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  1. old skool tom

    Sky Offer

    is 52mb decent enough speed for few devices (iphone,ipad and ps4) at same time? need to fuck virgin off as to expensive
  2. old skool tom

    Adult/Child Tickets

    Kop Season Ticket holder (League Games Only) but want to start taking a young red to odd match this season Do I still have to join the membership scheme to buy us tickets or am I already classed as a Member as Im ST holder? Is it east to get Adult Child tickets or are they hard to get?
  3. old skool tom

    WWE (Echo Arena)

    Taking a 7 yr old on Sunday and doors open at 5pm Any idea what time fights start because I dont want him (and me!) to be bored waiting! Any ideas how long these things last?
  4. old skool tom

    General taxi fare/prices.......

    sound nice one
  5. old skool tom

    General taxi fare/prices.......

    how much would a private taxi cost me from Anfield to Huyton Station?
  6. old skool tom

    Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

    Anyone rate the hull left back? Robertson or Roberts........ Looked excellent v Arsenal at weekend.Always in position despite motoring forward at right times,comfy in possession and good change of pace.Only looks about 23/24
  7. old skool tom

    Paul Stewart - abused by football coach

    Is this Bobby Charlton thing just a joke?
  8. old skool tom

    Loris Karius

    Hes looked shite from day one.has no outstanding quality at all and his ability to miss judge the flight of a cross is truly frightening.he still looks a bag of nerves, which for a keeper.Is the biggest floor in a position that requires supreme confidence
  9. old skool tom

    January 2017 transfer window

    Sell Sacho & sturridge and buy the dyke,Dembele (Celtic) and a pacey Winger/Attacker and we win the league.........simples
  10. old skool tom

    Paul Stewart - abused by football coach

    Cant beleive Chelsea (or any club) would pay hush money instead of just paying compensation,having an investigation and then inform police.Absolutely sickening! Hope to god we havent been involved in this as I think relegation should be the punishment for all clubs in hiding this awful crime(s)
  11. old skool tom

    Safe Standing.

    Would i trust safe standing at home games? Yes Would i trust safe standing at a neutral ground? Probably not Tbh,itll never happen (on large scale anyway ie kop) as clubs wont be able to justify ripping off fans and charging more than £20 to stand up. fans should be concentrating on £20 maximum ticket prices and these money men (FSG) building the new Annie Road at this moment in time.
  12. old skool tom

    January 2017 transfer window

    Dahoud and and versaltile pacey forward/winger is a massive requirement if we want to win league this season
  13. old skool tom

    Can I change xboxlive gamer tag to another email ....

    Cheers i give it a go
  14. address without losing all your games/points etc? My lad set account up years ago in my email adress but I'm pissed off with all emails i get from microsoft.can he set up his own email account now hes over 18 and pair it with his current gamer tag thingyo and not lose his downloaded content? He reckons you cant do it
  15. or do they use better/dearer type of receiver/satelite/system? sick of the andriod kodi buffering all the time.