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  1. Aggers Elbow

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    Australia now has its own version of Pointless. Done by a commercial station so they don't have much time for the show because of the number of Ads. The host is an ad on his own, a talentless walking toothpaste ad, a face fit to punch. Beacuse the show is "streamlined", it starts with 3 couples only, the final round has many fewer choices and only 30 seconds to answer. UK version is shown on ABC here but fucking years behind and repeated erm repeatedly.
  2. Aggers Elbow

    Most pointless food

    Snails. Like eating the eraser off the end of a pencil, flavoured by whatever they were cooked with.
  3. Aggers Elbow

    Holiday's 2019.

    I leave for a 3 month trip to Vietnam next week, wandering about all over the place
  4. Aggers Elbow

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    The article is a load of wank. Beans were only added to a fry up in the 60s. Some caff on the A1 that the ton-up bikers used to use added them to add bulk to the meal without it it actually costing them much. It's a filthy southern affectation, no northerner brought up properly would have contemplated such a heinous move. Rumours thar Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile were employed in the kitchen at the time are probably false.
  5. Aggers Elbow

    Beans in your pie?

  6. Aggers Elbow

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Little arsewipe Sterling banging on in the Express about Citeh being ready for us. Short term memory loss. Raheem, meet Mr Robertson.
  7. Aggers Elbow

    Peter Thompson

    I remember him playing for PNE and knocking us out of the cup. Next thing you know, Shanks has bought him. A great player in a team of great players. RIP Thommo.
  8. Aggers Elbow

    Klopp: We are not divers

    Going by the rule book, the only contact permissible is shoulder to shoulder. As soon as he laid his hand on Mo, according to the rules, it's a foul. He doesn't have to fall over even. That's why Skrtel used to scare the shit out of me at corners.
  9. Aggers Elbow

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    It must be a good size. they've served in in the tray.
  10. The public minded people at https://lfcglobe.co.uk/ and http://livetv.sx/enx/ give lists of sites to stay away from for every game
  11. Aggers Elbow

    Donald Trump

    Having a go at a 7 year old for believing in Santa. Prick. There might not be a Santa but the Grinch is alive and well in the White House
  12. Aggers Elbow

    Newcastle (H) Boxing Day

    We'll just bum them. Because we can.
  13. Aggers Elbow

    Newcastle (H) Boxing Day

    Yeah, but it could work having a big bugger like Alisson as CF and Robbo and TAA pinging crosses in to him. As long as he didn't forget himself and punch it in.
  14. Aggers Elbow

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame