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  1. Fink

    Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

    Gomez at full back looks decent? I think need to adjust my skill-o-meter!
  2. Fink

    Peep Show quotes

    Who's the Johnson now, Johnson?
  3. Fink

    Boxing 2013

    absolutely delighted for him
  4. Fink

    Boxing 2013

    Concrete in his gloves
  5. Fink

    TLW Boxing Prediction League 2013

    Cheers guys - got one
  6. Fink

    TLW Boxing Prediction League 2013

    sorry for hijack - anyone know a box nation stream for the cleverley fight...pm me if so!
  7. Fink

    Alternatives to sky

    You can build a raspberry pi and hard cable it to the telly, it has bespoke software that allows you to stream pretty much anything.
  8. Fink

    Great Film Opening Credit Sequences

    [YOUTUBE]kIsyHKsjftY[/YOUTUBE] The American Saving Private Ryan obviously A serious Man
  9. Fink


    It was boss - harrowing stuff...although I did feel at one point that the twat (Stephen's "Boss") with the family who got shot "deserved it" except when you think of it, no he really didnt deserve to be shot.
  10. Fink

    Nerd Credentials

    My credentials - I play german/euro board games (power grid, Settlers of catan, eclipse, agricoa etc). Also play x-wing miniatures which is fucking ace..but fucknig embarrassing. I counter this by the fact I am also good at most sports.
  11. Fink

    Christopher Walken.

    Haha that's class Paul
  12. Fink

    Christopher Walken.

    Sean Harris is the new King