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  1. smilezzz

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    Okay, this is crying out for my superior analysis now. I'm sure he was pissed at his poor performance, then as we won it at the death, having no room to run and jump (as he was sitting in a confined space) relieved since tension by smiling and banging a bottle against something. Somewhat akin to me banging my hands against the side of the mattress as my kids were asleep and the missus would kill me if I woke the brats. Basically, that dine balon or something newspaper and others are making something up in a poor attempt to indicate that or team is not as happy as otherwise suggested.
  2. smilezzz

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    He looks relieved. I don't see anything to suggest otherwise.
  3. smilezzz

    Jan Vertonghen

    Oh please, he sure as hell meant to make contact with Bobbys face, swinging his while body around to ensure he could. Maybe he didn't mean the eye gauge, but there was signage intent to leave something on.
  4. smilezzz

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    She's got no belly button... Sent from my SM-J730F using Tapatalk
  5. smilezzz

    Roberto Firmino

    No. We're fortunate that we don't have a grock poor man's Baresi wannabe impersonator playing for us like Leicester do. Sent from my SM-J730F using Tapatalk
  6. smilezzz

    Crystal Phallus

    That little touch Mane does to take the ball from the keeper though...
  7. smilezzz

    Crystal Phallus

    To quote some idiot (methinks he had a'n Atletico avatar);"We don't need a better manager, we need a different manager." Or something along those lines.
  8. I always vote champions on these kind of polls else what's the point in supporting the team? Oh, except for the season Hodgson was here,and Rodgers last season. Morale was at an all time low then.
  9. smilezzz

    How confident do you feel for next season?

    Is that how bad the injury crisis is? Dangnabbit....
  10. smilezzz

    Has Phil Thompson lost the plot?

    What they are talking about is that Mo was stronger than your boy on the ball. Ergo, Mo is stronger than Pogba!
  11. smilezzz

    Naby Keita

    In all fairness, I think that specific quote was taken before we signed him.
  12. smilezzz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    With Kieta and Fabinho in, our midfield looks quite decent, regardless of the Fekir deal falling through. I'd focus on a pacy wide forward who can cover any or 2 of the front three. Pulisic maybe? We'Lloyd probably end up with Shaqiri or Grey.
  13. smilezzz

    Fekir Alternatives

    Felipe Anderson? Heard good things about him from some mates who follow Italian football. Personally, I'd see if we could convince Mahrez to come over, or is he city bound?
  14. smilezzz

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

  15. smilezzz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread