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  1. Went to Brac last year, really beautiful great food and good selection of beer. Huge table sized pizzas.
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    Typing in blue waffle even though I know.
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    I wouldn't do that to anybody.
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    Try blackout poetry. Google it. It's a good start.
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    The GF book thread

    Seems like I have been waiting ages for the new Harry Dresden book, then two come along at once. https://www.tor.com/2020/03/24/jim-butcher-announces-new-dresden-files-book-battle-ground/
  6. If you had used a tripod and a slower shutter speed those lights would have formed star bursts. I'm not sure if you can do slow shutter speed if you've used a phone, and the kid on the bike would most likely have disappeared. Well framed image though.
  7. Whilst I appreciate your humour it was a fabulous construction 10 years ago it was knocked down. Fuck me I can’t believe last week went so quickly but 10 years?
  8. Sadly it's no longer there.
  9. Yeah I know you were only joking, I've been on here awhile. We decided that we would still go because at the time Vietnam had had only 16 cases and all had been cured according to UK.Gov. We pretty much had every hotel and tourist destination to ourselves same with Cambodia.
  10. All right when I said just, I was due back to work on the 24th March. We actually came back from Vietnam via Cambodia. Left my niece, and step son there. They reckon the flights were around about £12000, so stayed.
  11. Yeah we got pretty much the last flight out of Vietnam to Cambodia and the last flight from there to Newcastle
  12. Just read The Sorrow of War beautiful book.
  13. All right cheers just managed to get back from there.
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    Graeme Souness the Player

    Going through some of my Dads stuff the other day he had trials at the same time as Brian Labone every team photo he has he and Labone are together.
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    The GF book thread

    There are little snippets of Roland in some of Stephen Kings short stories like The little sisters of Eluria in Everything’s Eventual I think I’m sure there are more but can’t recall right now.
  16. Each series is inspired by several books series 1 is City of Bones, Echo Park and The Concrete Blond.
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    She alleged that he took her to sex clubs and wanted to have sex with her in front of other people, and also to give him a nosh whilst other people watched.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    I went to an audience with John Connolly when he was publicising A Bag of Bones, a lot of it was actually written around where I live. My daughter came with me as she had bought it me for my birthday. She asked me what it was all about, and I said basically he'll talk about his work and then there will be a Q&A session afterwards. "Oh God!" she said "What happens if he asks me a question I don't know?"
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    Best Stephen King Book

    Fair enough but the Green Mile is 6 books.
  20. Edward.

    Best Stephen King Book

    11.22.63 doesn’t get a mention in the poll again a typical Stephen King thing to do involving past characters. Beverley Marsh and Richie Tozier(after IT) Much like Father Callahan appearing in Salem’s Lot probably my favourite and Wolves of the Calla.
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    Best Stephen King Book

    Can’t believe the Talisman, Thinner and Cujo are so low. Classic Stephen King.
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    Best Stephen King Book

    Didn’t really enjoy a Buick 8. I think if you read the Gunslinger you are in for a long enjoyable haul. The Drawing of the three is probably in my top 5 King books. Get through Song of Susannah and well it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it just... I dunno.