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  1. Chuck Fadanoid

    UCL - Liverpool v Ludogorets

    Haven't seen anyone mention it yet but Hendo was great again. Him, Moreno and Manquillo were our best.
  2. Chuck Fadanoid

    UCL - Liverpool v Ludogorets

    Stoppage time mayhem and 3 points. I love it.
  3. Chuck Fadanoid

    Cringey Liverpool pics

    Aspas trying to hitch a ride back here.
  4. Chuck Fadanoid

    Dubious excuses players and managers use.

    A team gets beat 3 - 0 and manager says "If we'd have got the penalty decision at 1 - 0 it would have changed the game." No, it might have changed the game, or, more likely, it simply would've made the final score 3 - 1.
  5. Chuck Fadanoid

    Champions League draw, who do you want/not want?

    Real Madrid and Basel
  6. Chuck Fadanoid

    Philippe Coutinho

    On his day he can win us games from an attacking centre-mid position. I am glad that we've got enough back-up not to need to rely on him to do so though.
  7. Chuck Fadanoid

    Philippe Coutinho

    His shooting's generally poor, his final balls though can be incredible. His instinct for the weight of a pass and the angles of a pitch seems unreal sometimes. His dribbling and strength on the ball can be great too. But he is inconsistent. He's also still young.
  8. Chuck Fadanoid

    Man City Vs Liverpool (August 25th, 2014)

    We we didn't have enough in attack, but it's hard to get too down about that, it certainly wasn't a problem last season and we've got better players yet to come in. We'll be a lot better when they all settle. Moreno (minus the fuck-up) and Markovic looked good. Poor performance but it doesn't leave me pessimistic about the season.
  9. Chuck Fadanoid

    Man City Vs Liverpool (August 25th, 2014)

    It is, I'm guessing we didn't want 2 newbie full-backs starting and went with Moreno. Don't get why we've got Toure and Sakho both on the bench though, 2 centre-halfs who don't play in any other positions. What's the likelihood we'll need both?
  10. Chuck Fadanoid

    Mario Balotelli

    The quote he's standing next to is a refreshing change from the usual first interview optimism.
  11. Chuck Fadanoid

    Ask Michael Owen

    He's made a few appearances here if I remember rightly: https://twitter.com/AccidentalP
  12. Chuck Fadanoid

    Star Player

    Bit of a cliché but not having an obvious star attacking player (presuming we don't sign one) could have its positives. It could make for some good camaraderie between Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho and Hendo if they feel like they all have to take on responsibility together, despite their ages, because there's no one else now.
  13. Chuck Fadanoid

    Suarez Article

    I have, I'm living in Japan now.
  14. Chuck Fadanoid

    Suarez Article

    Greetings you bunch of pricks. I've been lurking on here during our title run-in, so as a thank you here's a link to an article I've just read about Suarez. The reporter goes to Uruguay to find out the truth about whether or not he actually head-butted a ref in a kid's game when he was 15. All kinds of noir-ish intrigue ensues and he finds out a fair bit about Luis' background. I'm sure you'll all enjoy. http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/10984370/portrait-serial-winner-luis-suarez-soccer-most-beautiful-player And if someone else has already posted this somewhere, well then fuck yas.
  15. Chuck Fadanoid

    Mancs Away

    Thank you fungus. Just thought I'd pop in and post something to let off some steam. A good place for shitty football day consolation is this.