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  1. Crazy Dave

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    I can't wait to hear what all our supposed "big summer targets" have to say once we finish outside of the top 4. The same as they said between 2009-2017 presumably. Oh, and Salah will fuck off at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Crazy Dave

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Mayor Joe Anderson on the radio phone-in having a go at the back 4.
  3. Crazy Dave

    Sadio Mane

    It looked to me at the time, and then after replays, like he clearly calls out to Firmino not to touch it. That was my impression at the time and still is. Now, maybe you're right and he thinks Firmino would have been offside if he toed it in. That might, and hopefully probably was the case, we don't know. I didn't think too much more about it before what happened yesterday. Not looking for an argument here.
  4. Crazy Dave

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    It spoke volumes how willing Everton were to let him have the ball. Jordan's crossing and shooting has been desperately poor of late.
  5. Crazy Dave

    Was it a penalty?

    It wasn't a penalty. Lovren shouldn't have given the referee a decision to make, but there's nowhere near enough contact for the lad to hit the deck. If that's deemed worthy of a penalty then surely every time there's a set-piece, there's about seven or eight fouls committed in the box?
  6. Crazy Dave

    Sadio Mane

    how else do you explain the decision not to square for a simple tap-in yesterday? Mane is far too intelligent a footballer not to have known that. That was a selfish decision, simple as. Couldn't give a fuck if the game was already 3-0, but that was a crucial moment and he should have played for the team. Doesn't mean he's suddenly shite, or should be dropped. He just has moments like these from time to time.
  7. Crazy Dave

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Simply must sign a centre-back. The Clyne situation, and the need for Gomez to play right-back as a result, surely forces Klopp's hand? I have my doubts over Van Dijk coming. Not just over whether Southampton would now sell, but also Man City's interest too. They're certain to win the Prem and desperately need a centre back too. I'm sure they'll twist Van Dijk's arm if Southampton choose to cash in.
  8. Crazy Dave

    Sadio Mane

    That was a shocking decision from Mane. I think he does have a selfish streak in him. At Stoke, he's calling out to Firmino not to touch the ball as it trickled over the line too.
  9. That's a good draw. Won't be easy, but you'd have to fancy Liverpool over two legs. An experienced bus parker would be Klopp's kryptonite and Portro aren't one of them.
  10. Crazy Dave

    Happy to let Gomez make his mistakes at LFC?

    Gomez is class. Will captain this club one day.
  11. Crazy Dave

    Dejan Lovren

    Lovren is, don't laugh, capable of producing excellent performances for Liverpool. He's shown that lots of times before such as against Kane and Lukaku last season. However, he's equally capable of producing the absolute horrific. Surely any club that has designs on being a regular top 4 side cannot tolerate a centre back who can put in a season-killing performance on any given day? Carragher, Hyypia and Agger had bad days but never anything like what we saw yesterday. They could compensate for their bad days by, at the very least, just doing the basics. Lovren genuinelly didn't look like he knew how to play football yesterday. I haven't seen anything like it since the days of Torben Piechnik.
  12. Crazy Dave

    Hudds (H) 28/10/17 15.00 - Who ya gonna call?

    Has to be a reaction after yesterday, both from the players and Klopp in his team selection. Mig, Lovren, Moreno, Can, possibly even Firmino should sit this one out. Let Gomez and Matip try to form a partnership. Give AOC a chance in centre midfield and lets have a proper striker like Solanke leading the line.
  13. Crazy Dave

    Joel Matip

    He's by miles the best CB at the club but he's far from perfect. Nowhere near dominant or aggressive enough. He comes across as too nice.
  14. Crazy Dave

    Mark Wright

    One for the oldies this: Was Mark Wright any good for Liverpool? I remember him doing alright under Evans in the mid-nineties, but I've been watching (fuck knows why) some of the vids of Liverpool in the early 90's and Wright looked horrendous. The Souness years were obviously a really bleak time for the club, but I couldn't believe how abject a player Wright looked under him. At the scene of the crime during countless drubbings by the likes of Coventry, Blackburn and Bolton. He was near enough the clubs record signing when he signed in 1991. Just odd how poor he looked given his obvious pedigree as an international back when England had a pretty decent squad of players.
  15. Crazy Dave

    Worst Singing Ever

    Ings is a right fucking dickhead in this vid. He should be singing a new tune every pre-season given he's cost the club 60k a week in wages despite not playing for 2 years.