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  1. paulb1

    Personal news

    So sorry to hear this. Always creased whenever you wrote about your mum.
  2. paulb1

    Our midfield

    2005 Gerrard and 2019 Firmino and we’re sorted as long as salah extends. Spoilt for choice in goalkeeping, defence and wide areas. CF who could play back to goal and world class midfielder who scores and runs and that’s unbeatable. Would be interesting if Diaz end up more central
  3. paulb1

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Have to disagree. If played in that position he could score 15 per season but plays a disciplined role, comprising for the team. Modern day Ronnie whelan with more speed. Not a thing he can’t do except ping it 50 yards. One of the most important players in last 20 years. Done more than alonso or mash but admittedly not as good as either
  4. paulb1

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just hope Denise Baxendale doesn’t regret her demand of an apology when invites to Euro League come around. Any financial planning Mosh and Uncle Uzzy had is fucked if that happens! Spunked a billion on a club worth a fraction. All predicated on getting in Champion League. A few of them on GOT have mentioned this but most seeing chance to win the league
  5. paulb1

    Bob Paisley

    Watching bob paisley this is your life on utube. Never thought he would have been that level of celebrity. He comes across very well but possibly the worst show on television ever
  6. paulb1

    Michael Robinson

    Thought his contribution to the red machine was great reading and actually one of the players who most got liverpool in the last 30years. I always disliked Robinson as I was distantly related to David hodgson. Both were competing to replace dalglish though far off the pace. Seems sound
  7. paulb1

    Fat useless cunt

    totally true. ridiculed ronnie moran in the last few years of his career. and played a part in destroying roy evans reputation. cunt
  8. paulb1

    Pepe Reina

    love the "replace reina" stuff on here. Fuck off. name a better keeper available to us. top feet that encourages the style rodgers wants to play. reina's a top man in the dressing room(potential future captain). everyone who slags him off on here would have critisced grobbelaar too for making bold choices that sometimes went wrong. happy though to accept defeat when someones suggests an alternative that has all of his atrributes and better still. begovic etc etc
  9. paulb1

    Norwich City Away Match Thread

    the support of reina on here is shit. he one of the best and while admittedly has had a rough year or so you can see he cares about the club and what the fans think. the idea of replacing him .. with who - Vorm. Fuck Off. I like to think of our players scanning these pages for inspiration. if they did little hope for loyalty given that many of us show none
  10. paulb1


    dead proud of the way he played but dont get over excited / put pressure on. I remember thinking stephen wright was one of the most promising players i'd seen. let the lad enjoy the gamewithout thinking he's the next england right back
  11. paulb1

    Torres mega-thread

    can't wait till his first goal for chelsea. He'll realise that he's signed for a club that has no soul and no passion. Hopefully he'll spend the next the four years getting injured, slower and an more and more frustrated. More than any other player in the last twenty years i took torres to my heart and despite the rumours i always trusted him. now when i think of him all i can think of is Rob Beasley smirking. As Dave U would say it takes a special kind of cunt who wants to play with cunts like Drogba and terry..........
  12. We're revered for being knowledgeable and gracious football fans so please say thank you to Roy. He took the wrong job at the wrong time; he will be a footnote in the history of Liverpool and will have to live with the fact that he's the first manager in 60 years who hasn’t won a trophy. Whatever anyone might say about his credentials or inability to say the right the right thing I believe he was a good man out of his depth.
  13. Best statement i've heard in ages. sorry, i've had a few drinks but WE are fucking Liverpool and pepe agrees
  14. are man u, citeh or chelsea after N'Zogbia despite many years playing in this country. plus he's a bit of a twat. wouldn't go near him
  15. paulb1

    Next Liverpool Manager

    Cant belive that Capello isnt under serious consideration. Every club he's been at he's won the leageue - even Roma. He understands this league now. Style of football is very Benitez / Mourinho but he adapts to a new job very quickly. he wouldnt be in for the long haul but who cares if he wins a league! Dont see why he would want to stay as England manager beyond world cup - not even sure what his contract situations is. Personally i'd be more confident of him delivering a league championship than any other candidate - irrespective of budget.
  16. his organisation is twenty times worse. he manipulates peoples thoughts to the extent that he can win elections. i know people who read the sun who think that it is a labour paper, voice of the working class. Personally i think that i will celebrate Murdochs death more that thatchers
  17. paulb1

    Kolo Toure

    to be honest i struggle to get excited about any of their signings. i look at their squad and cant think of anyone who'd get in our team. at a push tevez or barry if alonso goes. moreover the attitude (plus motivation) of their tream is questionable
  18. to me ferguson is like margaret thatcher - they both rule through fear. he loves to think hes some kind of socialist and would hate the likeness but his style totally is about bullying those around him
  19. paulb1

    Fulham fans - Shocking info.

    Apparently kelvin mckenzie has ben asking sun readers to suggest if he should stop supporting charlton and move to another club (think it was QPR) as he thinks charlton are crap. apparently he has "supported" charlton for 12 years having previoulsy given up on another london club. the man has no redeeming features though this was fairly apparent before
  20. paulb1

    World XI

    been thinking of torres/gerrard vs ronaldo/messi as worlds best player. what would be the current best team? mine, i would go for 4-2-3-1 casillas ramos ferdinand terry clichy(?????) masch gerrard messi kaka ronaldo torres
  21. paulb1

    All time great Managers?: Daily Mail

    the list like the paper is a fucking joke - wilf mcguiness is number 35. souness is a better manager
  22. paulb1

    Steven Gerrard

    i would go as far to say that stevie is in the top 10 players of all time. i know on face value it sounds ridiculous but name me a better all round player who's got what hes got tackling, passing, vision, shooting, scoring, heading, speed, stength, bravery and skill. the one thing he lacked was brain and rafa has brought that into his game
  23. ive seen loads of posts over the years slagging off rick parry on here and other site. appreciate that many people can criticise actions (eg ticket allocation) but who is a good football administrator? he has made mistakes but name me a better CEO. i think he genuinely supports the club
  24. paulb1

    What is wrong with Rick Parry

    what fault are you on about. no club apart from real madrid has exploited commercial opportunities even man utd. the club & rick parry realised that the only way to increase revenue was to build a new ground. even then it is not about capacity - it is about executive boxes.
  25. paulb1

    What is wrong with Rick Parry

    who the fuck are you to say "you clown". i never saw one person on here say that they were upset about G+H. arsenal were lucky getting a manager that refuses to spend money. imagine if wenger never signed; with all of the investment in their new stadium they would be mid table without wenger