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  1. Out Saturday afternoon for some drinks in town. Anyone know any pubs that will show the Brighton game?
  2. Cheers for the heads up. Already had a family account and just ordered my speaker.
  3. GR10 LFC

    The IPTV Thread

    Has anyone been able to run IPTV from an Amazon tablet? I run on a Firestick for main use of IPTV and have also used apps on iPhone and iPad. Bought an Amazon Fire HD 10 last week, can install the apps but can't seem to get them to connect.
  4. GR10 LFC


    Posted in the local crime group... First tip about locking cars is genius, can't believe I'd never thought of that before. As for the second tip, think I'll pass.....
  5. GR10 LFC

    Russia World Cup 18

    Same as Kane's goal from Lovren's touch last season
  6. GR10 LFC

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Yep. Don't know what made me pick it on Terrarium (kids are grown up), just something to kill a bit of time but loved every minute of it.
  7. GR10 LFC

    Convert a Mac document to word?

    I had this problem a few weeks ago. Someone had sent me a document to review, she had done it in her Mac (Pages?). I had to log into iCloud on my PC where I could then edit it. Couldn't get it to convert to Office format though.
  8. GR10 LFC

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    Got enough to buy her parents a nice holiday though...
  9. GR10 LFC

    The Foodie thread

    Cheers, not far,will give a try.
  10. GR10 LFC

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    Saw that the other night on the BBC site and was amused to spot my sister in law on one of the photos!
  11. Cheers. I have Terrarium on my phone and use that with my Chromecast. Didn't realise it could be installed onto the Firestick. Will take a look tonight.
  12. Which add-on is best to use now? Haven't used for a while, daughter has been using it but not finding a lot in Covenant.
  13. GR10 LFC

    The Snip

    I have a 3 year gap between each of my 3 kids (which has been a pain in the arse in past few years with an 18th and a 21st within weeks of each other!!). So when the youngest was born went straight to the docs to get sorted. Was 28 at the time, said he wouldn't normally refer someone that young but he did. Went in one Sunday afternoon to Fazakerly hospital, was home two hours later. Slight issue with needing extra anaesthetic but overall, wasn't as bad an experience as I had been expecting. Took the Monday off as a precaution but was back in work on the Tuesday and have now been happily firing blanks for 19 years!
  14. GR10 LFC

    The IPTV Thread

    Also using a zgemma box and binned sky off last month, after 18 years. Paid £45 for 3 months after a one month trial, discounts don't kick in until paying for 6 months or more. Been happy with service, no issues with 3pm games. Guy I am dealing with has responded almost instantly with any support questions. Switched broadband and phone to Talk talk and got a You view box for watching/recording tv, which the missus seems happy with. Only using the zgemma for movies, sports and VOD
  15. I've been using for just over a month due to issues with Sportsmania. Bought the zgemma with a view to getting a sky sub but they seem to be not working as well. Lad in work mentioned IPTV. Tried someone for a month, was quite happy with it, just renewed for a further three months.
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    Most people I know use whatsapp anyway so negates the lack of iMessage. Been using Android pay for about 12 months now, seem to be using it more these days
  17. Coupon code is 1moreweek They closed the Facebook page. They have a forum now, it's accessible on Tapatalk. My sub ran out July, they have had issues with payment processor and have been giving free codes since start of season for those who can't renew. They claim the one above is last freebie as payments should be back on this week. They have had VPN issues, say they have been working on a new system that should negate the need. I've took a dabble with IPTV for a month to see if that's a better alternative.
  18. GR10 LFC

    Wazza the Horrible

    Do you reckon Wayne dropped him off or they had to use the walking bus? Typical, after asking for privacy starts posting pics over social media!!
  19. GR10 LFC

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Apparently not.... http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/legendary-lobster-pot-chippy-closed-13456486#ICID=FB-Liv-main
  20. GR10 LFC

    Comedy which has had you in tears of laughter

    Blimey, just Googled it. 1991!!! https://youtu.be/kaqbghtaUlk