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  1. I'll be honest with you, I'm not impressed by him at all. Then again, I wasn't impressed by Benteke, Carroll and Kieta either, and see how that blew up in my... Seriously though, he's a solid "premier league proven" player, seems more than capable of playing in our system and, as usual, we'll probably end up paying a 75% premium on him.
  2. This is correct. I remember him playing the 1st half of the season, and was very solid, but in hind sight this is right. His debut and 2nd seasons he played 35 and 29 games for us in the league, and only 8 in the title losing effort season. I think he kind of gets bigger credit in my mind due to replacing Konchesky...
  3. I fucking love Crouchie.bcriminally underrated baller. Enrique was hot stuff that second place season as well. Always has a good thing to say about us.
  4. I'm on on Twiaids or FB, so I just wanted to pop in to say Sadio was fucking Ace for us, and I'm gonna miss the fucker. Fantastic player. Fucking awesome on his day, and even when playing shit never stopped trying. Playing through the centre these past couple of months also showed his willingness to play anywhere across the front for us, and his amazing talent. He was also by all accounts a fantastic person, doing fuck loads for charity and underprivileged communities. Wish he wasn't leaving, but have to understand that age will eventually catch up to him, and nows as good a time as any due to a combination of his wish to leave and contract situation.
  5. Bad as he's been since Madrid, Divock has sporadically shown that he actually has a brain. There's a reason we bought a different attacker from Wolves last season and not Traore. We'd basically get nothing out of Traore in my opinion. Which is what he's contributing to Wolves at the moment as well.
  6. Agree in a way, think it's more how we do low-ish bases with loads of performance and milestone incentives. Winning us no. 6 and 19 would have probably boosted him way up then.
  7. I admit, I did click on one or two of the articles. For research purposes, you know?
  8. That interview must be the most polite way a player has agitated for a move... "Yeah, I hoped to be captain one night, but the manager makes the decisions..." "I want to break all of Liverpool records..." Basically, it's an honor he'd like to have the armband one day, and he wants to break records for the team. Stupid press really desperate for headlines.
  9. I love him almost as much as I love Gerrard. You won't get higher praise than that from me.
  10. And Michael Owen might as well have sucked off Rileys wobbly cock and fondle his saggy tits on live TV with the shite he was saying. Incompetent fucktard.
  11. I couldn't even celebrate the winner today. I fully expected something along the lines of Diogos shadow falling in an offside position or some farcical shit like that. When the supposed foul took place I already knew we were going to be stitched up for a pen. I knew Mos goal was going to be chalked off. You just know the idiots are going to fuck it up. I feel like I'm basically done with this season. Fuck it. There's no game anymore. It's a complete joke that either bent, corrupt or incompetent twats get to make these decisions.
  12. Why are new outlets reporting it as if the red changed the game? They had 1 off target attempt all first half and there were only like 2 dangerous passes until then?
  13. A shit load of posters here were clamouring for Salah when we went close in the Suarez season. He ended up going to Chelsea. Look at the fucker now. Worst for me.. Downing... the miserable, useless, shushing, peanut fucking, 0 goals and assists, door handle licking turd...
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