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    All Time TLW XI (Non Liverpool) Team - Goalkeeper

    Southall Dasayev Buffon.
  2. Ant 2 Threads

    Burnley (A) - Wednesday 19th May, 8:15pm

    To summarize: 1. We won. 2. Well done Nat lad. 3. Nice meaningful cameo Ox. 4. Bobby. 5. Allardyce is a self entitled, non-introspective, trogladite, Neanderthal twat, whose contribution to modern football is akin to Epstein being a chaperone at a prom. 6. Don’t fuck up against Palace. 7. “5” above refers. 8. Fuck off Woy.
  3. We will miss out because of our own shortcomings. No disputing that. However, a league consists of other teams with shortcomings too. We’ve beaten ourselves up for being shit. But that was our doing. However. Despite this. External factors also came into play here. It hasn’t been a level playing field. And quite frankly, the way things have transpired since the postponement of the game, it’s been exploited by those who give the Mancs Carte Blanche. Lets face it, this game is rotten to the core now.
  4. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I had a real dilemma today. My Dad’s funeral is this Friday. I live in New Jersey and can’t be back home for it. I ordered flowers this morning. LFC. He loved the club, Keegan, Toshack, Dalglish, Rush, Robbie, El Toro, Suarez, Mo, Bobby and Mane. Even though he just passed before this Super-League nonsense, I’m not sure how he would have felt about it all. I decided to proceed notwithstanding. I almost cancelled them. But no. Because we love this club, what it really stands for, below all the corporate bullshit. He loved beans on his fry-up, (yep). He loved LFC. Even though we are a couple of wools, (South Wales), he loved LFC and his heart flowed when we got #19. Anyhow, I’m rambling. Common sense I think has prevailed. YNWA. (Even you no-beans fascists)!
  5. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    Then the rest will have to scramble for what's left. Capitalism.
  6. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    Big business and Big commerce keeps on rolling. I became desensitized to this during the financial crisis of 2008/2009. I became absolutely and totally numb to this while we all had bigger fish to fry this last year. We still do. I yearn for my first Liverpool "Hitachi" away shirt when days seemed so much simpler. It's a different animal now folks. I totally understand traditionalist thinking. I wish we were back then too. But its a different world. Roll with it. We can't stop it. But we have a choice to persevere or walk away. Whether this thing flies or not, I think most of us with introspection, arrived at this juncture of choice before today.
  7. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I can only believe that if they have issued this, that have retained JP Morgan to raise the capital, etc. Then they are prepared for the backlash, but determined to forge ahead. As much as we may like to think of these as football clubs, they are highly attuned business and financial institutions. They have done their homework. Time to sit back, take the popcorn and see what now ensues...
  8. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    Seems like a collective statement of intent.
  9. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I haven't done a lot of reading on this, but it looks like JP Morgan (from early reports) have been raising the capital. TBD.
  10. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I loved the First Division, the European Cup, the Home Nations. I loved when going for the FA Cup meant something and getting up on cup final day meant hours of prior coverage in the build up if you weren't in it and a memorable day out if you were. Alas, things change. Always will. We'll see if this has legs, but if so? On to the next incarnation.
  11. Ant 2 Threads

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I'm not arsed either way. That said, if this does go ahead, then I will care about the welfare of the likes of Everton as much as they care about ours. The one thing about an elite competition, you don't get yard-dogs with inferiority complexes looking to cause actual bodily harm to world class players just to get the crowd baying. Fuck them.
  12. Ant 2 Threads

    Top Lurkers

    Interesting thread. Top Lurkers? Does that make you now the "Lurked", or are you all the Lurked "Lurker" here? I have frankly fallen between two stools (of the wooden variety) when contemplating this quandary. I have most definitely lurked at times. Many times. But not I believe, identified as a "Lurker". I now subscribe, so not sure where that leaves me on the "Lurker Scale". So I remain for now, in "Lurk Limbo". I'll remain in contemplation while I put my beans on my Saturday morning fry-up. Yes. Beans.
  13. Ant 2 Threads

    Nike deal

    The home should have white or yellow piping. No time for that lighter red / pink / fucking salmon color. Drop the fucking black. The Ecru / Emu / Beige / whatever - get rid the stripes. Drop the fucking black. Then passable. The Yellow? Yes. Now you are getting it you Nikey little fuckers. Reverse that color scheme for the home. "Just... Do... It".
  14. Ant 2 Threads

    Wolves (A) Premier League - 15/3/21 - 20:00

    Glad we won of course, but sorry for the lad in goals for Wolves.
  15. Ant 2 Threads


    If we can keep these players fit and in position, string a couple of results together, then those lighter evenings are coming. In all respects. Literally and metaphorically. Nice to escape the grim today. Happy for us all.
  16. Ant 2 Threads

    We can’t carry on like this.

    If Jurgen can't get a tune out of these players, then I don't believe anyone can. Jurgen's the best there is. It just all so fucking surreal at the moment. There has to be something else going on, affecting everyone.
  17. Ant 2 Threads

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    There's more to all of this than meets the eye. Something's going on.
  18. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    I'm a believer. Mountain Men, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape. My Grandad was a carpenter in Newfoundland and believed that these existed, like a matter of fact. Now, these Newfies are madder than a box of frogs. But they weren't bullshitters. And... discuss.
  19. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    Amen to that.
  20. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    Good points. The Indeginous Americans pay reference to the "Mountain Men" or the equivalent in their vernacular. The Patterson/Gimlin video of 1967 was something I read about as a kid. Intrigued me. So as a kid in Wales, my only connection with North America, was my Canadian Grandad. When I asked him about it, he said "its only the Mountain Men, boy." "Leave them alone and they won't bother you". Left me with reasonable doubt to this day.
  21. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    All jokes aside. Lee909, your knowledge of potential lineage intrigues me to the point that you may harbor a hope or belief?
  22. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    Samscwamch? (Bubbles).
  23. Ant 2 Threads

    What is your quick meal of choice?

    Well you have to let it cool down first BjornB!
  24. Ant 2 Threads

    What is your quick meal of choice?

    Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle. Bread and butter, dip up the sauce. Noodle sandwich.