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  1. Antynwa

    I want my parade

    Couldn't care less if we finish 9th Couldn't care less about the Memes and the Twitter nonsense Couldn't care less if Everton win something and they have one as well Couldn't care less if we didn't have the actual trophy I want a parade, I want the lads on a bus around Liverpool so I can take my kids, I want Lallana and Degsy on that bus, I want them wearing new balance gear. I want the sun to be shining and I want my fucking parade. Do you want your parade?
  2. 4 Steps to winning the game 1. Drop Thiago 2. Push Hendo into midfield 3. Score goals 4.????
  3. Antynwa

    Cyberpunk 2077

    It was unplayable on PS4, Managed to get hold of a PS5 and it plays fine. Some frustrating bugs but not all that bad. Story is a bit crap though
  4. You're right in part that's why I said 'replacement', Shelvey was planned as his replacement as was Emre Can.
  5. In all seriousness though, I am unsure how you even go about replacing Hendo. Hendo is everything, the power, the desire, the fact he's come through a tunnel of shit and smelling like roses. You can't buy the experience, and everything that has culminated to make Hendo the man he is today and the impact he has on this team. Every time we've lost a legend you can't just go out and get someone like that person because it doesn't work. Hendo was never Gerrard, he was something different to Gerrard and the team has to adapt. If we want another talismanic midfielder, I do think we should be molding Curtis Jones to be that guy, Hendo was always the Gerrard 'replacement' but Hendo's seems not at all obvious.
  6. I'm not overly fussed about Henderson's replacement because I'll stop supporting the club at the point he leaves
  7. We need an evolution of this Liverpool side. System and personnel. This isn't new It was like this before Van Dijk got injured Its been a good run
  8. Jordan Henderson was probably one of few players who came out of the game with any credit I love him, leave him alone.
  9. Less so yesterday but even when Robbo was supporting the attack - both him and Mane ran into brick walls - time and time again. Newcastle was horrific
  10. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but as I said this run of form isn't just limited to this season. Since January we've not been that good, now the intensity, pandemic, and the fact we won the league in the period does mean that the intensity levels had been bound to drop. When I watch them, they look devoid of any novel ideas. Yesterday was slightly different in that Thiago was picking passes that others previously hadn't seen, but that Mane and Robertson link up has produced very little recently, Bobby is effectively a passenger when we need someone to step up, and well Salah has been Salah. I'm probably just venting and i love them all to bits but the pattern of play is now becoming too consistent, and not in a good way. I think we could be entering a period of transition and if we persist with something that may have ran its course then we will suffer for longer.
  11. The poor form of the front three can be roughly down to three things in my view 1. Firmino simply not being effective 2. Putting Fabinho and Hendo in defence and losing the impact in midfield 3. Opposition teams being more effective against us We've seen this a fair bit since even before the pandemic, and i don't want to be overly critical of anyone but is this just the start of a natural progression by which we need a new system and new players injected into the front three? Very rarely do you see partnerships last 2-3 seasons and perform at such intensity week in week out so maybe this is it? I'm not saying they'll never score again, have a good game, but will they ever hit the heights needed as a collective again? I know the defence has had a knock on effect on the team but the poor quality and decision making by the front three in recent weeks I think is actually a systemic problem for us now.
  12. Antynwa

    Thiago Alcantara

    He just needs a run of games to pick up that sharpness, right idea, right approach, right pass, (sometimes) poor delivery. He'll be sound
  13. Antynwa

    Keir Starmer

    That's probably correct
  14. Antynwa

    Keir Starmer

    Socialism in its purest form is rejected time and time again by a large majority of the electorate, I think that is what living in a political bubble like Liverpool can really hide. Just 10 minutes down the road in either direction of the city the politics are completely different, I'm not saying this is right I'm just saying we can live in our own echo chambers. Again Tony Blair who when you listen to his autobiography could be David Cameron was the last elected Labour lead in what 40-50 years? The media point I think part of the problem is that our Left Wing Commentators are generally abysmal numerous examples of complete idiocy, Someone from Novara Media questioning why the brother of the Manchester bomber got the largest sentence given for such offences. Owen Jones being an absolute wet wipe. There isn't a predominant left wing news force other than perhaps channel 4 you could argue pushing a Left Wing agenda, not a socialist agenda but a left wing one. The labour voting areas that switched to Tory, they're not on twitter, facebook or consume media the way we do. They're reading the Daily Mail but they always have done - take my Grandad who passed away a few years ago. Voted Labour all his life, but read The Times and Daily Mail. Never voted Tory, wanted immigration controls, ex-serviceman, but voted Labour. The far left of the party think that view is incompatible with someone who votes Labour and what happened last election was the conservatives did a fantastic job of convincing the working class that Labour was the party of the elite. Now do I think he would have voted Tory last time around, no I don't. But I understand how others in that position did. So yes the conservatives did a number on the media game, but that's because the far left of the party completely rejected the issues that those voters have been raising around Brexit, Immigration, patriotism and all the things associated with right wing politics, but still voted Labour. I am truly passionate about all of this, because I feel that we're pissing in the wind with the Labour party in its current form. I don't apologise for being what people would call a centrist, but I genuinely hold socialist and left wing ideals, I just have a different view as to how you implement them - the first step being getting into power. The far left of the party are morally right I think, but the poor people can't live off £5 food vouchers whilst being self congratulatory and 'right'