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  1. smilezzz

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Agree in a way, think it's more how we do low-ish bases with loads of performance and milestone incentives. Winning us no. 6 and 19 would have probably boosted him way up then.
  2. smilezzz

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Fucken-A man!!!
  3. smilezzz

    Mohamed Salah

    I admit, I did click on one or two of the articles. For research purposes, you know?
  4. smilezzz

    Mohamed Salah

    That interview must be the most polite way a player has agitated for a move... "Yeah, I hoped to be captain one night, but the manager makes the decisions..." "I want to break all of Liverpool records..." Basically, it's an honor he'd like to have the armband one day, and he wants to break records for the team. Stupid press really desperate for headlines.
  5. smilezzz

    James Milner is....

    I love him almost as much as I love Gerrard. You won't get higher praise than that from me.
  6. smilezzz

    VAR Thoughts?

    And Michael Owen might as well have sucked off Rileys wobbly cock and fondle his saggy tits on live TV with the shite he was saying. Incompetent fucktard.
  7. smilezzz

    VAR Thoughts?

    I couldn't even celebrate the winner today. I fully expected something along the lines of Diogos shadow falling in an offside position or some farcical shit like that. When the supposed foul took place I already knew we were going to be stitched up for a pen. I knew Mos goal was going to be chalked off. You just know the idiots are going to fuck it up. I feel like I'm basically done with this season. Fuck it. There's no game anymore. It's a complete joke that either bent, corrupt or incompetent twats get to make these decisions.
  8. smilezzz

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    Why are new outlets reporting it as if the red changed the game? They had 1 off target attempt all first half and there were only like 2 dangerous passes until then?
  9. A shit load of posters here were clamouring for Salah when we went close in the Suarez season. He ended up going to Chelsea. Look at the fucker now. Worst for me.. Downing... the miserable, useless, shushing, peanut fucking, 0 goals and assists, door handle licking turd...
  10. I cannot believe https://www.totalsportek.com/new-england-patriots-live-stream/ is still allowed to stream any live event with multiple links that is supported on mobile and PCs with some showing in HD as well.
  11. smilezzz

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    So will that Richarlison git get a ban for his attempted head butt one Gomez?
  12. Point on Henderson, I've seen a few posts deriding his contribution to the attack on the match thread, which while partially true, is a bit unfair on him. He covered every blade of grass in a very difficult match, and was very important in limiting the most dangerous team in the league to 2 tame shots on target and that Mahrez shot across the face of goal. Another poster mentioned in the Kieta thread that his contributions are often understated until we play the "bigger" sides, and this is becoming more apparent. As for Kieta, he's not doing bad, but he's playing within himself at the moment. I guess its coming to a huge side with huge expectations and him trying not to fuck it up. I think a few more months and we'll start to see more of him.
  13. smilezzz

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    I'm gutted... ... that this prick is getting fired in the morning.
  14. smilezzz

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    Okay, this is crying out for my superior analysis now. I'm sure he was pissed at his poor performance, then as we won it at the death, having no room to run and jump (as he was sitting in a confined space) relieved since tension by smiling and banging a bottle against something. Somewhat akin to me banging my hands against the side of the mattress as my kids were asleep and the missus would kill me if I woke the brats. Basically, that dine balon or something newspaper and others are making something up in a poor attempt to indicate that or team is not as happy as otherwise suggested.
  15. smilezzz

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    He looks relieved. I don't see anything to suggest otherwise.