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  1. Aggers Elbow

    Donald Trump

    Needs more exclamation marks,
  2. Aggers Elbow

    Donald Trump

    When it looks like Jeff Sessions is the good guy, reality has really gone sideways
  3. Aggers Elbow

    Boss Opening Credits

    Callan. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IDdSWjpPJDg Fucked that, didn't I.
  4. Aggers Elbow

    Boss Opening Credits

    The original and still the best.
  5. Aggers Elbow

    Report: Karius to stay at Besiktas this season 

    I keep expecting to see him to stick the straw up his nostril.
  6. Aggers Elbow

    Loris Karius

    According to the Beeb gossip column, Besitkas want to send him back in January and swap him for Origi.. His head must be totally melted, maybe time for a career change. Hopefully not goalkeeping coach as Achterbergs assistant.
  7. Aggers Elbow

    Bread Thread

    Tried watching them both. The first one is really annoying and I switched after about 20 seconds to the toast sandwich video. Didn't make it past about 12 seconds. What a fucking annoying twat. I noticed his full English breakfast featured unfettered beans proving his twatiness
  8. Aggers Elbow

    The shitness of modern football

    More likely "gizz a bob or yer front teeth"
  9. Aggers Elbow

    Huddersfield(a) PL- match thread

    Given the money the clubs are awash with these days, a players wages are relatively insignificant. If a team loses 2 or 3 important players even for one match it can have a significant effect on the rest of the season. Internationals should be played after the regular season with at least a one month break before the league kicks off. The next World Cup will be a total cunt, played in the middle of the season with more games than ever because of FIFA corruption and the fact that none of the idiots twigged it was warm in the desert in summer.
  10. Aggers Elbow

    The shitness of modern football

    I remember it being 3/- (that's 3 shillings for you youngsters) on the Kop and 6d for the boys pen. Even when I was young enough (under 14 or whatever it was), not only was there no way I was going in there but you wouldn't stand close to it. It was a cage (literally) full of what appeared to be the roughest toughest that Liverpool could offer. And they made them rough and tough in those days. Rabid rottweilers were pussies by comparison. Fucking great times though.
  11. Aggers Elbow

    Adam Lallana

    Every time I see this thread has been bumped, my immediate reaction is "Oh fuck, he's fallen off the treatment table and hurt himself '
  12. Aggers Elbow

    Loris Karius

    Oh dear. That means we're going to get him back again. Not to worry, Achterberg will sort him out in no time.
  13. Aggers Elbow

    Best comedy sketch

    YouTube has had a world wide whoopsie and gone belly up. This thread should now adjourn to the Conspiracies thread.
  14. Aggers Elbow

    Report: Moreno on Barca's radar

    Throw Markovic in as a freebie. And an option on Karius.
  15. Aggers Elbow

    Spacing after commas and full stops.

    Think of the planet. How many more trees would we need to cut down to produce the extra paper for double spaces if all the newspapers and books used that system. How about Spanish speaking writers. How many spaces does an ¡ or an ¿ need at the start of a sentence? Given the number of mistakes I manage between autocorrect, sausage fingers and sloppy proof reading, extra spaces fade into insignificance.