cans with her online orders so there are always nice Vocation surprises waiting for me ...I'm up there next week to sort out her TV & Tablet so I'm sure there'll be a dozen waiting for me
  13. Nice selection ...love the Vocation stuff that we get over here ...hate girly cans though
  14. I know loads of Irish breweries that are stocked all over the UK but in niche places and quite a few do expos/Octoberfests/beer festivals etc Brexit will fuck up getting any Southern Irish stuff in the future but it is pretty cheap to get a case delivered and a lot of the NI stuff is available via loads of different distributors & offies...its cheaper for them to deliver beer to London than it is Dublin.If you ever get the urge to try anything I post just message me and I'll give you the links *edit* Just checked one of the specialists I use in Portrush and they do 48hr UK delivery for £10.95-£15.95 dependant on weight
  15. Ok ,I've done the complete hog this weekend ( so far ) after finishing the downstairs DIY/Decorating ...just 2 bedrooms to go and whole house will be done including the attic...even the mrs went on the craft with me ..so heres the absolutely incredible Irish beers from all 4 corners of the Island ....but leans heavily on Northern Ireland. There's no point showing the Brewdog Calender stuff Pics are as follows : Beerhut Brewing - Kilkeel ( near Newry) Bullhouse - Belfast Boundary - Belfast My Beer Drawer Hilden - Belfast Farmegeddon - Belfast Mourne Mountain - Warrenpoint Lacada & Yellowbelly - Portrush & Wexford Cloudwater - Manchestuurrrrr Modest - Belfast EightDegrees - Cork Hope - Dublin Bullhouse -Belfast Cloudwater - Manchestuurrrrrr Verdant - Cornwall The White Hag - Sligo I'm going to sleep now ,hope to fuck I wake up in time for a certain game tomorrow