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  1. Do you have beans on a fry up?
  2. Sunny Delight. My body reacts like I’ve just drank a Phaal
  3. Hahaha. There was a boarding school for naughty girls in Rainhill that we used to go up to and whistle them so they’d sneak out. Taught me a hell of a lot that summer did.
  4. Mad thing is when is was 15/16 a girl only had to look at my cock and I was spunking. She must like 3 second sex which is quite handy I guess
  5. Nah no chance they said that. This is all about the hostages right? You know the ones they refused to take back?
  6. I grate it then add it to olive oil, garlic and lemon in a hot pan for about 5 minutes. A blender is probably an easier option but it needs to be as dry as possible or it’s like shit real rice.
  7. Reminds me of a brilliant saying from a Geordie lass “I’m wet as an otters pocket”
  8. Louis Theroux documentary about the mind of an Evertonian
  9. Strontz did it Haha fuck that
  10. Im probably gonna regret announcing this but I was actually born in Weston super mare. My dad worked on the holiday camps down there and my mum used to go down and stay with him. As soon as I was born he brought me back home and I think I’ve only been there once since. But yep, there it is on my passport. Weston Super Mare. Fuck my life and fuck the echo
  11. From the Wirral isn’t she? 300 odd quid for a Gucci belt? Wool as fuck.
  12. I don’t think we had a fit teacher in our school. Maybe one who was a supply teacher. She was pretty hot to be fair. Not saying the above bird is fit or anything. I just couldn’t imagine shagging any of our regular teachers. Maybe an art teacher she was fit (ish) but a bad grass.
  13. Plenty of mancs and tories on a wind up.
  14. Most of the cunts that comment on there aren’t even local. You can tell.
  15. Amity > Antsy I hope you step in a puddle and get ravaged to death by 5 hammerhead sharks you fucking rectum
  16. Just a wee reminder …… hahahahaha
  17. Fucking hell yes. Never even thought of that. McManaman unreal and what a finish from Thomas. Hate the way McManaman gets slagged as a player on here, he was superb. What a ball
  18. Sorry to hear about your mate. You can fuck off now though. Nunez is boss
  19. Cracking game this Celtics at Cavaliers
  20. Salah was fucking abysmal tonight and it cost us the game and the league. …
  21. Stop fucking about with the game you weird horrible greedy shit cunts Anyway we will win it and finish 6th in the league
  22. If only the bastard
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