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  1. Andy Hunter in Guardian: Liverpool have bid £35m for Andy Carroll and it has been accepted. Wow....
  2. John Henry just said: "If the fans don't want groundshare it's an non-starter..." Wow!
  3. Gumsy

    The Plot Thickens

    In addition to who attended the Klinsmann-meeting I'll bet Rafa wants to know if the stuff Bascombe wrote about transfer plans being passed on to Klinsmann is true.
  4. Gumsy


    Subs: Itandje, Riise, Hyypia, Voronin, Benayoun.
  5. The Bank of Scotland as usual.....:whistle:
  6. Gumsy

    Tonight's games

    Totally agree! And if we can't win it I'd prefer Arsenal or Chelsea (in that order) to the Mancs.
  7. Gumsy

    Tonight's games

    Great results if you want the Mancs to win the league.... We're 11 points behind so even if we win on Sunday we'll never catch them. If Chelsea had won today, they'd had a fair chance to win, and I would prefer them to win over the Mancs any day.
  8. Gumsy

    Tonight's games

    Great game from White Hart Lane. Unbelivable save by Cudicini from Berbatov at the end. But a bad result. The Mancs have as good as won the the league now :(
  9. Gumsy


    It's unlikely that he offered anyone drinks - he can't afford it...:yes:
  10. Gumsy


    Agreed. I'd much prefer Arsenal to win than the *¤&¤%&% Mancs!
  11. 1. Chief (sign him up!!!) 2. Gerrard 3. Kuyt
  12. Gumsy

    The official Inter match thread

    I would have had Pennant on the right instead of Lucas. Also a little conserned about Aurelio defensively.
  13. Gumsy


    That's a ridiculous statement. I can't remember the last game at Anfield where we had more chances. I just checked the stats and we actually had more goal attempts in this game than the 8-0 over Besiktas in the CL. Our finishing was awful (as usual!), but to claim Barnsley richly deserved to win?? Come on....
  14. Gumsy

    Liverpool vs Sunderland

    Totally agree. Our movement off the ball is shocking. We lack creativity. Why isn't Alonso even on the bench?
  15. Gumsy


    I very good point. I think Carrick was signed for £18,6M on a four-year £50.000 per week, which totals £29M!!
  16. Gumsy

    Luton Match Thread

    Fortunate to lead?? That was the most one-sided 45 mins I've seen for ages. What a clueless knob that Keys is! I think we have quite played well, but lack that killer instinct as usual...
  17. Gumsy

    Luton Match Thread

    I have a good feeling tonight. Fancy us to score 4 or more.
  18. Gumsy


    He makes me want to puke :sick: Horrible cheating cunt!
  19. Gumsy

    Allardyce gone

    What a joke of a club....
  20. Gumsy

    Luton Match Thread

    Our passing is absolutely awful. We give the ball away all the time. :wallbutt:
  21. Gumsy

    Wayne Bridge

    Paying £6M for Bridge would be utter madness! First og all we don't need him as he's no improvement on Aurelio or Insua (I'd much rather give him a shot in the team). But more importantly we need to use any available money to strengthen our weakest positions (2 wingers, a striker and a backup centre back), not on an average left back! :wallbutt:
  22. Gumsy

    Your first visit to Anfield

    October 1992. Sheffield Wednesday 1-0. Don Hutchison of all people scored the winner after 80 minutes. My only game in the old standing KOP, something I'm very grateful to have experienced. The team on the day: 1 Bruce Grobbelaar 2 Mike Marsh 3 David Burrows 4 Steve Nicol 5 Torben Piechnik 6 Don Hutchison 7 Steve McManaman 8 Paul Stewart 9 Ian Rush 10 Jamie Redknapp 11 Mark Walters Subs: 12 Ronny Rosenthal 13 David James 14 Nick Tanner
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    This is a very good point, Dave. I've yet to see a magazine filled with so much text in each page.... I would easily pay £3 or more for half the content in bigger fonts. Also the excellent diary would be a bit more up to date with a few more issues per season. I also think the supporters clubs could be a route to try. I remember that I first got to hear about TLW from your excellent articles in the Norwegian supporters clubs magazine "The Kopite". Shortly thereafter I became a subscriber. Perhaps you can get the same articles published in other countries as well and widen your market? And you should definitely try to get some sort of a deal with TTWAR to offer their subscribers to continue with TLW instead. Finally I don't think you should be worried about making money off the website. Whatever profit you can make on both the magazine and the website should go into your income. Anyway, I hope you find a solution to secure the fanzine for the future!
  24. Gumsy

    Marseile V Liverpool FC

    Fernando Torres is an awesome player. Fact.
  25. Gumsy

    Beskitas Tuesday

    The team: Reina Arbeloa Carragher Hyypiä Aurelio Benayoun Mascherano Gerrard Riise Crouch Voronin