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  1. Kidder Bukowski

    Record player/Vinyl

    Did you get that Kev?
  2. Kidder Bukowski

    Record player/Vinyl

    Sorry Tony, the only other autographed one is a single, 'getting away from it all' by Engine.
  3. Kidder Bukowski

    Record player/Vinyl

    Last concert in Japan, Fireball, Made in Japan and Stormbringer mostly signed by Jon Lord and David Coverdale. No Tony, there were loads in the last lot I sold but they were mostly from local bands. If anyone wants to see the list PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you.
  4. Kidder Bukowski

    Record player/Vinyl

    Does anybody have any idea where I could sell a record collection during this lockdown lark? I've got 454 albums, 121 12in singles and 520 7in singles. Some of it is quite rare stuff such as a mint copy of Abandon Ship by April Showers plus some autographed stuff by Deep Purple. I've also got over 70 books about the Beatles and some of those are rare, as well as a lot of general rock biographies. The last lot I had I sold to a shop in town but god knows when they'll be back open.
  5. Kidder Bukowski


    By the size of her arse she must leave behind a tidy pile of shite!
  6. I'll probably know you then. I was in there everyday of my life (outside of holidays) before all this shite. Prefer the quiet of the snug to read my book though.
  7. Any fuckin book. I've been going in that place for donkeys years. Great little boozer!
  8. Where you would almost certainly find me in the snug with a book and drinking lager with wine chasers!
  9. Kidder Bukowski

    General Election 2019

    If I lived near there there would be some spicey suggestions painted on that road!
  10. Kidder Bukowski

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I wish Andy Burnham was a bit more left wing as he would be very popular with the gobshites but he seems to be a Blairite. On a side note I think there may be trouble ahead in places like Liverpool. If they continue to starve councils of money resulting in more cuts there will eventually be an uprising.
  11. Kidder Bukowski

    General Election 2019

    Sound that lad!
  12. Kidder Bukowski

    General Election 2019

    As heartbroken as I am after yesterday I am so, so proud of Scousers, the Liverpool fans and people in general for bucking the trend and sticking solidly with Labour. Do you think the SNP would let us join them?
  13. Kidder Bukowski

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It's their only great song in my opinion and they don't even sing it anymore. It's either 'by far the greatest team' or 'Grand old team.' An extremely limited choice to be honest!
  14. Kidder Bukowski

    London Bridge Shootings

    More people are stabbed on any given night in working class areas of London but it's mostly ignored. Then again they are black!
  15. Kidder Bukowski


    Questiontime on Kenny? Now that's something I'd pay to watch!