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  1. Ant 2 Threads

    Top Lurkers

    Interesting thread. Top Lurkers? Does that make you now the "Lurked", or are you all the Lurked "Lurker" here? I have frankly fallen between two stools (of the wooden variety) when contemplating this quandary. I have most definitely lurked at times. Many times. But not I believe, identified as a "Lurker". I now subscribe, so not sure where that leaves me on the "Lurker Scale". So I remain for now, in "Lurk Limbo". I'll remain in contemplation while I put my beans on my Saturday morning fry-up. Yes. Beans.
  2. Ant 2 Threads

    Nike deal

    The home should have white or yellow piping. No time for that lighter red / pink / fucking salmon color. Drop the fucking black. The Ecru / Emu / Beige / whatever - get rid the stripes. Drop the fucking black. Then passable. The Yellow? Yes. Now you are getting it you Nikey little fuckers. Reverse that color scheme for the home. "Just... Do... It".
  3. Ant 2 Threads

    Wolves (A) Premier League - 15/3/21 - 20:00

    Glad we won of course, but sorry for the lad in goals for Wolves.
  4. Ant 2 Threads


    If we can keep these players fit and in position, string a couple of results together, then those lighter evenings are coming. In all respects. Literally and metaphorically. Nice to escape the grim today. Happy for us all.
  5. Ant 2 Threads

    We can’t carry on like this.

    If Jurgen can't get a tune out of these players, then I don't believe anyone can. Jurgen's the best there is. It just all so fucking surreal at the moment. There has to be something else going on, affecting everyone.
  6. Ant 2 Threads

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    There's more to all of this than meets the eye. Something's going on.
  7. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    Amen to that.
  8. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    Good points. The Indeginous Americans pay reference to the "Mountain Men" or the equivalent in their vernacular. The Patterson/Gimlin video of 1967 was something I read about as a kid. Intrigued me. So as a kid in Wales, my only connection with North America, was my Canadian Grandad. When I asked him about it, he said "its only the Mountain Men, boy." "Leave them alone and they won't bother you". Left me with reasonable doubt to this day.
  9. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    All jokes aside. Lee909, your knowledge of potential lineage intrigues me to the point that you may harbor a hope or belief?
  10. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    Samscwamch? (Bubbles).
  11. Ant 2 Threads

    Sasquatch. Yes or no?

    I'm a believer. Mountain Men, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape. My Grandad was a carpenter in Newfoundland and believed that these existed, like a matter of fact. Now, these Newfies are madder than a box of frogs. But they weren't bullshitters. And... discuss.
  12. Ant 2 Threads

    What is your quick meal of choice?

    Well you have to let it cool down first BjornB!
  13. Ant 2 Threads

    What is your quick meal of choice?

    Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle. Bread and butter, dip up the sauce. Noodle sandwich.
  14. Ant 2 Threads

    Neil Young

    I remember getting ready for school. I don't know, must have beed around 7 y/o. Mam always had Terry Wogan on in the morning and "After the Goldrush" was a track good 'ole Tel played, but by a band called "Prelude". Loved it. When I heard Neil play it and subsequently learned that he wrote it, I was taken to another dimension.
  15. Ant 2 Threads

    Neil Young

    Harvest is like a harbinger. I listened to it in my late 20's and connected with it as a young man. That was back in 2000. Now as a considerably older man, the words that were relevant then, are only more so now. An album to accompany one through life. It's relevance never dissipates. Never will.