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  1. drewy

    Boxing 2015

    www.p2pfree.net 3 streams on that site.
  2. drewy

    Boxing 2015

    Any streams for this?
  3. drewy

    Boxing 2014

    Anybody got a stream or streams for this?
  4. drewy

    Bob Crow has passed away

    Great loss, the RMT (my union) has negotiated an average pay rise of over 3.5% for the last 3 years running. That is not only down to the skill of the area negotiator but also the influence of Bob Crow and the strong policy he implemented. He wiped the floor recently with TforL and their treatment of cleaners, a true Socialist in every sense of the word.
  5. drewy

    January 2014 Transfer Thread

    As I've already said Mata is a class act but essentially as far as this season goes, he a £37m sticky plaster. The mancs have problems which run much deeper than one marque signing. Their centre backs are 30+ and their replacements are.. well a bit shit. Their midfield is shit, as is Wellbeck and Van Persie is 30+ and a moody cunt to boot. They will also be paying the chubby thick kid upwards of £300k a week IF he doesn't fuck off to the Chavs which in turn will further weaken them. Purple nose fucked off for a reason and not just because he pissed his pants.
  6. Haha its his glands not his knee! He's got an arse the size of a small planet.
  7. drewy

    And So It Begins

    You've missed the point completely. He favorited a tweet in which Liverpool fans were refereed to as murderers.
  8. drewy

    And So It Begins

    Ignorance is bliss. He'll neg me for that, like he always does.
  9. drewy

    Preston away

    I was right behind the goal, the goaly thought it was going top corner....he was fucking wrong. Great strike.
  10. drewy

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    I agree, it's looking more and more likely nobody is interested. He's been very badly advised I feel, I do however have every confidence that he is the sort of player who will continue to give 100% on the pitch. Unlike that waster Torres.
  11. drewy

    Simon Mignolet

  12. What's wrong with slagging off wools?