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  1. Vonblonberg

    Long Time No See.

    Morning reprobates, Some of you may remember me as the erudite deviant brucespanner, from many moons ago. Many of you won’t and, truly, you missed out! Anyhows, short and long of it since Dave fucked up the server I can't log in under my old nom de plume meaning I have to use this lurker account I had to keep checks on you pricks. Right the reason for this missive, I’m up for one night only and have not been for years and need to know the old haunts aren’t, well, haunted by dickheads. I’ve got so far, TATE & Roski for lunch. Then the shitfest begins…Dead Crafty, Ship & Mitre, Sanctuary Tap, Dispensary, Brew Dog, Kaz, Gig at Shipping Forecast, Krazy House. What am I missing that’s worth seeing as I feel like a stranger now! I have Sunday morning/afternoon as well if I’m in a fit state, so advice welcome… PS: Fuck off Bjørnebye
  2. Vonblonberg

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    I love crinkle cut chips and I’m not a pensioner!
  3. Vonblonberg

    Songs That Mention Other Songs

    Every song on Cold War Kids ‘Robbers & Cowards’ has a Dylan lyric in it. Which I’m not sure if it’s cringeworthy or cool?
  4. Vonblonberg

    Boxing 2018

    He retires, a multimillionaire, at 35 and has only been punched in the head, with any serious intent, a few times. Hes gamed the game, fair play to him. The cunt.
  5. Lucas Radebe owns the worlds largest collection of lesser artists renderings in wood of Titian’s ‘Assuption of the Virgin’ Both are water damaged.
  6. Vonblonberg


    We'll be well stocked for combat ready cannon fodder once those pesky Ruskies get uppity though...
  7. Vonblonberg

    The Russians can fuck off,.

    I reckon we’d take ‘em. There are only a few hard cunts. The rest are either too pissed or rickets riddled toothless tramps who’d fold quicker than a Trump business with insurance cover.
  8. Vonblonberg

    WTF is Harry Kane Talking About

    His favourite recording ‘artiste’ is Justin ‘The Beib’ Beiber. If he wasn’t a footballer he’d be in residential care. Special.
  9. Vonblonberg

    Small pleasures?

    Even better if it was one of those that came from the milkman in a glass pint bottle. A wonderful thing to spot on someone’s doorstep when you’re off your box on the walk home after a club...
  10. Vonblonberg

    The Commuters Rant Thread

    In a land of plenty you’d go hungry because you didn’t like the fare...
  11. Vonblonberg

    The Commuters Rant Thread

    Do you not have google? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/blog/2016/dec/31/train-companies-pocket-millions-delays
  12. Vonblonberg

    The Commuters Rant Thread

    I’ve had a few. Should go straight in your bank, don’t worry. This is part of the great privatisation scam...all refunds are paid by the government! So the company’s are not arsed about refunds as they keep the original ticket cost.
  13. Vonblonberg

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    I was appropriating the cockerrknee vernacular. For future reference the * is before the insert.
  14. Vonblonberg

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Ah, the true trickle down effect of what was once lauded, but now is really a fucking terrible waste of funds. its his level without the press ramping up Rambo’s Rampantcy. Avarage now, avarage forever.