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    Fan or Supporter

    Yeh I agree, hanger-on is a much better term.
  2. mcflynn

    Roy to clear the deadwood

    repped t fuck thomas!
  3. mcflynn


    cheers lads ill try that.
  4. mcflynn


    friday night lights series 2
  5. mcflynn


    downloaded a tv series and its completed. When i go to open it in windows media player the sound plays but no video and when i try in real it says there is no add on i can use for it to work, whereas quicktime give me a list of add-ons but don't know which one to get. anyone download this kind of stuff and able to help? there could be some simple im not doing in wmp player i have the latest one so dont understand it. any help would be great.
  6. mcflynn

    Nice World Cup Chart

    It is simply breathtaking. Words can't describe how good this is. RiS you are legend peace and one love.
  7. wouldn't say its his fault for not getting us number 6 and winning the league. But he is not good enough to hold down a first team place ill agree with that shire.
  8. Be lucky to make top four.
  9. mcflynn

    Reserves v Bitters Tonight

    He the big boy?
  10. mcflynn

    Gerrard 'devasted' over Alonso

    How about he grows a pair and stops wanking over alonso.
  11. Is there any chance that this game could be changed due to champions league matches or anything. Just don't want to book anything just incase. Any help would be great!