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  1. An angry Gini coming off the bench seemed to work alright last time.
  2. Robbo at left centre back. Might be a way to help close their tactic of Kroos’s direct switches to Vinicius who seemed to find a lot of joy getting in behind Trent and Phillips last week. Would allow Trent a lot more freedom if he’s at right wing back. would certainly be a massive call if true. Tsimikas has played about 5 minutes all season.
  3. Some mad rumours about Tsimikas starting at lwb and us going 3 at the back.
  4. Any point in watching the first half? Will we have a shot at goal in the first 45?
  5. Crazy Dave

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Would be shocked if Grealish doesn't end up at Man City. He is top class and Pep's type of player.
  6. Crazy Dave

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    Agreed. Mane is a shadow of the explosive player we've seen the past few years. What he's scored this season? 10 goals? That's shocking given our entire approach relies upon those two wide forward positions contributing 20+ goals.
  7. Crazy Dave

    Naby Keita

    I listened to a podcast the other week. Might have been the Anfield Wrap or the Athletic. Either way, they were interviewing some German Bundesliga journalist about the Konate signing and this fella did make a throwaway line comparing Konate’s humbleness to Keita who is apparently really flash by comparison and owns loads of cars and rolexes. Does make you wonder whether he’s eased off since he got the big contract at Liverpool. Certainly looks a shadow of the player we thought we were getting.
  8. Crazy Dave

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    Feels like a massive opportunity lost, this. They were without their first choice centre backs plus Hazard who traditionally has ripped us a new one. I thought Madrid played very well mind, but we just didn't turn up at all. The midfield was a disgrace last night. No intensity, kept giving the ball straight back to them and basically got overrun. The lads at the back looked very nervous and the forwards toiled but couldn't make the ball stick. Keita is taking horrendous stick, and he was dogshit, but Fabinho and Gini were just as bad. Not a good night for Klopp either - looks like a huge mistake leaving out Thiago. Can't see us getting back into this now. Not without a crowd at Anfield.
  9. I think Haaland will stay one more year in Dortmund and then he'll have his pick of every top club in Europe next summer when his £65m release clause kicks in. That will bring the likes of Madrid and Barcelona to the table. No chance either of them are spending £130m on a single player this summer.
  10. Crazy Dave

    Ibrahima Konate

    I think Kabak will be signed whatever happens with Konate. I can see a lot of sense in going into next season with 5 centre backs considering that 2 of them are returning from serious long-term injuries. Could also see the sense in moving Matip on (if we can....) and letting Nat Phillips be the 5th choice.
  11. Crazy Dave

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    It is curious that, for all the talk, Alaba still hasn't signed a pre contract anywhere, and only has only confirmed that he will leave Bayern. I don’t think we’ll get him due his age and wages and likely no Champions League next season, but this lad could provide cover to Robbo at left back, provide cover at centre back and replace Gini in one fell swoop. We could also shed the likes of Tsimikas who has contributed zero and spent more time in the treatment room than on the pitch, as well one or two other squad players.
  12. Crazy Dave

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    It's really poor that the Echo and other sites do these pieces bigging up some 16 or 17 year old lad who just scored for the under-18's as the next breakthrough star. Cue thousands and thousands of people following him on Instagram and telling him that he's the next Messi. A few months ago the Athletic did a piece on Layton Stewart and were predicting him to be the next Torres. The problem is that this lad is 18 and hadn't yet cracked the under 23's, while at the same age Torres was starting for Spain in international tournaments. I guess this type of shite gets clicks and that's why we see so much of it but it doesn't do the youngsters any favours at all.
  13. Crazy Dave

    Our CB situation.

    Beginning to come around to this line of thinking.
  14. Crazy Dave

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    We'd be mad to sign a centre back who hasn't made more than fifteen appearances in either of the last two seasons. If we didn't already have Gomez and Matip then I'd advocate taking the risk considering his ability and potential, but seeing as we're lumbered with both of them then I'd rather we looked elsewhere.
  15. Crazy Dave

    Youth Team/Cup

    Where is Kaide Gordon and that Frauendorf lad?