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  1. coop


    Ok then what if we bid £25m to Shakhtar, then what. We still have to agree a fee with the third party owners who we don't know how much they wanted or if they were even willing sellers. We know the fee Shakhtar wanted so why even bother making a bid, does it not make sense to try and agree a fee with the more troublesome third party owners first.
  2. coop


    We could have told Shakhtar we would pay them £40m but unless we agreed a fee with the third party owners then the player was going nowhere. We already know that Shakhtar want £25m as they have been briefing the press about it all summer so we needed to agree a deal with the third party owners before moving on to the actual selling club. In Germany third party ownership is allowed therefore as long as Dortmund can agree a fee with Shakhtar then they can allow Mkhitaryan to remain under third party ownership meaning it is a much simpler deal for them to conclude, even though it has hit a stumbling block over valuation.
  3. coop


    I've been on DesignCrowd a few times and done a few logos for people on there. I found DesignCrowd layout to be better than 99designs. When i did some logos for people on there you were given 6 days to communicate between client and the winning designer to make any changes and then finally to pay the designer. DesignCrowd take 15% of the money which isn't too bad but to be honest I got too busy to be doing logos without having to compete with 2-300 other designers, was like a feeding frenzy.
  4. coop


    For what are you going to use 99 Designs for, getting a logo ? 99 Designs outsource their designs to a community which means you will get a large choice but many of them will not be professionally done. If you need a logo or website etc just drop me an email via the contact form on the website i posted above.
  5. coop


    Some of the stuff I have done is on my website - Tahum3D - Digital Design Agency The logos are pretty basic because that is how I roll. The best logos are the simplest.
  6. This thread tells you everything you need to know about why the Liverpool fanbase is fucked. Firstly SOS did and still do a lot of hard work behind the scenes and the £10 membership fee helps with admin costs etc and I would presume goes back into the running of SOS, no individual personally benefits from it in monetary terms. People such as Jay McKenna tirelessly worked during the Hicks and Gillett era to get them out and he should be applauded for his actions. KopFaithful came about and in my opinion took the fight into a different direction in that they got the fanbase together to bombard any financial institution who were willing to lend Hicks and Gillett some cash. I firmly believe if it wasn't for the intervention of KopFaithful and rising the Liverpool fans to mass email then Hicks and Gillett would have last another 12 months or so doing even further damage. Lets get it right regards that list, no-one should be on it in an ideal world and such a list shouldn't exist. I personally have a lot of time for some of the names involved but no time at all for others. The club had a cancer at the club under Hicks and Gillett and some of the main tumours were removed, some remain though and mainly in the fanbase.
  7. KopFaithful played a massive part when Hicks and Gillett were scrounging round all the banks in the US. Then we had that photo from that lass in the US of Hicks waiting to go into a bank. No standing on ceremony by KopFaithful, the message was instantly put out there and emails were sent. I'm pretty certain had action not been taken at that exact time Hicks and Gillett would have got funding and continued to bleed us dry.
  8. coop


    It always makes me laugh when a client gives you a brief saying that they want the logo to be powerful, technical and show what the company does. So off you go giving them 5-6 designs to choose from and they select none so you do something simple like a circle with the company name in the centre and they love it. A logo that takes all of about 2 minutes after you have just spent two weeks trying to think of 5-6 different designs. I have to be honest and say I hate when someone asks me to do a 'negative space' logo because I'm shit at thinking them up. I had a client ask me to do one for a pen that make, a pen, how the bloody hell do you think of a negative space logo for a pen. They ended up getting a design eventually I liked but still a pain in the arse.
  9. coop


    The FedEx logo is known as negative space and is currently one of the big trends. Probably out of 10 logos I do 4 tend to ask for negative space, 2 will ask for logo only and not use the company name, 2 will be for only a couple of colours and 2 for my to use as many colours as I want.
  10. coop


    Photoshop can do vector but i just prefer the layout, tools and guides of Illustrator. Whenever I'm doing a logo its nearly always in Illustrator (although i sometimes use Photoshop alongside it). The pathfinder tool alone makes using Illustrator the program to use and is a huge timesaver. Things have changed with logos in that you used to always trying to use as little amount of colour as possible (sometimes asked to only use two, three colours or purely black and white). You also had to bear in mind it would be used on clothing, business cards etc but now companies are becoming online only and the logo is only ever seen on a website which changes the guidelines to work with. I always avoid using gradients in a logo but with online only becoming more common it means as a designer I get more creative freedom.
  11. coop


    Adobe Illustrator is my weapon of choice. Much better to do a logo that is vector based so therefore doesn't lose quality when scaled.
  12. coop

    Xbox One

    Learnt my lesson buying the Xbox360 as soon as it came out and then returning the fucker because it RROD. Gonna wait this time round until the second or third gen of the new consoles are released and they have got rid of any bugs the launch consoles had.
  13. Fusion one is all you need to be fair and personally i haven't used any others. All you need is 1Channel, IceFilms, MashupTV, Noobroom Channel, ProjectFreeTV, SportsDevil and you are sorted. Other channels are purely a bonus but they are the main ones i would install. I have to be honest and say i don't use Nav-X although i have heard a few rave about it.
  14. If you go into system settings on the XBMC can you not add the repo's manually and then install the channels from there. On that link I gave you it will give you instructions on how to add the Fusion repo which you will need.
  15. Instantly Configure XBMC on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Directly from your Device | XBMC HUB