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  1. Nasty Lizard

    Your top 5 rewatchable movies?

    Enemy of the state Man on fire American Gangster Ronin Last of the Mohicans
  2. A few pics on that thread
  3. Nasty Lizard

    Mis-sent Messages

    I once worked in a recruitment company and my boss (MD) received a brilliant CV of a high-class candidate who was just thinking about moving and wanted to test the water. This particular niche nuclear engineering type was in great demand and loads of companies would have been interested. My boss sent it to half a dozen company directors, including the candidates current boss. The noise he made when he realised what he'd done sounded like an animal in pain. it took about 20 seconds for his phone to ring from the current boss, demanding a free replacement.
  4. Nasty Lizard

    Not Aged Well

    Jeez, that's bad. That took my breath away.
  5. After two and a bit years, I've managed to reset my password....

  6. Nasty Lizard

    Watford (H) 27/2/19

    TAA Fantastic crosser, but I reckon AR has improved massively, and also falls into the fantastic crosser bracket. Great having them coming from both sides - a la VVD's goals
  7. Nasty Lizard

    Virgil Van Dijk

    75m.? Fucking hell. We fucking robbed the bastards. What a fucking steal. Di you see the him keep pace with Trarore, and out muscle the cunt. Fucking deal of the decade.
  8. I've got two tickets for 'An Evening with Jamie Carragher', including a meet & greet/photo. Its tomorrow Friday 14th at Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool 6pm - 10.30pm This is a competition win, of tickets which are £50 each face value, but can be passed on to friends. (as I can't go), drop me a message if interested as I'm not looking for anything for them, maybe if someone can make use they can stick a couple quid in a charity box etc Let me know asap. (they are electronic and I'll email them to the lucky recipient) https://5times.co.uk/carra-blackpool
  9. Nasty Lizard

    Crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 2 (Aug 20 2018)

    Apologies if this has already been posted https://www.facebook.com/FanCulture90/videos/329673467437966/
  10. Nasty Lizard

    2018 Pre-Season Match Thread

  11. When we were at school there was a bit of a strange neighbour who lived next door but one to my folks. On more than one occasion during the winter months, when the temperature dipped below zero, we scraped up a fresh (frozen) cow pat onto a shovel and left it on his front doormat late at night. The gag being that, as the sun came up on the front of his house next morning and the deposit defrosted, he could not understand how a cow had done fresh shit outside his front door.