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  1. Edward.

    Do you have your own space

    Got a corner in the downstairs part of our bedroom, just had some work done upstairs and I now have a tiny office. Decorating it at the weekend and moving all of my books and other bollocks out of the bedroom in there.
  2. Edward.

    The Snooker

    Never looked like missing
  3. Edward.

    The New Cricket Thread

    I remember another bowler who if the batsmen didn’t ask before he picked the ball up and returned it to a fielder would appeal for handled the ball. The umpire had to give the batsmen out according to the rules. He got loads of wickets like that.
  4. Edward.

    The New Cricket Thread

    I thought extra strong mints worked better.
  5. Edward.

    The New Cricket Thread

    I know. I remember playing awhile ago we were fielding and the umpire was tidying the wicket removing bits of grass debris off the wicket, I kicked it back on and said it was the batsmen’s responsibility to tidy the wicket. He said I was cheating and kicked it off again. I kicked it back on and he gave me a warning. Probably not I the spirit of the game. But I still think it’s up to the batsmen.
  6. Edward.

    The New Cricket Thread

    Would it be similar to the batsmen wandering up to the bowlers end and moving his run up mark ever so slightly. Is that cheating?
  7. Saw U2 at Mile High Stadium in 93. Fell asleep.
  8. Edward.

    FA Cup draw

    Barely moved the balls around, just stuck his hand in and pulled one out.
  9. Edward.

    Other football - 2020/21

    United get canon fodder
  10. Yes thats a fair point she has only just really appeared.
  11. Really like Cobra Kai despite not liking any of the characters in it.
  12. Edward.

    Other football - 2020/21

    I said to the wife Klopps at the game. She said “Who is that he’s with?”
  13. Edward.

    LFC moments which live in your head rent free

    You think that’s bad I was working at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.
  14. Edward.

    LFC moments which live in your head rent free

    Alonso’s expression before he took his penalty. I often find myself giving it the same look before doing something important. Much the same as making the Steve Austin noise when lifting something heavy.
  15. Got Fraser out for a duck when he was 14 hope this settles everyone down.
  16. Edward.

    Licking fanny

    What I said about my wife’s fanny is still true. However it now appears to be stuck together anything inserted becomes wedged. This was why so many films in the 70’s and 80’s featured quicksand.
  17. Edward.

    Mohamed Salah

    Cool we got those onesies.
  18. Edward.

    Merry Christmas you bunch of wankers

    Had to tell my youngest daughter when she was 4 that Santa didn’t exist. She was really worried about some fat cunt with a beard coming into her room at night.
  19. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    I know it’s early but what Ready Player Two like? Really enjoyed One.
  20. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    Yes that meeting in the restaurant was I'd like to say completely unexpected. But having read on here(the only reason I bought the book) not so. I'm sure there's a bit of filth in The Deep and The Island too.
  21. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    Bought Jaws for the glistening pussy quote mentioned earlier. The dirty bitch. Not sure if I prefer the book or the film.
  22. Edward.

    Rita Ora

    Well I didn't finger her if thats what your implying.
  23. Edward.

    Rita Ora

    Pretty much. Just washed our black lab in the bath after a walk. Can imagine it would be pretty similar if I'd had to clean it after Rita. Probably would have tasted better mind.