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  1. Please only bump this thread when the cunt dies
  2. @Fugitive order an all day brekkie in lad so we can take our minds off the match
  3. It’s a tough one though now it’s getting warmer Half our players have worn flip flops today
  4. Why don’t we just start every game 0:1 and save the fucking hassle
  5. Yeah it’s like your kid coming home from school with a black eye so you bounce up there and boot shit out of every kid in his class, their mums and the teacher. As a warnin’ Isreal has a right to defend itself. Exactly the same as every other country. What it doesn’t have a right to do is slaughter thousands and thousands of innocents while still playing the victim card. People are conveniently forgetting that Israel have been doing this for years albeit on a much smaller scale.
  6. Rachel Riley will be calling A Flock of Seagulls an anti-Semitic band in no time
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