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  1. Owen

    Is Owen's kettle a Hinari?

    Mother. Fuckers.
  2. Jesus. I like how the usual suspects can still manufacture arguments on the same subjects even though the people they had the disagreements with have long been hounded off the forum. Bravo. Now where's that gold membership button...?
  3. Owen


    He's a condescending arse who deserves all the shit which comes his way.
  4. Owen

    FAO Chickenlicken

    One episode of the first series left - it's still all about Pinkie Pie.
  5. Owen

    Magazines you used to buy

    I had a letter in Sega Power once. Yeah, that's right: Sega. Power.
  6. Owen

    Cultural Amnesty Thread.

    A thousand times yes! There has never been a good band from manchester. Not one.
  7. Owen

    FAO Chickenlicken

    Pinkie Pie is awesome.
  8. Owen

    Cat Pics

  9. Owen


    Spectacularly, hilariously hypocritical. Bravo.
  10. "Tommy Hillfinger" [YOUTUBE]YllyBr_4Kxk[/YOUTUBE]
  11. Owen

    When Fernando Torres wasn't shit

    I just feel sorry for him. Tell you what though, we have some record in breaking strikers in the last 15 years - Collymore, Fowler, H*skey, Owen and Torres were all amazing at one point or another and ended up broken either mentally or physically after playing for us.