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    Jamie Vardy

  2. old skool tom

    Jamie Vardy

    Vardi would be perfect for us......Danny ings type player but with jet heeled boots.actually think him on right and Ibe on left would be ideal at home. Also like Drinkwater (he on loan from manure?) and mahrez (can't spell his name guys) Tbh though I hope he stays at the Crisp Bowl and wins golden boot on way to a top four finish.love watching him play.....never leaves a drop of petrol left in the tank!
  3. old skool tom

    Man City (A) 21 Nov 2015

    That was an incredible performance.I know they were missing Kompany Silva but we were missing our captain,Dannyboy,Sakho and Benteke for 60 minutes If we can add some more width & pace to young Ibe in midfield to help us at home in summer and a goalie who can kick a ball.We could be ready for the unthinkable next season *i know that your thinking about...... this league is crazy and rather shite so what if we buy well in January? Can we put it on back burner and discuss this on New Year's Day if it's applicable please.....I'm already too excited after Jurgens first few games thank you very much!
  4. old skool tom

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    Remove seat numbering in none 'prawn sandwich' sections would help because we would A) get in ground earlier to get a good spec B) be able to sit with your mates and not feel like a weirdo giving it full pelt next to strangers who don't make a sound C) the singers would congregate like old kop D) Shut the fucking gates until clock strikes 90 minutes Tbh tho,it was also shite in 80's apart from big games. Most important thing though,get a team that excites and challengers for League Title because sitting their week in week out thinking ......win and we get top four.....is fucking soul destroying really
  5. old skool tom

    The Stone Roses

    Love to see them live but ........70 quid? Get too fuck u money grabbing fuckers Didn't Brown call the Royals parasites at Heaton Park gig? New album should be called Hypocrites or Tory Pearl Bastards
  6. old skool tom

    January Transfer Window 2016

    Is that how he played It at DOrtmond and Mainz? Always wondered how other teams could play 433 apart from us! 2nd half against Bournemouth was something to bring us hope because we actually had 3 or 4 people in the box instead of 1 striker. What type of player is a wide playmaker though?
  7. old skool tom

    January Transfer Window 2016

    Add a good solid keeper who can kick a ball and I'll second that motion your honour
  8. old skool tom

    Liverpool 1 Southampton 1 (Oct 25 2015)

    It's not just a mental barrier,it's mainly a shite midfield and lack of players who can go past people with pace and power When (if ever?) are strikers are fully fit it'll still be a problem because our 2 AMs Lallana and Cout are simply to lightweight and inconsistent.Ibe is only wide attacker with pace who can stretch game so Klopp has a major fucking job IMO Hopefully he can raid his former club and get some mates rates for several players and Firmino comes good in January otherwise were truly fucked
  9. old skool tom

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    So judging by this thread,do we think we know 50% of the gay players about to go 'come out' are then? Lol I'd be amazed if he isn't really injured though,he's finally been given chance and trust at our club to prove how good he is after wasting away in reserves elsewhere.Surely he wants to score and throw in some shapes every week? Mind you,I suppose you can go to Pink for that? Waheeeeeeey :-)
  10. old skool tom

    The 'Rodgers Out Campaign'....

    From today's Guardian Brendan Rodgers claimed there was a conspiracy to oust him from the Liverpool manager’s job after the pressure on his reign eased with a 3-2 win over Aston Villa. Daniel Sturridge scored twice, the injury-plagued striker’s first goals since March, after James Milner opened the scoring on 66 seconds against his former club to give Liverpool a first win in five Premier League matches. There were nervous moments for Rodgers when Rudy Gestede twice reduced the arrears for Tim Sherwood’s struggling side but, after seeing his side move within five points of leaders Manchester United, the Liverpool manager condemned the “hysteria” he believes has been deliberately stirred in recent weeks. Related: Liverpool see off Aston Villa as Daniel Sturridge hits double “I was never worried about the players,” said Rodgers on an improved display. “They have been absolutely brilliant this group here and they have worked very, very hard. I am pretty confident that there is a group of people that don’t want me to be here as manager. In all competitions this season we have lost less games than Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. “The hysteria around ourselves is interesting to note. Myself and the players stay very calm and work very hard, and they got their rewards.” The Liverpool manager refused to identify who he believes is behind an alleged campaign to force him out of Anfield. However, he is believed to be aggrieved with the number of former Liverpool players turned media pundits who have criticised his team’s poor form and results in recent weeks. Jamie Carragher, Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp have all been critical in their roles for Sky, though, when pressed, Rodgers would only say: “I am talking about people outside of here.” He added: “I think it is pretty clear. Sometimes we haven’t lost games and the hysteria around it is pretty clear. There is maybe something else going on from behind. I will continue working with the players – they have been absolutely first class – and we still have top class players to come back in. “The players and the supporters were fantastic today, we gave them something to sing about. We are five points off the top with a lot of progress still to come.” Discuss
  11. old skool tom

    The 'Rodgers Out Campaign'....

    Lets be honest,despite being one of his biggest (or should that be remaining?) supporters. We've been shite for months and the performances are the reason he's under pressure.But he's got a right to feel paranoid because I also feel that Gerrard and friends see an opportunity to shoe horn our greatest ever player into the Anfield hotseat ASAP The shite he has come out with lately is fucking embarrassing.First he said he left because he didn't wanna be a squad player and now he says he would of stayed if he was offered a coaching role? But over all I just think The pressures been immense and he's letting off steam and come out fighting.Cant blame him really,hope the players do like wise and BR continues playing attacking footy so if he does go,he goes out fighting
  12. old skool tom

    Firmino song?

