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  1. The fucking cunt. Was never good enough to be a regular at Liverpool. says everything that the only club that came in for him was fucking Charlton Athletic. He then rides Uncle Woys cock for a few years and helps get him the Liverpool job by telling Stevie and Carra how aaaaaaaamazing the cunt was to play for. The cunt.
  2. Memphis Depay. Really wanted him as he looked the real deal at PSV. Rodgers brings him over to his house for talks, but instead wants to take on Depay in a benching competition. He signs for the mancs a few days later.
  3. I think we’re going to get screwed and the season will be voided. Bracing myself for the inevitable Klopp interview whereby he tries to keep morale up by telling us the team will go again.
  4. Yeah, cancelling the season is just one of the options being looked at but the fact it's even being discussed makes me somewhat nervous about our own situation. I wonder whether the leagues can be postponed until the summer, possibly at the expense of Euro 2020 which could be pushed back a year. I think stopping now and deciding everything based upon current league position just doesn't work given the financial implications involved for clubs in all the tiers, not just the Premier League. I can't see how any club would accept missed out on Champions League revenue given only 9 points separate 4th-11th and 5th is currently scheduled to get a Champions League spot. Also, the likes of Leeds and WBA would miss out on 100m immediately despite looking like odds-on for promotion. I just can't see how it could work. The only common sense league placing is Liverpool who are 25 points clear and obvious winners of this title.
  5. Italy are talking about cancelling the season and finishing without a league champion. Anybody else concerned about the Premier League potentially following suit? At the very least I think Palace, probably the most pivotal game in 30 years, is going to be behind closed doors.
  6. I genuinely can't stand Karius. He's poison and does not represent what this team is about. Look at the reaction of his team mates after the Final. Not one of them could be arsed to go and console him. You can read between the lines, they all know he's a flash dickhead who has an inflated opinion of his own abilities. I actually felt sorry for him after Kiev. Then about 48 hours later he releases that promotional video of himself on his Instagram. That tells you everything you need to know about who Loris Karius really is. He's a piece of shit and he cost this club a Champions League because he was more focused on his off the field egotistical shite and not improving his goalkeeping, which he steals a living for anyway. He's fucking shite. Fuck off, Karius.
  7. Fucking hell, what good form??? He was fuckin shite. Almost single-handedly cost us the game in Rome.
  8. Crazy Dave

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Can't stand Reddy. Arrogance personified and says nothing of value. She's done incredibly well to get to where she has given her lack of talent.
  9. Perhaps they didn't need to cheat any longer given they'd created the monster already?
  10. The Premier League has to take some form given they submit to UEFA's FFP rules. The question is how severe it ends up being.
  11. 100% agree. That's embarrassing revisionism from Owen, that.
  12. Brilliant interview from Carra, that. Probably one of the best hours I've spent listening to a podcast. I thought Owen came off quite genuine in terms of being regretful of how things turned out with Liverpool, but there's still some issues that were slightly glossed over, which is understandable given this could easily have become a 3 hour pod otherwise. For instance, Carra let him off the hook a bit with Owen running his contract down at Liverpool. He pressed him a little bit when Owen placed the blame on his agent being on a long-term sabbatical as the reason why the contract never got signed. But I just don't buy Owen's version of events on this. I think he wanted to position himself so that, if a Madrid or whoever came sniffing around, that he'd available below market value in order to sweeten the deal and get his move. I don't have any problem with him leaving. At the time, the club had dropped away a little bit and were facing another rebuilding job under a new manager. My issue is that the club got completely fucked on this. In 2004 he was probably worth 25 million given what the likes of Cisse, Drogba and Rooney were moving for at the same time. Whether Madrid would have wanted him at that price is doubtful given they had Ronaldo, Raul and Morientes already, and I think Owen and his agent knew that he'd only get his move if he was under his true market value, which he was given he only had 12 months left on his deal. In fairness Parry and Moores were also thick enough to let him and his agent fuck about for 18 months. They deserve a lot of the blame for what happened. Fast forward to today, can you imagine John Henry or Mike Gordon being taken advantage of like Parry and Moores were? Players only leave Liverpool now on our terms or if we don't really give a fuck such as Can, Moreno and Sturridge. All this being said, I would have loved to have resigned him in 2005 and even in 2009 given he was free and happy to play a sub's role. I can't get my head around why Rafa didn't resign him given we didn't have great options off the bench in that period. One more thing; on the pod Owen made out like he had to make his choice between United, Everton or Hull. Given the enormity of what he was about to do to his legacy at Liverpool, I'm surprised he didn't want to take his time and think about things, maybe reach out to some other clubs again, prior to signing for United. He has quotes from 2009 whereby he states that he signed immediately basically without even blinking: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2009/jul/03/michael-owen-manchester-united-transfer I believe him when he says that Liverpool is his club, but I just cannot for the life of me imagine Gerrard, Fowler, Carra etc behaving the same if faced with the same situation.
  13. Crazy Dave

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I want to win it before Goodison and I want that guard of honour. I want their players and owners clapping us onto the pitch and paying homage to the best team they've ever seen. I want Klopp to come on to the pitch with proper entrance music like in the WWF. Fuck Everton, they deserve this. They deserve to be utterly fucking humiliated given all the shite and bile they've spat our way over the past 20 years. All those small time cunts deserve nothing but the worst coming their way after their behavior of late. We all have heard the chants coming out of the away end. Fuck them.
  14. Crazy Dave

    The FA Cup reaction

    Chelsea away is a cunt of a draw. They played their first team at Hull in the 4th round. Can't win either way now. Change course and play a slightly stronger team against Shrewsbury just to get through and face probable elimination by Chelsea's first team anyway?
  15. Crazy Dave

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    At the outset it seemed to make a lot of sense to bring in Matip, Lovren & Fabinho as they'd need game time, but in reality it played out that having 3 players on their first starts back from long-term injury destabilized the starting eleven. They all looked a million miles off the pace from the first 20 minutes onwards and I'm surprised that two of them played the full 90. I also thought the two full-backs were willing, but both had poor games and offered nothing going forwards. Bit harsh, probably, but we're a team built upon guile from the flanks and yesterday there wasn't any available. I felt sorry for both because there's a huge difference between playing half-arsed Premier League stars at Anfield and playing League One cloggers who are treating it like a World Cup final.