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  1. Randy Marsh

    Yevhen Konoplyanka

    What a fucking shambles. The spin machine will grind through the gears now apportioning blame on everyone else but the club. You can accept these things in isolation but in the past 6 months alone this is the 5th of our well publicised priority targets which we've been unable to do a deal for. The trend is clear for all to see.. This idea that we had a deal with the player but the owner wouldn't sign the papers, and we did everything we could. What a load of bollocks. Why would he sign the papers when we clearly haven't offered a wealthy club am attractive enough deal to sell their prized asset mid season. If the owners was impossible to deal with then why wait until the last hours of a 31 day period to realise that? Once again we've exhibited another public broadcast of our incompetence as a club for the watching world to see. We are making ourselves look amateurish. Big clubs get their deals done. Yes not everything is going to work out, but our track record is appalling. We are a joke and must be seen as such around Europe. Wer are never going to be in a better position to kick on back in to the top 4 as we are now. We could have given ourselves that injection we needed this window, gambled and reinforced the team , backed the manager and made a statement to our rivals. Instead we leave January with no additions, barely able to name a starting 11and bench of fit senior players, and with our off field credibility pretty much in tatters. This window was about ambition , about recognising the wonderful opportunity we find ourselves with, and providing the resources which will allow us to consolidate that. We may well go on to have a storming second half of the season, but if we don't we will look back at this as tthe biggest opportunity we could possibly miss to reinstate ourself amongst the elite. The Mancs will get their act together,Arsenal will always be there, City and Chelsea will only improve.. It may be a while before we have another chance like this. They've let Rodgers down here big time. Whoever is responsible, Ayre, FSG, they've failed to back their man. They know he will put on a face, toe the party line, praise them for their efforts. In reality they've shafted him, failed yet again to deliver one of his priority targets. Like I said there is a clear trend emerging now. It's happening too regularly . Salah and Konoplyanka in the space of a couple of weeks, deals supposedly tied up and mere formalities. Both have been blown sly high and I'm sorry but the excuses that we'll be fed just won't wash with me. What a fucking embarrassment
  2. I think the Mancs will once again be there or there abouts this season, they still pretty much have last seasons title winning squad to chose from and while they won't win it they'll be close enough to give Moyes some breathing space. However the damage will be done in 2-3 years time, when the chosen one has the job of replacing and rebuilding the core of that squad. That's when he will cock up. Ferguson squeezed every last drop out of what is , by the standards they've set over the last 20years, a pretty poor Manc team. Moyes hasn't got the aura or the ability needed to be able to do that. It won't fall down over night but I honestly think the Mancs could have dropped a bollock of Hodgson esque proportions.
  3. Randy Marsh

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    The vast majority of supporters I've spoken to are fair minded enough to recognise it was always going to be a difficult summer with regards to securing players who would make a big impact on our first XI. I don't think anyone expected miracles and without Champions League it was always going to be difficult. However, where do you draw the line? A total lack of re-inforcements, coupled with the sales made and further slashing of the wage bill, a few days before the window shuts and with the season already in full flow. I think the time for being charitable and giving the club the benefit of the doubt has probably passed. A couple of squad fillers over the coming days doesn't cut it. Up until this point I've given FSG the benefit of the doubt but barring a rabbit being pulled from the hat in the coming days I think it's fair for us to really question their motives as owners of the club. This was the summer they said we'd kick on, instead we've stumbled from one transfer saga to the next, embarrassing ourself in the process and failing to secure anyone of note. I hope for their sake they have something in the pipeline or public opinion will really start to turn against them.
  4. Randy Marsh

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Guardian saying PSG reluctant to sell Sakho, most probably because we're offering them half a million and a bag of balls
  5. Randy Marsh

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Spurs spending money on all these boss players. Hasn't anyone told them there's no value in the market? Mugs.
  6. Randy Marsh

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Spurs in for mata according to BBC. Bale money or not, we've made a considerable savings this summer on transfers and the wage bill. If the story from the club is to be believed then we should have no problem in matching Spurs's offer.
  7. Randy Marsh

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I'd rather us try and break the bank to bring in Juan Mata, even if it fails, than sign Moses. No more squad fillers.
  8. Randy Marsh

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Moses is a cunt of a signing. Totally unnecessary. When the club have been piping on for the past 2months about adding proven quality to improve the first 11, Victor Moses doesnt fit the bill. We need a Suarez, a Coutinho, not another squad filler. I'd rather go with what we have, put faith in Sterling and Ibe than sign a lad who represents a minor upgrade on Downing. If that's the best we can muster then it's been a fine summer of cost cutting for FSG.
  9. Randy Marsh

    Willian Borges da Silva

    Turning in to a shambles this summer now. The fact that our pursuit of every target this summer has been so public just compounds things. Who's responsible for that is open for debate. Everything we do seems to take weeks and weeks, before eventually missing out to someone else. The worry now is we'll go and spend a wedge on some no mark like Tom Ince and try and paint it as a Messi-esque coup. I can accept us missing out on targets, our pull isn't great, an unproven manager , no European football. But missing out on absolutely everyone we go for, and so publically at that, is pretty embarrassing.
  10. Randy Marsh

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    @Everton: Goodison is an official stadium in #FIFA14! More on our renewed @EASPORTSFIFA partnership #EFC Goodison Gets In The Game / News Archive / News / evertonfc.com - The Official Website of Everton Football Club http://t.co/1BSX5PTWIC Hahahahahahahaha!!!
  11. Randy Marsh

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I wouldn't say Downing has been shit. He has just been Downing, as he has been right through his career, mediocre, solid enough for a mid table side, with the odd bit of skill or promise drowned in a sea of averageness.
  12. Randy Marsh

    New Spurs manager

    Pretty funny that!
  13. Randy Marsh

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    I genuinely hope there is a fair and acceptable reason behind it. I'd imagine if his wife was pregnant he could atleast go and show his respect for an hour or two, he is only 20minutes from home. I don't like speculating or accusing people without any substance or proof to back anything up. I just think that if he didn't attend out of protest against the club, I think that's pretty low and very disrespectful if I'm honest. The football aside, on a personal level it's pretty out of order. Hopefully that wasnt the case.
  14. Randy Marsh

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    Andy Hunter in the Guardian saying Suarez missed Stevie's do last night. I've hot to be honest, I can forgive him wanting to leave and all the other business, he is a footballer after all, a world class one at that. Nothing surprises me in that sense. However if he has fucked off Steven Gerrard's testimonial dinner, a man who's backed him up through all his troubles at the club and a modern day legend in football, and an event which was aiming to raise funds for charity, then that's pretty low. That disappoints me the most in all this if I'm honest, unless there's a logical and fair explanation behind it then I think that's disgusting behaviour and disrespectful beyond belief.