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  1. Wot no McAllister or Torres ? Pay. Dans team for me. Schmuck, Sami, Stam and Didi as a dfensive diamond, whoosh.
  2. redrosetints


    5 points off the bottom after 20 games, relegation form ! I'm just making the point of the ABB's history is and will show that it wasn't just a case of moving him on. Anyway, let's hope AVB is right and we storm the prem next season as the infighting won't stop until we're succesful.
  3. redrosetints

    2012/2013 a new beginning

    Fair play for your positivity, but I'm worried enough with a new manger on board. Lose the last of the top class players, Pepe, Agger and Johnson pulled with Gerrard getting older and I see us in deep, deep,do do. I hope you're right.
  4. redrosetints


    No, you're right, but when it's Xmas and were still in the shite, then yes, it is, wouldn't you say ? Iirc, we lost to the cobblers and were in the bottom 4 after half a season, defo relegation trouble.
  5. redrosetints


    Code is still a cunt then !
  6. redrosetints


    So you're still sticking up for Roy ? And yet I thoughts you'd moved on ? You're as much a clown with your anti Rafa bleating as the Rafa Rawkites. Equally as eye bleeding. 2009-10, when we won more games, earned more points, scored more goals and conceded less than in either of the last two seasons ? BTW did you pay HJC the money for our bet ? You know the ' we won't be in relegation trouble if Rafa leaves, anyone can do his job' ?
  7. redrosetints


    Was it the anti Carra Taliban ?
  8. redrosetints


    It did get worse, we started life after Rafa in relegation form and ended Kings management with similar form 2 years later. You remove a manager to make things better, were worse on the pitch and to prove the point any more, if it needed proving, we still have 7 of the 11 first choice Inspite of spending 150 million in the following 2 years up to the end of last season.
  9. redrosetints


    Ohhh! 1000 how I missed those.... Move along now, nothing to see
  10. redrosetints

    The Phantom Shitter

    Two stories, once I was on me holidays on an 'adventure' week in the lakes. Walking, climbing, abseiling and the like. Anyway, as the first evening drew to a close and we were just getting to know everyone a pair turned up late, it was brothers from my old school. I'd always thought the one was a prick and couldn't believe we'd come all the way up from Milk n Beans and thistwat had followed ( we were bout 14/15). Anyway, as the week wore on, he got more and more of a pain and something had to be done. So woman swere made and one evening before tea, I set someone as lookout in the dorm and I curled one out in his bed. Fortunately, it wasn't too smelly so we all slept well, bar this lad, who woke the next morning with TintsTurd on his Jim jams. Everyone agreed he fully deserved it though. Second story is a bit like Heinze and I may have told it before on the gf. Was in Magaluf in Jokers bar after a long night of dancing of me tits in BCMs. S it's about 6 o'clock and I'm having a last cold one before retiring for the morning. There was a but of commotion going on as this lad was falling over everywhere, clearly not just drunk, but he was lead to a seat and that was that. I was chatting away to the girl I was with and I notice over her shoulder at the lad is now pissing all over the table, laughing I point this out and then, without missing a beat, he stands on his chair, pulls down his cecks and proceeds to curl one out on his chair, bad enough, many funny looks and laughing all round until he finishes and then, yep, then, he sits down in it. Must have spent a good ten minutes sat there, in his own shite, before e bar staff noticed and moved him on, poor fella!
  11. redrosetints


    Sorry,I was thinking the difference between 90 and 60 k is about half a million a year, it's not is it ! Fail ! No bother, money is a problem, just not sure player contracts are our worst excess and while the timing may be dodgy, I don't begrudge Carra. I would agree that our greatest strength in our best days was knowing when to let go and we have to ensure sentiment doesn't become a factor in our contract negotiations.
  12. redrosetints


    Hi mate, thanks. Football is al about overpaid stars, largesse, in all leagues. I don't want to see us waste money, but that's footie, millions are wasted every year. If he's not worth 90k a week, what is he worth ? 60k in which case were talking about half a million a year, which in the grand scheme of things is a tiny fraction of the waste that goes on in our club and in many others. He's a club legend, who has been lowly paid in his time, so I'd say fair play to him he's earned his big final pay day. I'm more concerned thatFSG sort out the real problem we have which is generating revenue. Since Sir John left, Peter Robunson and then Parry have failed to cash in on the name and exploiting the far east, merchandising, partnership deals, naming rights and delivering the stadium etc so let Carra have his money, he's earnt it.
  13. redrosetints


    Ffs, Rafa signed his contract like Carra did and took his pay off like Kenny did. They all did what everyone would.
  14. redrosetints


    Ain't that the truth, Ruth. Rodgers appointment is massive, I'm optimistic for success, but if it fails then you know what will be next, you can already see the seeds in this thread. Who succeeds Rodgers, Rafa vs Carra, we'll tear ourselves apart !
  15. redrosetints


    Mate, we're a top premier team, generally you pay for what you get. Carra is a top class playe, a key man and a club legend, hes a red and brings the reall scouse heartbeat and mentality to the club. If citeh are paying 200k to their players I don't think 90 is bad for Carra. Wether it's a symptom of the teams decline or not, his level has fallen off dramatically, which couldn't have been foreseen then. I still think with better protection from midfielder and better team play overall he can still be effective and his attitude and experience etc his inspiration seems to give us most when we're playing well and competing, rather than being outclassed. Konchesky was just the wrong man and should never have been signed, Joe Cole, not a fan myself, but if Rodgers can inspire he could do a job.