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    Pre-season 21/22 & season ahead views.

    With him only being 21, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a few dozy moments, but man does he look like he can handle himself. It's only preseason, but he keeps a calm head in possession.

    Irish General Election

    As an American who works in the administration of elections, I prefer Ireland's voting system over pretty much everyone's. Ranked choice voting gives every vote a chance to impact an election, which is in no way true of FPTP, or the crap we're saddled with in the USA.

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Looks like he's playing quite a bit, 10 of 12 Serie A matches so far, 793 of 1080 available mins. 2 goals and 1 assist All 4 matches of the Europa League, 354 of 360 available mins. 1 goal I have no clue how he's playing, I just know that Roma have been pretty poor, and he's played most of this season. He wasn't selected in 8 Serie A matches last season, and came on as a sub in a further 13, so it looks like they managed his minutes last year, which makes sense, he just turned 20 at the end of last season. Actually, he's played a comparable number of minutes to Zaniolo this season, and the same number of matches as Zaniolo last year (although, Zaniolo got 50% more minutes overall).

    Donald Trump

    Apparently the students were asked to stay in their dorms while Trump was there. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/10/25/trump-speaks-hbcu-benedict-college-students-asked-stay-dorms/2462497001/

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    Every time I've heard it pronounced on LFC TV, it's been pronounced it it's been Qua-mean

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    What a cross and what a finish

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    Seems like that Tierney is a cunt.

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Bayern used to wear one with 4 on it because of their three wins in the 70's.

    Happy Birthday Remmie

    Happy Birthday Remmie!
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    Adrian has been excellent since Alisson's injury, but I wonder how much we miss Alisson's communication at the back. One of the best things about Alisson is how well he communicates to and organizes the defense. With Adrian only having been here a short time, and not having been here for any of the preseason, I wonder how much of our defensive shakiness is down to a lack of communication from the back. It's easy to forget he came on against Norwich 4 days after he signed his contract (yes, I understand he was likely here on trial for a couple of weeks before that).
  11. ATXRED

    Donald Trump

    He won't get impeached, there's no way McConnell lets that happen. There's no way, regardless of the evidence, that 20 Republican Senators will vote to impeach. We'll just need the Dems to defeat him.
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    Cat Pics

    Not sure if this has been posed before.
  13. To be fair, that only happens when you are trying to go to sleep...at least that's what I've been told.
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    Intellectual Dark Web

    To be fair, that's a pretty solid cosplay of a pretty solid video game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_(video_game)
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    Intellectual Dark Web

    Because it's profitable. Outrage generates interest, which gets people on the platform. All Twitter cares about is the bottom line. When it's stops being profitable, whether that be through people protesting Twitter and leaving their platform, or people protesting Twitters advertisers and the advertisers leaving the platform, Twitter will remove the element that is the target of the protest. Sorry, that last sentence is a fucking mess.
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    This forums political compass

    A bit more Libertarian than my wife would lead me to believe.
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    Southampton 1 Liverpool 2 (Aug 17 2019)

    Excellent report. The only thing I will say in Adrián's defense is that, it did not look like Trent was in acres of space, it looked like that winger that just came on and had already picked Trent's pocket a few minutes before, was about 2-3 yards away, and moving closer.
  18. ATXRED

    Another US Shooting

    We have more guns in America per capita than any place in the world. Double, in fact. The Falklands are at #2, with Yemen a close #3. We're at least triple everyone else. I think that supports the "it's all the fucking guns argument" more. The current interpretation of the Second Amendment is a more recent development in US history (granted not that recent). It's only been the in vogue view since the 1970's. For the 200 years before that, the Second Amendment was widely interpreted to apply to Militias, and not mean completely unregulated guns for everyone like it does is now. It's unlikely that we'll be able to get back to that for a while, as the Supreme Court is now solidly conservative, and not a one of those twats has a soul or feels anything remotely like empathy.
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    Do you like Christmas?

    I don't hate it, but it's a pain in the ass, that's for sure. Has been ever since my Parents got divorced, and got worse when I married the Mrs. Every fucking year it's Christmas Eve at one of my parents places, if it's with my mom's, we may do 2 different places. Then we just have to stay at my Mrs. mom's house because it's their family tradition. It was everyone's fucking family tradition when they were growing up, your family is not special. Then I have breakfast with which ever part of my family I didn't see the day before, and then it's back to my Mrs. Mom's. It's great seeing people, but I usually spend 4 hrs total in the car across the 2 days.
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    Recommend a Podcast

    A few excellent podcast that I haven't seen mentioned on here are: Crimetown - Story of Former Providence, Rhode Island, USA Mayor, and his rise, and subsequent fall from grace. Mafia, murder, intimidation. The best part is they have interviews and recordings with almost all the big players from the stories. It's superb. S-town - Starts off as an investigative piece on potential corruption and abuse of power in BFE Alabama, but turns in to a story about the person making the claims of corruption as the journalist realizes the he's the most interesting thing about the town. Dirty John - True Crime story from the LA Times about a man who cons his way into a woman's life.
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    Alisson Becker

    She's lovely, and so incredibly talented.
  22. ATXRED

    Alisson Becker

    I think this has already been covered, there was something about him not taking the 1 jersey so as not to heap the misery on to Karius, a gesture of goodwill from Allison to Karius.