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  1. red_herring

    Drink driver warning

    you've just reminded me of this!!
  2. red_herring

    Where are you watching the final?

    theres no TV in the grove is there?
  3. red_herring

    Anyone been to Macedonia?

    i've been to both. i really liked skopje and it was the 'other side' of the river that appealed. there is an old town with an ottoman/muslim community there and great macedonian/serbian/turksih coffee. they were redeveloping 'this side' when i was there but i got the impression it would be quite tacky. as a city it still carries a eastern european economy feeling. i can see why that might not be some peoples cup of tea. theres a really nice set of mountains/lakes with hiking to the west of the city (1 hour on bus) if you want to escape i went to ohrid on a separate trip so not sure the time distance between. ohrid it ain't. set round a really nice freshwater lake. great for swimming and on the albanian border. the albanian side isnt as nice but if you want to eat the river fish you'll need to go there as fishing is band on the macedonian side went to both places in summerand they were both close to 30degrees.,i believe winters can get pretty chilly
  4. red_herring

    Youtube clip of the day

    its gonna take merseyrail nearly 6 months to change the colour of plastic at hamilton square station in birkenhead i'm pretty sure this is what they're doing as it took the same length of time for the refurb to liv central
  5. red_herring

    Best biographries you've read?

    really enjoyed ricky tomlinsons - very interesting life frnak skinners is worth a mention too
  6. red_herring


    I did sapa myself from there. Was in a bit of a rush so got the overnight train for the day and came back that night (on the overnight again) Such a fantastic place to see. Most people do stay there a few days but would defo do it yourself
  7. red_herring

    European Festivals

    went to melt festival in germany last year. set in an outdoor industrial museum round a lake where you can swim pretty good festival. all stages have concrete floors which helps if its raining too
  8. red_herring


    Does anyone know whats happened to the ttwar forum? apparently its been moved due to a dispute within lfconline but i can't find it anywhere