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  1. madstock


    As good a starting point for ska as any: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3rn7N-I-QrgeY_q5iBltwhBq3cq1WQPO
  2. madstock


    Yes, he would.
  3. madstock

    Favour required..Urgent

    39% And I logged in here. You are welcome.
  4. madstock

    gerrard blow

    He is known to get on the end of a cross.
  5. Dirty bastard, that madstock was. Whatever happened to him?
  6. madstock

    Best Gig You've Ever Seen?

    The Specials, last night, Wolverhampton. The best performance I have seen from them, in what is their farewell tour. Honourable mentions go to both The Prodigy & Chase and Status for putting on some of the best shiny light shows that I've seen.
  7. madstock


    Either a "delete" or a "like".
  8. madstock

    Are beards gay?

    To confuse matters further:
  9. madstock

    Are beards gay?

    No, beards are not gay. However it is a tricky path - if you study the photo below you will see me sporting a half-Hogan beard (possibly the least manly of my many facial-hair configurations), whereas the other chap has gone for the full-on bird-nest. The interesting thing about said photo is that the chap in the cap is the tour manager for The Gay Blades, a New Jersey duo that both sport beards, and yet neither of whom are gay (I know this as neither of them would let me bum them).
  10. madstock

    Xpert Eleven. BACK ON TOP, BABY!

    Approve my team, bitch.
  11. madstock

    Most disappointing signing

    Gregory Vignal; when I first saw him and Riise link up on the left hand side, I thought that we would be in for a treat. Alas he was gash. In terms of head-shaking disappointment, I really wanted each of Dean Saunders, Djibbers, Kewell and Babel to be The Chosen One, when in reality they were for the mostpart "enigmatic" at best. Cole will probably be added to this list.
  12. madstock

    Caroline Wozniacki

    Love Deuce. That is all.
  13. madstock

    Cider drinkers

    Cider can only truly be called cider if it meets all of the following conditions: 1. It has never *heard* of ice, let alone gone anywhere near it. 2. It has little to no fizz 3. It is a cloudy orange/brown in colour 4. It is purchased direct from a brewery at the side of the road in either a well-worn petrol can or glass jug specifically made for the purpose (see below). 5. It has a small amount of meat content, due to rats falling in drunk. Here endeth the lesson, now here is me being Carmen Miranda outside of my once-local cider shop:
  14. madstock


    Shake his hand, jizz in his ear as a warning and then ask him how he feels after Agger and Suarez have given us a 0-2 win, thanks to a thunderous 30-yard screamer and a 24-pass tap-in respectively. In the words of a certain bald bloke, BELIEVE.