    Cassy 'o tune by George Ezra sound good fuckos?
  13. After tonight's win on peno's 3 points against the Villa on Saturday and we'll be back on track to get into top 4 and maybe even a 2nd title challenge in 3 years! What? Okay,I know it's as likely as FSG signing Messi,Neymar and Suarez in January or the PM of this great land putting his todger in a dead pigs mouth.but who knows?" It's a fawny ole game saint"
  14. old skool tom

    Carlisle - League Cup

    Fuck it,a wins a win Gonna crack open a blue WKD to celebrate
  15. old skool tom

    Emre Can

    Sorry but he doesn't really do it for me.....what one aspect of his game is he outstanding at? Apart from Milner our CMs are fucking shite! No creativity,pace or passing ability Can is either smoking 20 a day or can't pace himself because after 60 minutes he's so tired he looks like he's doing that 'funky chicken on the spot dance' thing!
  16. old skool tom

    Declaring war on Rodgers

    If he's doesn't fuck this 4 3 3 shite and defensive play from today onwards then he'll lose my 10% of remaining support i have for him Tbh I think it's too late whatever he does now as there's not many reds I know who still think he can turn it around. Think he made a major fucking error not sticking to 3 at the back as Benteke being supported well by 2 CAMs would of worked out great for us and he has also gone ultra cautious with the pressure on him. Unless we win next five games and play some good stuff I think he will be a gonna
  17. old skool tom

    When are we likely to get definitive stadium news?

    It'll be same height but much further back sadly so it's gonna look very strange.Instead of it hanging over paddock / touch line itll basically be at back of main stand.itll appear lower/ flatter. I think it'd be better to put it on Centeenary were radio/5live com box is.kop would be to left but still a better view.i remember for some reason sky had a reverse angle camera on centeenary when Ince equalised at Kop end in 1999.the kop looked fuckin boss!
  18. .......he's bloody hopeless! Hope he returns to 3-4-2-1 or 4-4-2 diamond because we could actually do fucking well this season! This 433 is we play at start of every season is slow,clueless,toothless and brain numbingly dull. We've actually got the players to be a much more unpredictable and successfull team with last years three at the back system but for some reason Brendan doesn't see it that way and it'll probably cost him his job this season Any tactical experts on here? Can u lot see main reason were so shit at this system and why others succeed?
  19. old skool tom

    24th August 2015 - Away to Arsenal

    Great performance tonight Lucas is no great shakes or a loss if he goes but as long as we get an improvement in because as average as he is,he still our best cdm Young Rositer isn't gonna make it sadly so hopefully we can get a great 'sitter' on the books. Also think we need another wide/pacey player with end product.lallana hasn't done it (gutted I thought he was gonna be great) and Ibe's not hit his stride yet so we need a sterling with end product
  20. old skool tom

    Christian Benteke

    Big Ben was impressive last night.some lovely touches,awareness,constantly getting into attacking positions.needs to work in his cross field passing tho! Haha my undies were ruined by that one in last ten minutes. Hope to god we play him in 3-4-2-1 or diamond with Ings or Sturridge so he has closer support which will also free him up more. Just great to have number 9 who gets in the box and shoots on site again
  21. Your gonna need it with opening fixtures and the whinging fans on here but I still love ya baby! Just don't let me down with the shitty customary 4-3-3 pass the ball sideways shite we start every season off with pal or I'll turn on you so Attack Attack Attack and avoid The Sack The Sack The Sack
  22. its gonna make rest of the ground look absolutely shite and ridiculous! the lack of forward and joined up thinking by previous owners is nothing short of scandalous.Gotta say well done too FSG for finally increasing capacity and revenue but the fact is we should of moved into the park and built from scratch instead of this short term ugly arse Anfield were going to end up with now. The new Annie Road end will hopefully one day inspire future owners to rebuild kop and centeenary to make it look World Class but sadly I'll probably be dead by then and never see what the New Anfield would of looked like. Dortmonds ground has slightly different designs on each side but at least it looks like it wasnt the result of a pissed up skitzo architect on LSD I still cant beleive club build Kop from scratch yet has Obstructed views of pitch at the back.....shamefull Having said that,when i see the MONSTER OF A ROOF its blows me away how big its gonna be............its like that scene of War Of The Worlds when the aliens are chasing the people through the streets!
  23. old skool tom

    LFC 2015/16 Season

    I actually think we'll win the bastard league! If we keep to the 3 4 2 1 and perfect it then it could work fucking wonders,espesh as we have the players to improve it greatly Wouldn't mind our 2nd choice system being the diamond but slightly more direct with the forwards we have If we start with the usual (and predicted) 4 3 3 plan I think we'll have another boring shit start and out of it by Christmas. Think Chelsea will have shite season next year with fitness of there CBs and main striker. Seeing as Chelski are the only consistent side and will have a bad year,it'll be a free for all for title like 2 years ago
  24. old skool tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Amazed how averagely the batsmen on both sides are performing. Great bowling attacks? Too many players out of form? 90% Batsmen playing simply average? Thank god there's no flintoff,swan,warne,GM in this series cos it'd be a 1day Ashes series