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  1. Gav

    Fingers crossed for you me aul Travian buddy , hope you get the transplant and start getting back to good health

  2. Gav

    Brighton 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 12 2019)

    Pearce (or someone else ) from the Echo was saying that the ball over the top was actually a tactic that they'd worked on for the game
  3. Repping a post thats over 11 years old ...should I be worried in a restraining order kind of way
  4. Gav

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Never a bad time to revisit this cracker
  5. T-Rex flapping
    At a crossbar
    Divocks header
    Having fun
    Tis the season
    For blue shite tears  & booing
    Merry Christmas

  6. Ladbrokes ...it should be called Everyonebrokes if we're serious about equality
  7. Menstruation...bastard men putting birds in a even angrier than normal mood once a month
  8. Gav

    Report: Moreno on Barca's radar

    Bit of Chip pissing here but is this just a case of Alba contract shenanigans? Some of the shit twitter accounts claiming he's "going to the mancs" ,Morono is just being used as part of the circus
  9. Gav

    Spacing after commas and full stops.

    What a boring jobsworth this wagon is ....a pure Gareth
  10. Gav

    Travel/city advice

    Brugge is a great place for a nice romantic winter break and better value than some of the usual spots, In Jan it'll be cold so you'll both we well wrapped up walking around all the winter stalls and bars etc The big plus is the never ending choice of beers .Plenty of deals to be had on hotels too Shout out to Dusseldorf too ,a really vibrant place , great city centre of bustling non rip off bars and walkihg along the Rhine is just amazing in the winter ..plus the added advantage of the incredible beers .Again there are some really good hotel deals to avail of ,especially with the Radissons Warsaw is another good shout ,,,loads to see and do and again the value for money is far better .Bar wise its simply incredible Remmie is spot on with Vilnius too
  11. The Merciless ( Bulhandang ) - Korean Movie making at its very very best . Undercover cop goes to prison and befriends a crime boss. It was selected for Cannes last year ...Its dark and fucking incredibly brutal, stunning cinematography,superb story and just brilliant acting jampacked with brilliantly choreographed, violent action sequences .Right from the off this movie just pulls you in ...this is a a top class must see movie 10/10
  12. Bad Cat ( Kötü Kedi Şerafettin ) - Turkish Animation,Its kinda like what Garfield or Fritz the cat could've been if it was written for adults.Serafettin/Sero is basically a badass boozed up ,smoking,doping shagging bad bastard cat and its hilarious.Some real laugh out loud moments in it .. deffo worth a watch. 8/10