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  1. What is it with the extreme right? “Judgement day is coming” “we are preparing” etc etc they’ve been saying it for fucking decades and done nothing. Oh some lone nutjob who read The Turner Diaries blew up a building in Oklahoma that had a crèche on the first floor and a gang of wankers storming the Capitol which ended up with one of them getting shot dead and effectively did fuck all else other than show them up for the sad cunts they are.
  2. The Swiss manager is a Bond villain if ever there was one
  3. Stonehenge is shit anyway Weird thing to target though. I understand a portrait of Charlie big fingers or HSBC’s front windows but surely the warlocks who dance at Stonehenge are on their side
  4. For all the good it’s gonna do you you may as well shove it up your arse
  5. Big Nev, Peter Reid, Tony Hibbert, Martin Keown and Rooney out on the pitch. What a boy band that’d be. Eeek 17
  6. To tell you the chemists gone for a sandwich can you come back in an hour
  7. He’s lost weight since rise of the foot soldier. Pissed up there and you know what fair play. I hope he gets served a pint of cleaning fluid, downs the lot and shits his organs out next to the fire while everyone watches on.
  8. When you bump the cutlery draw shit with your waist but the ladle catches and it bounces back. Up there with your headphone lead catching on a door handle
  9. There needs to be a rule now. Any journalist who mentions Klopp to him from now on gets banned from the club. It’s time to get behind the new fella. He’s inheriting a very good side. If he can improve it 10% we win the league. That’s his job. I’ve got faith.
  10. She’s bi. But yeah I do look like Jess Glynne
  11. She could learn to say “Stig, meet me off the plane at Heathrow I’ve booked us a hotel room for a week” but oh no. Fucking “transition this” “transition that” I’m sick of it to be honest with you mate
  12. And fuck me if anyone needs a decent deodorant it’s you mate
  13. I don’t mind Alex Scott but she’s said transition about 18 times since the start of the broadcast.
  14. Let’s hear from the freed Palestinians But she’s right. There won’t be peace. Hamas don’t want it and neither do the Israeli government. It’s the innocent people that are my concern.
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