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  1. Nummer Neunzehn

    Middle East Thread

    Yeah mate, unreal
  2. Nummer Neunzehn

    Middle East Thread

    Yeah, man. Not a patch on that one in China a while back, though.
  3. Nummer Neunzehn

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    I've been looking for some pint glasses like that. Like short but wide. I can't seem to find any unbranded ones.
  4. Nummer Neunzehn

    Keir Starmer

    Yes, this is exactly it. It does my head in. And it's weird how quickly somebody will make you out for being a fanboy for not going to extremes. I'm just not willing to jump to any conclusions or make out something is worse than it is just to land a glove. If he makes some shit policies, I'll be the first to say he's a twat. All this talk of him being a right winger is so fucking mental. Not quite as mental as this conspiracy about him ousting the left from Labour though. Don't people know how easy it would be for him in the Tory party? They would squirrel up his arsehole because of his profession and title. They don't give a fuck about politics, half of them. Just what they can get and the circles they can move in. The issue is, he chose the Labour Party. Why? Because he's a Tory? Okay, cool.
  5. Nummer Neunzehn

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I just can't see us selling the big degsy and not replacing him. Can't see it for a second. I think we will see a couple, but nobody huge. Maybe Thiago which would be big. I think we need an attacker too. I guess we will see.
  6. Nummer Neunzehn

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I'd tape my letterbox up if I were you.
  7. Nummer Neunzehn

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Well, I picked you up because you said the club, but I actually agree on a number of points. We haven't been buying for two windows, with the exception of Minamino for £4.50 and a pack of raisins, and even with this Covid thing we have been barrelling in money from all sorts of places. Prize money, TV money, sponsorship, etc. Money needs to be available to the manager if he wants players. Now, where we probably disagree is that FSG would likely be willing to spend if it makes sense and Klopp - who seems reluctant to fuck around too much unless they're the right player and right person - agrees. It has been two windows, I personally feel like now is the time for one or two big, high quality signings. Werner and Thiago level.
  8. Nummer Neunzehn

    Keir Starmer

    It was a bit strange to see Len talking about how Unite were paying these antisemitism claims. Well, not really. Labour has plenty more money than just Unite's 7m. That said, Unions should certainly be able to decide what they do with their money if they feel that Labour don't represent them. Where would they put their money other than Labour and have it do any good at all in way of policy? It's Labour or Tory. Good luck with Boris, I guess. On the other hand, Labour need to be a realistic party of government so that they can actually represent the workers of the country, not just 'say stuff', which is where they are now.
  9. Nummer Neunzehn

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Fucking hell, who at the club said that. I agree, they should be sacked. Out of interest, what are their names and when did they say it? I'll wait.
  10. Nummer Neunzehn

    Keir Starmer

    Oh, I can't agree with that. He has received a lot of praise from the Jewish community for the way he has dealt with things. On his own terms, that's not a failure. We also need to stop judging everything so immediately. It's going to take time to turn things around. You've got people pointing at the polls - which have closed dramatically and are trending in the right direction - being pointed to as a failure. Even after a couple of months. This antisemitism issue isn't going to be resolved overnight. It takes time, education, dialogue, etc. It's not just about one person and one issue.You're making out as if his actions have been universally denounced and that it equates to failure. That's just not the case. It was said that he did more in four days than Corbyn did in four years. Then he received huge praise over the way he dealt with RLB. Jewish Voice for Labour, who describe Sheerman's comments as being 'pretty low on the Richter scale of antisemitism' but criticised a double standard (on the day it happened). I've not seen anything else, certainly not one that shows a 'lot of Jews' being persuaded that 'Labour hasn't changed and is still a fundamentally antisemitic party'. Knowing you, you won't have pulled that out of your arse, but I've not seen indications of that. As an aside: Quite honestly, there seems this rush to portray him in a certain way on absolutely everything and, as with Corbyn when the boot was on the other foot, it seems rooted in politics and point scoring rather than anybody actually giving a fuck about Jews. I mean, did anybody really read Sheerman's tweet about silver shekels and think 'oh, the poor Jews reading that this morning'. Did they fuck, they thought 'let's see what we can make out of this'. Just as the other side did with Corbyn. And you know what, those who are going out of their way to make out as if Starmer is doing something wrong are - generally speaking - the same group who said absolutely fuck all in the way of criticism for the way Corbyn handled things. I think the way the Jewish community have been used to land blows over the last few years have been pretty fucking grim. Rico, for example, was the most vocal supporter of the Jews when Corbyn was in power. He would have jumped on absolutely fucking everything as evidence of Corbyn's antisemitism. I said that's what he was doing at the time. Where is he now, though? Fucks given... zero. It's the same shit but flipped. Starmer is doing okay. Not great, not amazing; but Labour just suffered a truly massive defeat and now have many years out of power. He must try to get over the issues he inherited (which, to be clear, is a very badly divided party, antisemitism crisis, and the smallest number of seats for a fucking age), start building policy initiative, and avoid any massive new issues of his own creation. He has caused no major issues that have cost anything. He has started winning back popularity, he is performing well in PMQs, he is well regarded in the party according to polls, and it seems the bones his opponents are left to pick through are how similar he treats one situation with another. Then there's the twitterati and skwawkbox dickheads that jump on every tweet as if they were employed to do so by the Tories. Today it was him talking about racism faced by Lammy, black MPs, and black people in general. Immediately jumped on with Dianne Abbott trending because the group thinkers were on him with 'you only support centrist men but not socialist women - why have you never tweeted support for them'. Literally thousands of tweets copying a few influential twats. Of course, when people linked them the tweets and articles they claimed he hadn't made, they fell silent. Just as the Tories did when they said he hadn't spoken out and links came out immediately. It's a bunch of people with nefarious intent are attempting to paint him as some right wing mentalist intent on destroying the bastion of socialism built by Corbyn. It's a big bundle of shite.
  11. Nummer Neunzehn

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Oh, those animals are going to get like berated. Bee’lee dat.
  12. Nummer Neunzehn

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    If I don’t post for a while it’s because I’m trying to help a friend. It’s not related to this. Out of interest, and totally unrelated, anybody got any a coupon code for, let’s say, I dunno... Chester Zoo?