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  1. Mr pink

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Am I missing something. Spurs are dicking them yet all we hear is Neville and Tyler saying his great united are again.
  2. Mr pink

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    Kevin friend is being too friendly the fucking cunt, I don't like it.
  3. Mr pink

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    That was shit even for us
  4. Mr pink

    The shitness of modern football

    Same reason we are going to be relying on Sturridge, Lallana and Moreno for a title run in.
  5. Mr pink

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Still can't believe Klopp selected that midfield for this. Thought we were starting to make real progress with 4-2-3-1 against united and arsenal. Mane on the right in that formation makes us much more dangerous
  6. Mr pink

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Fucking cunting mother fuck yes get in
  7. Mr pink

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Sterling was fucking offside
  8. Mr pink

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Mother fuck did that not go in
  9. Mr pink

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Settle down boys
  10. Mr pink

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    I don't think we can afford those sloppy passes Fabinho has been doing recently in this game. So far he hasn't been punished but City defo would take advantage
  11. Mr pink

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    Safe to say we will see Arsenal fan TV on Daves report this week